gold things

I was always told that because I have my father’s destructive nature
I needed to stay away from the things that make my eyes fill with
Stars because my natural instinct is to destroy;
It’s as if I have the Midas touch but instead of turning things to gold I
Turned them into nothing but ruin.

I never listened to this advice and I never met anyone who made my eyes fill with stars despite my streak of destruction until I met you
And the reminder from when I was younger blared in my mind like an
Alarm I chose to ignore but here we are;
I ruined you and your glass heart left shards in my palms.

—  i can’t tell whose blood is who’s
May 1

Melissa Gold was a troubled runaway from an alcoholic father and incarcerated mother. In order to survive on the streets, Melissa developed a hard edge to her personality, referring to herself as “Mimi”. She was eventually imprisoned, where she met Poundcakes, a female wrestler who invited her to join the Grapplers under the name Screaming Mimi, alongside Titania and Letha. The Grapplers became renowned for their colorful personalities and ringside antics, but the wrestling federation denied them the opportunity to make the amount of money their male counterparts made. Instead, the group agreed to earn supplementary income by performing a covert operation for the Roxxon Oil Company. Roxxon gave the Grapplers special paraphernalia to assist them in their mission; Mimi received an apparatus that converted her voice to high-frequency sonics for various effects. The Grapplers were tried and jailed for their misdeeds. Mimi was later contacted by the criminal Baron Helmut Zemo to join his version of the Masters of Evil. His accomplice, the Fixer, gave her new powers via a voice-augmenting harness and high-tech implants in her neck based on technology from the villain Klaw. With her newly transformed powers, she resumed the use of her given name Melissa, and adopted the identity of Songbird as a member of the Thunderbolts, a new Masters of Evil group posing as superheroes to win the world’s trust while secretly plotting world conquest under Zemo’s direction. However, Melissa and most of the other Thunderbolts grew to like their heroic roles. Ultimately, the Thunderbolts turned against Zemo, foiling his attempt at world domination and rescuing the Avengers in the process. Melissa continued to serve with the team, who operated as a team of outlaw superheroes. Melissa Gold first appeared as Screaming Mimi in Marvel Two-in-One #54 (May 1, 1979).


Decapitate Me USB

You need to transfer your files? There’s no other way out of it, you’re going to have to decapitate me.

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If you allow him to dictate the terms of battle, you court a disastrous outcome.