Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (Acoustic Demo)

This is so different from the album version, i love the ending

Baby don’t leave me
Down on my knees
Baby please

owl city themed aus
  • deer in the headlights; person a is driving on a backwoods road on a stormy night. person b is trying to take the shortcut back to their house from a party. lack of visibility and person a’s slow driving equals an unconscious person b in the middle of the road and a stressed out person a who has to take this cute stranger to the hospital.
  • gold (acoustic version); person a and person b are friends who have to attend a corporate formal and person a asks person b to dance (because there’s no one to dance with, obviously. what? you think i’ve been secretly waiting for an opening for the past three weeks?).
  • up all night; person a is an immortal and has to come to terms with the fact that they may or may not be falling in love with person b.
  • verge (ft. aloe blacc); person a and person b are graduating, and person b is planning to propose to person a during the graduation party.
  • vanilla twilight;  person a writes a letter to a recently deceased person b.
  • the real world; it’s a rainy spring afternoon. person a wants to run errands, while person b wants to spend it with a, warm drinks, sweaters, and cuddling included.
  • hello seattle; person b gets a new job in a different city, and person a goes along, though vocally apprehensive. person b manages to maintain a good face until they spend their first night in an extended stay hotel, where person b finally breaks down and person a is left to comfort them.
  • fireflies; person a and person b are pulling all nighters in the university library. finally at their limit, person a stops and puts on a light show on their laptop and they dance the rest of the night with person b.
  • i’m coming after you; person a is a rogue graffiti artist and person b is a new police officer who’s arrested them multiple times. person a’s been letting themselves get arrested when they realize the same cute cop keeps arresting them.
  • take it all away; person a and person b are royals placed in an arranged marriage. person a is withdrawn throughout the entire ordeal, while person b quickly realizes they are falling in love with a. however, a’s assumed indifference gets to be so much that b eventually steals away from their chambers in the dead of night. it’s only after a few days that a realizes that they’d been falling in love with b as well.
  • thunderstruck; person a and person b have been training for weeks as partners in a dance competition. as the weeks pass, they grow closer and closer. at the end of their performance, person b is so excited that they find themselves planting a kiss on person a.
  • when can i see you again?; person a is leaving for another country and person b meets them at the airport/train station to say goodbye.
  • on the wing; persons a and b spend the night at the boardwalk carnival.
  • the tip of the iceberg; person a is a figure skater while person b is a hockey player, and they practice at the same frozen lake during the winter.
  • the saltwater room; person a and person b are close friends who are slowly falling for each other. things don’t seem to be changing, until a late night at the beach, where person b confesses their love for person a.
  • cave in; person a and person b decide to take a few days off for a motorcycle road trip.
  • dental care; person b needs all four wisdom teeth removed and person a is the one supposed to take them back home. when person a arrives, person b is so hopped up on anesthesia that they start loudly declaring how attractive a is and how lucky they are to be dating. the rub: persons a and b aren’t dating.

GO ACOUSTIC: Neck Deep - “Gold Steps”



I rebuild when I break down / { I’ll be OK. } a recovery mix. [listen]

{ / one more time with feeling - regina spektor / earth - sleeping at last / black sandy beaches - the dear hunter / always gold (acoustic) - radical face / the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy / we are the kids - walk the moon / OK - madeon / flaws - bastille / that’s okay - the hush sound / pluto - sleeping at last / }