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♡ ways to be a fairy ♡

♡ spray your favourite scent of perfume

♡ moisturize your skin

♡ wear floral skirts

♡ drink camomile tea while reading a book

♡ wear blush to make your cheeks look rosy

♡ wear another shade/color of clothing besides black

♡ paint your nails in a light pink shade

♡ put your hair in a half down - half up hairstyle finishing with a ribbon tied onto your hair

♡ wear a flowy skirt or dress while dancing to your favourite music

♡ put a gold or rose gold shimmer eyeshadow on your eyelids

♡ admire the beauty of nature at its finest

♡ be as positive as possible

♡ be kind to others

♡ treat yourself with love, kindness and respect