gold vault

Here’s to the places. To the school with moving staircases and the secret passageways. To the forest where no one dared to step, to creatures that lurked among its trees. Here’s to the bank with vaults of gold and the alley of shops that houses it. Here’s to No. 4 Privet Drive, to the Three Broomsticks, to the Ministry of Magic. To 12 Grimmauld Place and the Burrow. Here’s to the house where two parents died and the Dark Lord disappeared, the house where a story was born.

Here’s to the houses. To the lion’s roar and the eagle’s cry. To badgers and serpents. Here’s to gold and red, to yellow and black. Here’s to blue and bronze, to green and silver. Here’s to the Quidditch games and rivalries. The hourglasses and the founders. Here’s to Gryffindor and Slytherin. Here’s to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Here’s to the items. To the letters carried by owls and the necklace that turned back time. To miniature dragons and golden balls with wings, to a hat that can sing. Here’s to the photographs that move and the potion that makes you lucky. To self-correcting quills and screaming plants. To golden coins and self-scrubbing dishes. Here’s to Butterbeer and the Daily Prophet. To Bertie Bott’s and Firebolts.

Here’s to the people. To the boys who died too young: the wolf, the stag, the rat, the dog. To the woman with hair that changed colors. Here’s to the twins, the herbology teacher, and the house elf with a love for socks. Here’s to the professor who could turn into a cat. Here’s to the potion’s teacher who was corrupted by love and the ghost who lived in the bathroom. Here’s to the boy who lost his toad, to the girl with six brothers, and the Ravenclaw girl who loved her friends. Here’s to Voldemort. To Draco and Dumbledore. Here’s to Cedric, and Cho, and Fleur. To Hermione and Ron. Here’s to the Boy Who Lived.

Here’s to the story. To the stone and the chamber. The prisoner and the goblet. Here’s to the order, the prince, and the Hallows. Here’s to “Always.” To “All was well.” Here’s to the lightning scar. To Harry Potter.

Here’s to 20 years.

More stuff from Khorkina’s book

More Khorkina craziness:

-she thinks she was underscored at the 1992 Olympic trials on beam and was really robbed of making the Barcelona Unified team despite being underage lmao

-she thinks she was underscored and should have won vault gold at 1994 Worlds over Gogean

-she thinks the judges should have ignored her step on the landing during the 1994 Worlds bars final because she was young and inexperienced and that she should have won bars gold over Luo Li

-she claims that the Russian and Romanian teams were given longer bus rides/routes in Atlanta to sabotage them so they would be more tired

-she thinks the Americans only won the team gold in 1996 because of the sabotage with the bus thing, a bad crowd, and overscoring

-she says the only reason she didn’t do well in the team final or all around at 1999 Worlds was because of the Chinese equipment being too hard

-she says Produnova was scatterbrained and didn’t care about training, so that’s why she never lived up to her potential

-she thinks people don’t do her eponymous skills because they don’t have the technique or execution

-she thinks that the vault was set too low on purpose to steal her AA gold

-she thinks Raducan would have gotten a bigger punishment for her doping if she were Russian (I think in an earlier chapter she said Kabaeva got a suspension for the same substance while Raducan only had one  medal stripped and didn’t have any suspensions or anything else done)

-even tho she won bars in Sydney, she still thinks the Chinese were overscored on bars and too close to her because they didn’t have the same difficulty, execution, or “emotional impact”

-she thinks Zamo only won floor because she went after Khorkina and scores go up later in the final (lmao Zamo won because her routine was a billion times more difficult, Esther Moya deserved to be ahead of both Amanar and Khorkina ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

-Khorkina was being ableist and comparing her limping after injuries to disabled athletes -_-

Some insights into how the atmosphere between the Russian gymnasts, coaches, and federation was:

-the federation was really cheap and got them the worse tickets for 1994 Worlds and they had to train on hard surfaces/not in real gyms for both 1996 and 2000 Olympics

-the gymnasts had their rooms checked for food. pastries and stuff like that were confiscated, but chocolate wasn’t. khorkina always had lots of chocolate so she didn’t get her stuff confiscated.

-apparently before Atlanta some Russian gymnasts were snitching on each other about prohibited foods being in their rooms to the coaches because it would have repercussions and affect their team standing


-Russian gymnasts would all get really drunk after competitions to celebrate despite being underage. Khorkina once passed out in the plane’s bathroom.

-The father of Khorkina’s son was married. He was cheating on his wife with Khorkina for 8 years and finally broke it off with Khorkina when she got pregnant.


