gold watch and chain

jeanneyangstyle: @tomholland2013 on his way to #mtvmovieawards in @lanvin jacket @cartier rose gold Drive watch @hoorsenbuhs rose gold chain @everlane t-shirt @allsaints jeans @tods boots groomed by @nellichristine styled by @jeanneyangstyle

“GTA Gavin wears gold all the time and in excessive amounts.” Bullshit, do you know how much effort that takes? He has to put on, what, nine gold bracelets, four gold chains, a gold watch, gold eyeliner, and gold glitter that is a pain to clean up?

I guarantee you that Gavin isn’t the type of person to do that for every fucking job. Gavin “Golden Boy” Free has shown up to a job in sweatpants and a shirt that’s three years old because he just doesn’t have the time of day to do all that. Maybe it was a job he found out he was doing fifteen minutes ago, maybe he just didn’t care enough. Who knows.

If the other person comments on it, Gavin would just sneer and go “You’re bloody mental if you think you’re important enough to get all my stuff covered in glitter.”