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Starsailor, Silence is Easy
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Golden Silence

Our conversations
Out of hand lately
Using terms incorrectly
Hinting subliminal messages
Maybe even confusing
The aware and the subconscious

The misguidance in words
The sorry meaning behind sorries
The love in hate
And hate in love
Our tongues that twist
At the entrance of hearing

I speak, you speak
We yell and tell
All the lies to shut the other off
I act, you react
Nothing but a chain reaction

We speak and hear at once
But we cannot do both
Without misunderstanding
It is humanly impossible

Despite all
Communication was our best asset
And now
Also our worst

In two
We have fought
But also taught
And in two
We have solved a mystery

The secret to talking
Is listening


Silence by S. Miller Hageman Antique Book of Poems 3rd Edition

Silence. by S. Miller Hageman (Princeton, N.J).
3rd Edition
Copyright, 1876, by Dodd, Mead & Company
Brooklyn, L.I: Published by D.S. Holmes, 89 Fourth ST.

Contains a page of praise by noteworthy icons including Henry W. Longfellow and John Greenleaf Whittier.

Age: 3rd Edition after 1876, being the first.

Condition: Great antique condition. There is a little wear/scuffin about the cover and the corners. The inside still has it’s tissue to protect the image printed opposite the front title page. Otherwise no writing nor apparent damage to the inside. Doesn’t look read, nearly perfect.

Size 6 7/8 inches in height, 5 ¼ inches in width, and ½ inch in depth.

**Please look closely at the photographs as they are part of the description.

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“These past 10 years have been nothing short of incredible! Cheers to the REDNATION and all of our loyal listeners around the world,” said RED bass player Randy Armstrong. “We thank you for this opportunity and the privilege it has been to inspire.”

Supporting the celebration, RED will head out on a 10th anniversary tour in the fall where they will be performing almost the entire End of Silence album from top to bottom. More details on the tour will be announced soon.

RED has had an illustrious career over the last 10 years selling more than a million albums – with a RIAA Certified GOLD album (End of Silence) and RIAA Certified GOLD digital single (“Breathe Into Me”). The group has two GRAMMY award nominations and have won six Dove awards from nineteen nominations. Radio success for RED includes two Top 10 Active Rock singles, three Top 10 Mainstream Rock singles and 20 consecutive No. 1 hits at Christian radio. RED has appeared on Conan and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has been featured in USA Today, Rolling Stone, Billboard and Guitar World. Touring over the last decade includes TobyMac, Matthew West, TFK, Newsboys, Kutless, Brian “Head” Welch, POD, CREED, Switchfoot, Third Day, and many others.

Source: Merge PR

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I’d love to be a Villain

shalshal just suggest that I created my own villain character with my own villainous power. 

shalshal: wuneekins, why don’t you just created your own villain character, with your own power? That will be interesting.

wuneekins: *light bulb moment* That’ll be interesting! Hmmm…what power should I have?

shalshal: Hmmm..I’m thinking maybe you can have power where everything you touch turn into gold?

wuneekins: Oh, like Midas touch!

shalshal: Yup. And it might be a pun, but remember wuneekins, don’t touch yourself. Else you turn to gold.

wuneekins: *silence + cricket moment*

shalshal: *laugh* It’s quite rare where I can make you speechless!

wuneekins: *hyena laugh* Dayum! shalshal, that’s a good one. Totally caught me off guard. I never know you have it in you! 

Okay, so shalshal, here is my vow of celibacy. I, wuneekins, hereby take a vow  not to touch myself. Else I turn to gold.

And now I think I know what my super villain power is. People will turn into troll (the cute funny troll like myself, not the offensive one. Hey, we troll have a lot of species too you know. No discrimination!) once I infect them with my trolling super power. shalshal is the prime example.

Nothing will be safe. Be ready, world. The wunee-troll is coming.

The gold hidden in silence

We have all heard the term silence is golden normally meaning that sometimes the lack of words can do more good than bad in situations but today I witness the beauty of silence amongst two people.

These two old men were sitting outside of a butcher side by side no words being exchanged.
The only words that would leave their mouths was if passerby’s would sit next to them and conversate but once they left it was silent.

I sat and examined their body language for a while. Normally when people don’t talk they either have an awkward facial expression as if they feel uncomfortable, others may have been in an altercation so anger is painted across them.
Yet these two men looked at peace.
They were just being.
They seemed comfortable in each other’s presence to the point that it was natural not to seem them talk to one another.
In that moment I hoped that one day I get to share such golden silences with those in my life.
It’s these moments of stillness that you enjoy the presence of someone way more than having to actually talk.

Its in these moments that when you go your separate ways you don’t feel like you wasted your time doing anything but instead were HAPPY and CONTENT to have been with them.

The calmness that comes over two people sharing a moment together in just one another’s presence is beautiful.
In those moments your soul is at peace. You don’t wish to be anywhere else, you don’t care to be. You would chose where you are anytime any day.

You have found the gold in silence.