gold wheelchair

Men fly
As trees shy
From over taking
Their lead snaking
Around rivers that twist
Wide so racers risk
Both wheels dancing
Over pavements lancing
Toughened hands that lead
The bodies to feed
On a wild victory once feigned
Now In the heart forever retained

Joker - long lost father to twins.

Authors note: I came up with this idea at work and have fallen in love with this. 

WARNINGS: None. Just a bit fluffy. 

Joker as a father hits me in the feels. 

Daddy J. 

It had been 4 years since the Joker had left Gotham city. It had been crime free. Well relatively. J broke things off when he found out I was pregnant with twins, what he didn’t know was that one of the girls, Ava, had been born with spina bifida. Not that it made any difference, I loved her all the same and she was one of happiest children I knew. Always smiling and never put down by her disability. She knew she couldn’t do all the things her sister, Mia, could but Mia was very good at including Ava in her games. He sent me $5000 every month so I could live comfortably with my babies, he also bought us a house to live in with security and guards, well henchmen. Although he didn’t want to be a father he still protected us and I still loved him.  Our girls had a picture of him in their room and I was always telling them stories about him. He may be the most wanted criminal in Gotham city but he was still their father.

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Althea was buried on a grassy hilltop near Lakeville, Ky. with three generations of Flynts gathered at the graveside. Bob Harrington, an evangelist who had married the couple 11 years before, read the 23rd Psalm and called the deceased “a daring career woman.” Sitting by the graveside in his gold-plated wheelchair, Larry tossed a single white rose onto the casket. “Althea,” he sobbed, “I’m going to be so lonely without you.
Our Hearts Are Gold
By Organization for Transformative Works

Written for the Wheelchair Wingding Round One challenge!

Fandom: X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)

Pairing: Charles/Erik


Prince Charles has heard plenty of tales of princesses in other kingdoms being carried away by dragons, never to be seen again.

It comes as a shock when one day a dragon carries him off.


“Wait a moment, is this seriously your first time carrying off royalty?”

The dragon narrows his eyes, nostrils flaring. “So what if it is?” he asks grumpily, tail flicking again.

“Good job, you’ve completely mucked it up,” Charles says dryly. “I’m a prince, not a princess.”

“I know you’re a prince,” the dragon snaps irritably. “I know how to tell humans apart.”

Do you?” Charles asks skeptically.


Aniek van Koot and Jiske Griffioen of the Netherlands (top) defeat Marjolein Buis and Diede de Groot, also of the Netherlands, to win GOLD in doubles wheelchair tennis. Griffioen and van Koot squared off just the day before in the gold medal singles match, where Griffioen came out on top.