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Because I have to know. Say the inquisition goes to Wrestlemania. Who does what? Who cheers/boos for who? Who buys the most merch? Who thinks they can do some of the moves performed?

The Iron Bull. To everything.

Sera steals   acquires the most merch. Cassandra takes some prodding to go, but eventually she becomes a hardcore Roman Reigns fan and Bull has has her halfway convinced to form their own Raw Tag Team. Cullen makes lots of sulking comments about form and footwork, Cole is high off the excitement, and Josephine sees potential for profit.

Neither Solas nor Vivienne goes, and both make their distaste known. Dorian also disdains, but the Iron Bull has mastered the puppy dog eye. And it’s not like he’s going to complain about watching shirtless men fight got anything else to do. Blackwall cheers for everyone, calls out every foul, and is named the referee for the inevitable matches that will happen in Skyhold.

Varric is writing everything down, because this shit is gold. He’s also taking bets, if anyone is interested. 

–Mod Fereldone

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archie and jughead each looking at the other before the fight

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The magnetic field lines between a pair of active regions formed a beautiful set of swaying arches, seen in this footage captured by our Solar Dynamics Observatory on April 24-26, 2017. 

These arches, which form a connection between regions of opposite magnetic polarity, are visible in exquisite detail in this wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. Extreme ultraviolet light is typically invisible to our eyes, but is colorized here in gold. 

Take a closer look:

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Taking Questions - How Much Is Gold?

How much would a gold coin be worth in real life?

Well, to celebrate the revival of Taking Questions, we’re starting off with more Maths!

For the weights of the coins, apparently they are 5.670 grams for a quarter, 2.268 grams for a dime, 5.000 grams for a nickel, and 2.500 grams for a penny. 

Now, lets take the heaviest coin, at 5.67 grams.

And, assuming that a gold coin is 100% 24 karat gold, pure gold in every way…

We can create an estimate for the maximum price of a gold coin in D&D.

So, using the current prices for 24 karat gold, and the weight of the coin, we get a answer of:

$209.57 per Gold Piece

And you can use the current conversion rates to convert this into any other currency.

So, their we have it!

So thank you for your questions! And thanks for reading!

And if you have a question you would like answered, submit a question through our “Ask Us Anything” Page.

And you could see your question next time!

And they call female sailors 'bad luck.'

Drunk Female Captain: I stand on the table in the bar [full of drunk sailors] and yell out “If you seadogs can gather enough gold, I’ll take my shirt off!”

DM: “You take 3 nonlethal damage from being pelted by money. It’s a lot of gold.”

Captain: “Haha! That’s what I’m talking about!”
First Mate: “Sir, perhaps you should put your shirt back on now?”
Captain: “Nah, the men paid for this, I’ll let them enjoy themselves a bit longer. Besides. If you think I’m ever gonna get that shirt back, you don’t understand horny sailors.”
Bartender: “Yeah, a sailor ran off with it a while ago.”
Captain: “See? Now, who here wants to buy me a drink!”
DM: Three people raise their hands instantly.
First mate: “You’re milking this.”
Captain: “You can bet your ass I am.”

So… I’ve been hooked on the song Ai no Scenario. Gotta love HoneyWorks. Anyways, I really liked this one picture in the song so I drew Gold in the same pose, plus I thought the song was kinda fitting. I hope it turned out well, or at least resembles the original.