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After the Oscars parties, hundreds of homeless people dined on gourmet leftovers

  • The Oscars isn’t exactly the type of event where you’d think people care about wasting food.
  • Yet after stars dined on short ribs, taro root tacos, gold-dusted truffle popcorn and more, the untouched leftovers were whisked away and redistributed to hungry Los Angeles residents.
  • Thanks to actress Freida Pinto, no piece of lavish party food went to waste this year. 
  • The actress joined forces with Copia, a food recovery startup, to ensure the luxe leftovers from several of the Oscars weekend parties could be given to LA residents in need of food. Read more (3/2/17 11:26 AM)
Klaine one-shot - “1 Corinthians 13:7″ (Rated NC17)

Did you miss me, Mr. Anderson-Hummel? (2361 words)

Vague summary is vague. I can’t really write a summary for this one. When you read it, you’ll see why. This is a re-write. Also, despite the title, this isn’t about religion. But you should look it up to see what it says. Did you need to cry today? Read this ;( Warning for heavy angst, past character death, allusion to suicide, prescription drug use, drinking, depression, sexual content, and a bittersweet-ish happy ending depending upon your interpretation.  

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A bottle of champagne. The sound of the ocean. Blaine running kisses down the column of Kurt’s neck while they watch the sun set from the balcony of their hotel room, his fingers working through the buttons of Kurt’s shirt beneath the jacket of his tuxedo.

“Blaine,” Kurt whines, tipsy and warm and so incredibly happy he could melt into the floor. “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get you undressed, love,” Blaine grunts, pinning Kurt to the scrolled iron bannister with his hips to keep his woozy husband (of five hours so far) upright, “but you’re not helping. Please put the camera down.”

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anonymous asked:

So last night I got tacos with my friend, we were both wasted but I remember one of the tacos had gold flakes caviar and truffles on it and was over $100 and both my friend and I spent the rest of the night crying about how Jumin Han was selling tacos, Cat daddy is now Taco daddy to us

Jumin “what’s a donut” Han wouldn’t even know what a fucking Taco was lmao.

Jaehee: And what ingredients for the tacos, sir?

Jumin: Does it matter? Just throw something expensive in it. It will taste good.

Jaehee: Well, usually you would add-

Jumin: Gold caviar, truffles, foie gras, do I need to make it any more clear for you? Just.Use.Expensive.Shit. They won’t know the difference.

Jaehee: ……

Jaehee internally: he’s never seen a Taco, has he -_-

Afternoon Tea Par-tea anyone? (I am SO sorry!)

A traditional afternoon tea was served on the last ever Concorde flight 

Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea? I mean… It’s an extra meal! (No, it does NOT replace lunch OR dinner). It’s a separate entity that only happens once every so often, which means you appreciate it more. You savour those crustless sandwiches and the tiny cakes that you must have at least 10 of before you’re remotely full.

Talking of extra meals… Did you know that in the 1840s, people only ate two meals a day, breakfast and dinner? Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford complained of a ‘sinking feeling’ in the afternoon. She began having a pot of tea and snack in the afternoon then introduced this habit to her friends in London and the trend quickly spread. Thank goodness for Anna! I would definitely feel the same way :D 

In 2011, the Cliveden Hotel created the world’s most expensive afternoon tea at £550 per person – containing gold leaf, truffles, caviar and the most expensive coffee in the world (£50 per cup!).

There are also a few different variants of this ‘extra’ treat! There is Royale tea, which is afternoon tea served with champagne at the start and High tea which was taken later in the day and was a more substantial savoury meal, it got it’s name because it was eaten at the dinner table, compared to afternoon tea which was taken in armchairs. I think there’s probably enough time to fit afternoon tea and high tea into a day, right? 

Then there’s cream tea, which is just scones and tea. In Devon, scones are topped with cream then jam, in Cornwall they are topped with jam then cream and arguments abound over where the cream tea was originally founded. I wonder what they’d think of our Apple and Blackberry Scones? 

The highest afternoon tea can be found in Dubai where you can have an afternoon tea on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 

There really is no excuse not to like afternoon tea. It’s popular all over the world and you can tweak it to include all of your favourites, both savoury and sweet. So here’s’ the question: What would you absolutely have to make a part of your afternoon tea?!