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#yoiweek2017 | Day 7: Shall We Skate?
Alternative Universe

Reasons this picture will be the death of me:

  • The beanie.
  • The bun.
  • The jaw line and the soft smile.
  • His feet.
  • The gift wrapped in gold.
  • The random towel.
  • The finished can in the corner.
  • How normal of a setting this is even tho this guy is a millionaire.
  • How soft he over all looks and how hot.
  • How happy and chilled he is.
  • I can’t…

The reasons are never ending.. i can go on.

I can’t believe I got my die-cutting machine to cut this huge gold applique correctly on the first try 😭 It’s a Katsucrunch miracle!

I got a Silhouette Cameo 3 to help me out with complicated cuts, and this machine and its god-forsaken software have been almost more trouble than it’s worth. Now that this applique is cut, I’m willing to consider forgiveness.

This is gold metallic pigskin backed with tricot interfacing. I wanted to match the seamless look of the reference, so I cut the top of the gold piece to wrap around the edges like a binding. Almost ready to stitch this all together.

Sugar Pt. 2 (Luke)*


Taking a well-deserved break from his role as CEO, Luke brings you to Europe- a stunning,culturally rich place with suggestive French waiters, personal disagreements and  his secret submissive side begging to be pleased.  

*=smut | WARNING: BDSM, read at your own risk. 



“One more time…one more time and I swear i’ll snap his neck.” 

“Luke, sweetie, I can see your vein throbbing.” You warn subtly, reaching for his hand that’s stretched across the rusted metal cafè table. Glancing around, your eyes are met with the curious glances of passer-by, shopping bags tucked under their arms and murmurs of disapproval waiting to slip from their lips.  

Luke  chooses to ignore your comment, glancing angrily instead at the gold Rolex wrapped around his wrist. 

“That son of a bitch has been eye fucking you for the past five minutes.” Luke spits, pushing up the sleeves of his cashmere sweater as his plates of food arrive, dish after dish catered to his taste. He was referring to the waiter who had given you nothing but suggestive looks all throughout your ordering session, Luke taking notice as soon as he so much as winked in your direction. 

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Uncultured Tim Drake x Reader

Request for Tim by @rigorousgiraffes

You walked down the stairs, your heels clicking, red dress flowing with your elegant movements. Everyone’s heads shifted to face you, their eyes tracing every movement, and you couldn’t help but smile from all the attention. 

 You smiled at familiar faces, but never stopped to make a conversation, as you made your way to the bar at the end of the room. 

 'Room’ wasn’t the word for the majestically decorated hall, pale blue flowers placed delicately on each table. Gold ribbons wrapping the columns, an impressive Christmas tree at the heart of the hall, speckled with snowflakes. 

“What can I get you?” You turned to face the bartender, “Water, no ice.” He nodded, handing you a glass, you smiled in return. 

Turning, you prop an elbow on the counter and sip your water, watching the social event through the bottom of your glass.

 You feel a presence settle beside you and you take a moment to voice your opinion, “I’ve never seen a more uncultured group of people.“ 

 A low chuckle, “How do you mean?" 

 "Well, for one, all the women try to outshine the next with their dresses, without breaking the theme, and you can physically see them snake around to everyone they feel threatened by.”

 A silence from the man next to you encouraged you to go on, “The men hope that no one notices their absence, while their secretaries happen to coincidentally disappear as well. They come back disheveled, but still have the nerve to kiss their spouse to keep up their appearance. 

 And the poor children, born into dysfunctional families, probably being forced to make friends with all the heirs and heiresses. I can’t imagine how it’ll weigh down on them later." 

 "What about you then?” He asked. 

 "What about me?“ 

 "You showed up hours late.”

 "Traffic.“ You say simply.

 He cocks his head, "On Christmas Eve?”

“Of course, the roads are extremely congested." 

"Then the red dress.”

“What about it?" 

"The theme is winter." 

 "Well…” You paused, thinking, “It’s cold during winter, everyone looks for warmth. That’s why I chose red. Plus I look good in red.”

“Well so do I.” He said amusement in his voice. 

“Whatever, to each his own.”

You turned to face him, your eyes met his deep blue ones. He was built, as if he exercised a lot, but his posture suggested he spent lots of time on the computer. He was handsome, but he didn’t seem like a social sort. 

“So why are you here, this doesn’t seem like your kind of scene."  

"I’m Tim. Tim Drake. My dad is Bruce Wayne, I kind of have to be here." 

 You choked on your water, "About everything I said about the people being uncultured, I didn’t me—" 

 "Everything you said was true,” He said, waving his hand to dismiss your guilt, “What’s your name?" 

 ”(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).“ 

 "How do you feel about some coffee?" 

 "It’s eleven PM." 

 "It’s never too late for coffee." 

 "It’s Christmas Eve, nothing’s open." 

 "I can make it." 

"I don’t drink coffee.” You said, for the sake of the exchange. 

 "That’s not even humanly possible.“ 

 "You’re right, let’s go, Tim.” You said grinning. 

 He smiled, grabbing your hand. 


 "Did Drake just leave with a female?“ Damian said from the other side of the room. 

 "Really?!” Dick said like an excited puppy. 

 "Leave Tim alone.“ Bruce said, squinting to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Dick laughed, "Little Timmy’s got some moves.”

Thanks for being my first Christmas request @rigorousgiraffes

Part Two

yuuri just wasn’t going to retire no matter how this season wrapped up, gold medal or not, and i’m glad that he didn’t

you have to look at why he kept saying he was going to retire. he had been thinking about retiring after an utterly failed season, when he was convinced that his worth as a figure skater was just absolutely nothing to be proud of. and then when victor showed up, he was still holding onto the idea of retiring, because as far as yuuri could tell there would be no point in continuing after victor took him to the grand prix final. half a season with victor as his coach would be the peak of his career, as far as yuuri could tell, and then when victor was gone there’d be no reason left to skate. there would be nowhere else to go but downhill after that. he then keeps holding onto “i’ll retire because that frees victor to go back to the sport.” none of this has anything to do with how he feels about the sport itself.

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