Reclaiming Fitspo: Alexa Moreno

Alexa Citlali Moreno Medina is a Mexican gymnast. Born in 1994 in Mexicali, Mexico, she made her senior international debut at the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships in Australia, where she won Bronze on the vault. Her career was highly reported upon: she won team Gold and vault Silver at  the Central American & Caribbean Games, and won team Bronze at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara.

Moreno has consistently competed in the  Pan American Championships, Mexican National Championships and World Championships, but she is most well known for her performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics.  She placed twelfth on vault, twenty-eighth on floor exercise, thirty-first in the all-around, fifty-first on balance beam, and fifty-ninth on uneven bars, and qualified as a second reserve for the all-around.

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Gymnasts from the same era who don’t try to stop bills that protect gymnasts from sexual abuse and have medals from competitions that weren’t boycotted

Olga Mostepanova performing one of the best beam routines of all time at the 1984 Alternate Games where she became the only gymnast to ever have a perfect 40 all around competition. At the Alternate Games, she won team, all around, vault, beam, and floor gold. She would have made that other gymnast irrelevant if the boycott didn’t happen. She has 5 world medals (3 gold, 2 silver).

While most gym fans acknowledge that Mostepanova and the Soviets would have swept the floor with that other gymnast, Hana Ricna gets very little recognition. She came in 2nd to Mostepanova at the 1984 Alternate Games and was the first to do the stalder tkatchev on uneven bars, which is still a very popular skill today. She had one of the most difficult uneven bars sets at the time because she did 3 major releases: her eponymous skill, “the Ricna” (E), the Deltchev (D), and the Comaneci (E). She has 2 world medals (1 silver, 1 bronze).

Ma Yanhong’s 1984 uneven bars gold is the only title from 1984 that I‘m 100% sure would have still happened even if there was no boycott. My favorite routine from her is that one she did at 1981 Worlds. She did a jump full turn to the low bar mount, clear hip 1/1, hecht ½, and her famous F rated dismount. Sadly, she was robbed here and only given a 9.9, so she came in 2nd to Maxi Gnauck who was given a perfect 10 despite having a less difficult routine and a hop on the dismount. She has 3 world medals (1 gold, 2 silver).

Maxi Gnauck is known for her uneven bar work, but she was also a great all arounder and floor worker. In 1979 and 1980, she was able to do a tucked full in and triple twist on the floor with no springs. At the 1984 Alternate Games, she came third in the all around and won bars and floor. Springs were added to the floor by then and she did the best piked full in and triple twist in that era. She has 9 world medals (5 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze). She also has 4 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze) from the 1980 Olympics, which were also boycotted, but the countries that boycotted wouldn’t have really made a difference in any of the results in that games except for maybe on uneven bars.

Natalia Yurchenko’s vault entry is probably the most innovative skill to ever happen in gymnastics. For decades now, almost every top gymnast has done a yurchenko style vault. She won the team and all around gold at the 1983 World Championships, but suffered an injury in vault finals that took her out of the rest of the championships. She came back from the injury to win the team and vault gold, as well as the uneven bars silver at the 1984 Alternate Games. She also made the 1985 Soviet team that won gold at Worlds. Other notable skills she did were her tkatchev + deltchev combination on uneven bars and loso mount and yurchenko loop on beam.

Tumblr only allows you to embed 5 videos, but special shout outs to baby Elena Shushunova who won the all around bronze at the 1984 Alternate Games and then went on to have one of the greatest careers ever in 1985-1988 and Julianne Mcnamara, the American gymnast that actually has a medal from a non boycotted competition with her 1981 uneven bars bronze.

And of course shout out to Ecaterina Szabo who won 4 gold medals and actually beat that other gymnast in the all around final in 1984. Sadly, there was no new life and she fell on uneven bars in the team optionals, so the score carried over and she lost by 0.05. She has 10 world medals (2 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze).


Beginning in the mid-seventies, Stevie Nicks took a series of Polaroid self-portraits in her home as well as hotel rooms around the world while on tour. During the recording of ‘24 Karat Gold - Songs From the Vault’, she decided to share these never-before-seen self portraits.The collection was unveiled at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in NYC on October 9th, 2014

Some people don’t sleep at night - I am one of those people. These pictures were taken long after everyone had gone to bed - I would begin after midnight and go until 4 or 5 in the morning. I stopped at sunrise - like a vampire… I never really thought anyone would ever see these pictures, they went into shoeboxes, where they remained. I did everything - I was the stylist, the makeup artist, the furniture mover, the lighting director. It was my joy - I was the model…”

josiedearly  asked:

Hey, have you tried to get the Controlling the Chaos achievement? I've tried to do it but I'm not sure what it means to "constrain" all those slimes on your vacuum stream.

