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Things we needed to happen at the Winter Olympics 2018 Men Figure Skating and what we GOT!

So, here is the recap! Are you all still alive?!

1. No injuries for anyone!  ✓

2. Fair judging and no scandals (as far as that is possible)   ✓
I put a check in here because there were no scandals in the single events men. Regarding judging, there will always be voices that claim unfairness. But I think this time it was fairly bearable :)

3. Yuzuru Hanyu fulfilling his dream despite being injured and out of training for quite a long time  ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓

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Don’t cry! You deserved it! You are the KING

4. The wedding pose ritual on the podium (✓)
we got a wonderful podium, though! And I think I saw Javi tickling Yuzu :D

5. Yuzuru Hanyu having somewhere a tiny Pooh Bear with him because (stupid) rules do not allow his tissue box   
He did, that sneaky boy ;)
Look at the box under the cake. Also, the cake…


6. Mama Yuzu taking care of smol Shoma

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7. Yuzuru being dorky and relaxed throughout the olympics

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8. Lovely Yuzuvier moments that proof rivalry can stay on the ice and is gone off the ice 

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9. THIS: 

One of my favourite moments:

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Let’s see what wonderful moments the gala will bring!

(I know there was soooo much more, but I needed to stop somewhere xD)

So scott and tessa just broke 2 world records with their short and free dances, became the most decorated olympic ice dancers in history, and finally got the gold. Watching their careers since they won in Vancouver 2010 has been a gift, and to see it culminate in such a beautiful and impact full moment brought tears to my eyes. Afterwards CBC played a bunch of montages of them skating when they were kids up until now and it made me so emotional. They are national treasures and I’m so happy for them, they’re truly magical 💖❤💖