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170203// So, first time EVER having a digital bujo and !!!! LET ME TELL YOU, at first it was a bit awkward but I got the hand of it pretty quickly c: I got some ideas from @jellybujo bc their digital bujo are goaaals! 

Digital bujo = Good Notes4 (great investment and easy to use)
I use a rubber stylus, nothing fancy at all c:

UPDATE: I ordered the Adonit Jot Pro 2.0 and will arrive approximately this thursday!

Adoption for Fun and Profit

I was DMing a 5e session where the premise was helping a young, mute elf child (Sunny) get back to their parents, with the promise of pay should they get back home alive (since the characters are all neutral alignments and otherwise probably wouldn’t do it). It becomes apparent that this kid has been living alone for months and probably won’t last much longer without a proper house and family. At the end of the session they find a small house with gravestones nearby and find out that the parents had died years before, and Sunny just couldn’t survive the trip back to the house alone and wanted help to get there. Sunny offers them their pay solemnly, clearly not expecting them to stay any longer than they need to. Without much hesitation one player who just adored this sweet child decided to adopt the kid as their own (completing a good part of their character arc).

DM: So… you’re taking in this kid, then? Yeah? Well! Alright, congrats, you’re a family now! That’s-that’s so adorable, guys. Gotta, gotta go back to school shopping, start the college fund.

[Some time passes as players talk about the choice.]

Rogue: I hand Sunny back the box of gold with a paper taped to it, it says “Sunny’s School Fund”. I say, “Listen, this here is—this is gonna be your college fund now.”
DM: Oh my god that’s so cute. You guys, you are ALL neutral alignments, this is so nice of you. That… that kid has 300 gold pieces in their college fund now I guess, wow.
Rogue: I—I took 50 gold out of the box, actually.
Table: *a beat of silence before uproarious laughter*
DM: I mean—I mean okay you’re chaotic neutral so this fits really well like—you would’ve earned 75 splitting it equally anyways, you, you’re giving back to—that’s completely fair.

Being able to listen to Namjoon’s, Yoongi’s and Hobi’s personal playlists on Spotify makes me feel like there’s a connection between us and the boys through songs beyond their own music. Like these songs impacted them in some way and now we can share that with them. And that what’s beautiful about the ARMYs and BTS relationship