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pphew! sorry for the late reply to these >.< i figured id just reply to all these in one post with some pics. Below are the watercolors i use and the the gold paints (keep in mind those pics i posted were like first attempts @_@ im still getting used to these…)

The water colors are Mjello Mission Gold Watercolors in the 34 tube set and the gold palette are the FineTec Artist Mica Watercolors in the Pearl set. 

Now I’ll state first– both these sets are kinda pricey. The FineTec palette (about $27) is so worth it though because it comes in different golds and one tube of gold gouache is usually like $9 each or more depending on the amount of mica, so def worth the price and variety.

Below: from lightest to darkest on ivory tinted paper [Silver, Moon Gold, Gold Pearl, Arabic Gold, Tibet Gold, & Inca Gold] they look SUPER outstanding on black paper as well!

my fav is the richest one, the Inca Gold.

They are super nice, but if you plan on getting them, they are super HARD palettes! It’ll take a lot of scrubbing to get them activated and to have that nice gouache-like thickness, so if you don’t want to ruin your nice brushes, I def recommend getting some Ox Gall. Adding a drop or two of this will get them activated in no time, and with a nice opaque thickness. (the brand I have below they dont sell anymore, but other brands still make it)

As for the water colors, ehhh i feel weird cuz those vegetas were like my first attempts with this brand. Ive always used the Sakura Koi 24 color set palette because theyre super nice and super cheap (like $20) and Ive had them for years. I only got these because I wanted higher-grade watercolors in tubes. But they are very expensive, but for good reasons: they have a lot of pigment, which makes them so vibrant and bright and theyre designed to be very close to natural colors, not to mention theyre so SMOOTH when painting and they’ll probs last me forEVER because you get so much color with very little water.

(opera is best color IMHO) here’s a color chart I made (that took FOREVER btw) to give you an idea how beautiful they are and how many nice colors they make

so yea! those are the paints I used for those particular pics. Course if you would like a nice, cheap watercolor recommendation that works pretty well, Sakura Koi’s are a fantastic substitute. …..SORRY IF THIS WAS LONG i just akdfhalkfhd i like talking about traditional hope this was at least a little informative >.< if anyone has questions or wants some recommendations (while also saving some money) feel free to ask! I’ll help in any way i can with what i know, cuz despite posting mostly digital art, I am a traditional art supply FANATIC. 


Oil Paints by Cassia Beck

Aqours Shopping HCs


  • She is such a shopaholic.
  • She spends most of her money on clothes, and the worst thing is:  she doesn’t even wear half of them.
  • Literally, her wardrobe is a MESS. Most of her clothes aren’t even hung up, they’re just strewn around.
  • She loves going to town and shopping, especially when she’s with friends! 
  • Trying on Riko’s and You’s clothes has always been pretty fun for her as well.
  • But god, someone put a handle on this girl.
  • She has NEVER seen the sales sections of shops, no matter how hard You tries to drag her there.
  • Her mum hates her and her wardrobe.
  • Her sister just laughs at her though.
  • Honestly, all of this just fuels her addiction.
  • She’s impossible.


  • You also really likes shopping!
  • But she prefers making her own clothes out of plain outfits or cheap fabrics.
  • Usually, she just window shops to get inspiration.
  • She’s very, very good at managing her money with shopping. When she does buy clothes, they’re usually on sale. 
  • You is always found ripping through the sales section of the store due to this.
  • She really enjoys shopping for her friends and dolling them up as well!
  • She cannot stand Chika’s wardrobe. 
  • There’s so much potential
  • Why do you have a fedora in five different colours, nobody’s ever seen you wear one


  • Riko likes shopping!
  • She’s fairly particular about clothes though. She loves simple dresses, but refuses to buy one that’s tight in the bust, shows stomach or cleavage, or has a skirt that’s too short.
  • Unfortunately, dresses like that are pretty hard to find these days…
  • Riko’s fairly tall, but also very slim, so when she does find a dress, the ones left are usually two sizes too big.
  • She tends to shop online now, since it’s easy to filter out the stuff she doesn’t want.
  • Sometimes she goes to second hand shops, since they have cheaper and more simple clothes – which is exactly what she likes!
  • Whenever she has clothes she doesn’t want, she donates them to charity. One day she’d like to be like You and sew old clothes into better ones.
  • Overall, Riko’s a fairly normal shopper.


  • She isn’t very fond of shopping. It stresses her out too easily.
  • Which is a shame, since she really likes trying on new outfits.
  • But in stores she gets very overwhelmed with all the people and the huge range of clothes available…
  • It’s Dia who has always shopped for her. Ruby loves this, because she really admires Dia’s fashion sense!
  • Dia still shops for her even now, but the other members of Aqours like to send her pictures and outfit links to her that they think she’ll like!
  • Occasionally, she’ll tag along with Riko to second hand shops. They’re much less busy, so she enjoys going there. 
  • The clothes are really cute too!
  • This also doubles as a bonding time for the two, as they’ve never had much of an opportunity to interact. 
  • Ruby is incredibly grateful for everyone in Aqours.


