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I was feeling a bit down so I drew some mice

As superior as I think Ultimate is in terms of the Hellsing universe, this scene from the original anime will always make me laugh.

Alucard: “It really suits you, Police Girl.”

Seras: “Do you really think so? I don’t know if I would look good carrying that! I mean the length is a serious issue but even that’s beside the point. Isn’t depleted uranium illegal? And anyway, I’m a strong girl but I’m not that strong.”

Walter: “Your next mission should be very interesting, Miss Victoria.”

Seras: *smiles awkwardly*

anonymous asked:

Love your Devi fanart but isn't she a redhead?

Yup, I believe that in descriptions her hair tone is a lighter shade of orange-red. I’ve always imagined her a bit ginger as well, but when I was drawing her I was like “man, she looks like a close relative of Kvothe” so I tried a gold blond and it suited her character far better. At least in my drawings.  Also I thought that it would be cool if all my kkc characters followed a different colour pattern… red and green for Kvothe, blue and gold for Devi, etc. 

On a side note there are a lot of misconceptions between how fans imagine Pat’s characters and the actual descriptions. I was chatting with @kote-the-inn-keeper about Bast, who is (surprise!) dark-skinned, and Denna, who is light-skinned but I’ve always always ALWAYS imagined her as a somewhat Disney’s Esmeralda. Curious huh? It’s like the descriptions sometimes don’t match their characters. 


when will this au die