Yes, that achievement took me a little while to figure out! It just wants you to have 15 slimes in your vac stream at once. I kept trying to just vac up a corral of like 100 pinks at once but it’d never work. Turns out you need to make sure you do this achievement ‘on the range’ so not on your ranch. Just go out to the first area, vac up pink slimes until you have a whole bunch, shoot them all out into a small area then vac them all up again. :)

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also for the fic fest: malec + spell book (could be magnus' spell book that was never again mentioned in the show, the book of the white or any other spell book you'd like)

For a few days after Valentine’s attack, his hideout had been taken apart, every inch searched and runed, to make sure nothing is left. And it’s a few more days after that that Alec finally gets clearance to take Magnus’ spell book from the Institute. The sun had set a while ago when Alec finally makes it to the loft, finding Magnus on the balcony, back to him.

But as soon as the door shuts behind Alec, Magnus turns around, a smile on his face, one Alec mirrors as he makes his way to his boyfriend. He greets him with a kiss, the spell book hidden behind his back.

“I believe this,“ Alec says and presents Magnus with the book. “Belongs to you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.“

Magnus takes the book carefully, and turns it over a few times, turns to a few pages before closing it and pressing it to his chest.

“Thank you, Alexander,“ he says, giving Alec a small kiss before moving inside. Alec follows him and watches as Magnus moves, magic flowing from his fingertips, his hands moving with practiced grace, the muscles in his arms standing out more than usual. A gold, complicated looking vault opens and Magnus places the spell book inside, and then stands back, locking it, power radiating off of him.


Magnus’ voice breaks Alec out of his daze, and he realises he’s been staring and feels his cheeks warm when Magnus’ raises an eyebrow at him, looking smug. Alec closes the distance between them in a few steps, hands settling on Magnus’ chest.

“Nothing,“ Alec whispers, earning a disbelieving look from Magnus, but rather than try and explain, Alec leans in, pressing his lips to Magnus’, firmer and more intent than before. Magnus hums in surprise, but his hands momentarily find their place in Alec’s hair and on his shoulder, pulling him closer, coaxing a small gasp out of Alec.

When they break apart, breathless, Alec is met with golden, cat like eyes, and he doesn’t fight the desperate noise that escapes him, and Magnus lets out a breathy laugh at that. He kisses Alec again, but the kiss turns more urgent and heated quickly, and it’s only a few moments before Alec slowly starts moving them towards the bedroom.

francy’s 1k fic-fest


On this day in music history: July 27, 1981 - “Bella Donna”, the debut solo album by Stevie Nicks is released. Produced by Jimmy Iovine and Tom Petty, it is recorded at Goodnight L.A. Studios in Van Nuys, CA, Record One and Studio 55 in Hollywood, CA from Autumn 1980 - Spring 1981. The first solo album by the Fleetwood Mac singer and songwriter, it features guest appearances by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Don Henley. Nicks actually begins writing and demoing material for the album as early as the sessions for Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” in 1979. Over the next year, Nicks writes more than two dozen songs before it is pared down to the final ten tracks included on the finished album. Some of the songs later surface on other projects (“Gypsy” on FM’s “Mirage”, “Sleeping Angel” on the “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” soundtrack in 1982, and “I Sing For The Things” on Nicks’ “Rock A Little” in 1985). Three other songs from the recording sessions including “The Dealer (aka Mistress Of My Fate)”, and “If You Were My Love” are released on the compilation “24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault” in September of 2014. The album spins off four hit singles including “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” (#3 Pop), “Edge Of Seventeen (Just Like The White Winged Dove)” (#11 Pop), and “Leather And Lace” (#6 Pop). To commemorate the thirty fifth anniversary of its original release, “Bella Donna” is remastered and reissued as a three disc expanded deluxe edition in November of 2016. The first CD contains the original ten song album, with disc two including eleven bonus tracks, with previously issued outtakes from the recording sessions, including ones that not been included on the 2014 box set. Disc three features a full live concert performance recorded at the Fox Wilshire Theater (now the Saban Theatre) in Beverly Hills, CA on December 13, 1981, with Nicks performing much of the “Bella Donna” album along with a handful of her Fleetwood Mac songs. Out of print on vinyl since a limited pressing by Simply Vinyl in 2000, it is remastered and reissued as a 180 gram LP by Rhino Records in tandem with the CD release, replicating the original album packaging including the custom labels and inner sleeve. “Bella Donna” spends one week at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.