  • Hanamaru doesn’t shop a lot by herself, but when she’s invited out, she’s like an excited puppy.
  • Everyone thinks it’s adorable.
  • What’s not so adorable is how much she wants to buy.
  • Hanamaru, are you sure you want three pairs of ripped jeans???
  • Yoshiko and Ruby decide to keep tabs on how often she shops and who accompanies her.
  • They feel guilty, but…it’s for her own good.
  • One time they found her almost giving 100 dollars to a scammer on the street.
  • It’s all very pure, but also very dangerous.
  • Hanamaru’s extremely confused over this, but she agrees not to go on a shopping spree without being ​accompanied.


  • Yoshiko does nothing but shop online.
  • She gets way too embarrassed buying little devil fashion in real life, so the internet quickly becomes her best friend.
  • She’s surprisingly careful with her money, even keeping a budget that she actually sticks to!
  • She has a super cute fashion sense too, and finds clothes that suit her perfectly.
  • Yoshiko isn’t very good at picking clothes for other people though. She can’t wrap her head around other people’s fashion.
  • On the odd occasion that she does go out, she prefers to shop by herself. She finds herself quickly becoming impatient picking out clothes with others; she personally finds independent shopping much more efficient.
  • While clumsy, she knows how to operate a sewing machine, so she often attempts to adjust clothes slightly so that they are more to her liking.
  • When she succeeds, she is really happy.
  • It’s cute to watch!


  • Mari also loves shopping!
  • Due to her money, she is lucky to buy whatever the hell she wants.
  • Trying on new clothes and styles is incredibly fun for her, so she tends to spend at least an hour in the changing room every time she shops.
  • It’s not surprising that literally nobody wants to go to clothes stores with her.
  • Her wardrobe is so stuffed with clothes it may as well be bursting – although, to be fair, she does wear all her numerous outfits (somehow).
  • She tries to buy expensive clothes for Aqours, which they are both flattered and horrified about.
  • Mari, NOBODY wants those $600 sparkly gold tube dresses.
  • Chika and You are jealous of Mari’s money. They could buy so much with it! Mari’s more than willing to buy things for them, but they immediately refuse.
  • It’s just not the same.


  • Dia is a very, VERY picky shopper.
  • She’s an absolute nightmare to shop for, because nobody knows what she’d like.
  • She cannot buy an outfit unless it is completely perfect in every way possible. 
  • Everyone thinks it’s ridiculous. She’ll ditch an otherwise cute outfit just because the sleeves are an inch too short.
  • You secretly puts more effort into Dia’s costumes because of this.
  • She generally prefers to shop online for herself since it’s much  less of a bother, and because whenever she goes to town the only outfits she brings back are ones for Ruby.
  • On that note, she’s great at picking outfits out for others! Dia has a very keen eye for detail and fashion.
  • She would like to start sewing one day, since that would mean she can adjust clothes to her liking.
  • She’s planning on asking You when she has more free time.


  • Kanan doesn’t understand how people can spend so much time wondering what outfits to get.
  • Like…she just gets the first thing she sees that she likes unless it’s too expensive.
  • Dia especially confuses her.
  • There’s so many nice clothes! How can you NOT find something you like?
  • She’s bewildered.
  • She has a surprisingly large amount of clothes, and like You, Kanan never throws away old ones. 
  • She tends to give them away to charity, and occasionally You or Chika.
  • Although she’s stopped giving them away to Chika now that she’s taken a good look at her wardrobe.
  • Kanan also has an amazing range of swimsuits, which everyone is astounded by.
  • They didn’t even know it was possible for someone to own so many wetsuits. 
  • Have rainbow printed wetsuits always existed?
  • Dia and Mari swear they’ve only seen her wear the same one bikini, which Kanan denies vehemently.
  • They’re just blind.

thesleekkitty: I’m excited to share that the gorgeous @emilybett wore the Gold Tube Layering Necklace that I created on the season 6 premier of @cw_arrow It’s an incredible feeling to see something you’ve created worn by a talented actress on such a cool tv show! I am so honored and thankful to be part of @theartisangroupwho makes these wonderful opportunities possible. #thesleekkitty #arrowseason6#theartisangroup #feelingblessed#artisanjewelry #minimalistjewelry#cwarrow #emilybettrickards

72 DIY Bracelets. DIY GIFT GUIDE from truebluemeandyou. *UPDATED - all 72 links checked and fixed.*

This used to be 8 separate posts, but I’ve consolidated them into 1.

2012 was an excellent year for DIY Jewelry from bloggers. There are bracelet DIYs here for every budget and skill level.

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