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If A Guy...

ever complains about anything regarding you. Ask him how he plans to rectify it. Watch that dumbfounded look on his face appear. Always spin that shit back at him.

He Says: “I hate that glittery bag of yours. It gets glitter all over the place.”
You Say: “Well, how do you plan on rectifying it? Because I am rather fond of this bag.”
He Says: “Well….I don’t know.”
You Say: “Well, you can either buy me a new bag or quit complaining about something you are not willing to change yourself. Otherwise, it clearly doesn’t bother you enough.”

He Says: “You are a bit stubbly on the underarms and legs, sweetheart.”
You Say: “Well, how do you plan on rectifying it? Because I shave every single day. If my work isn’t to your liking, you can pay for me to get waxed or have lazer hair removal.”

He Says: “I think we’re just too far apart.”
You Say: “Well, if there’s distance between us, how are you going to rectify that? You could always pay for me to move closer or you can get me a new car or you can pay for my Uber/Lyft/flight tickets so I can visit you more.”

He Says: “You are getting a little chubby there, babe.”
You Say: “Well, how do you plan on rectifying it? Because I do work out and I try to be mindful of what I eat. You could always get me a personal trainer or hire a nutritionist for me. That way I can get the results we both want.”

Boys are always willing to complain but never want to do anything about it, a man will fix (and pay) for what he doesn’t like. 

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Hey a while ago I sent an ask wondering if you were still doing the shippy drawings and I asked for gold and silver and I didn't realized until now that gold is canonically bi with a preference to girls so I'm sorry if that ask made you uncomfortable you don't have to draw it at all!

(already talked privately with you so we cool on this, no problem at all!XD)

There ya go! Both these future kids need some happiness <:’

I wonder where (or when) they ended up after what happened in the last Silver arc…



I have this one trick/POT who I named K (I mentioned him before). He is always sending me ugly ass selfies of himself and I give fake compliments, telling him how nice he looks. Being in this sugaring world, you have to know how to be a great actress and fake attraction with these men. You have to make them feel young and special. K is the complete opposite of what I’m genuinely attracted to: he’s fat, white (I only find very few white men attractive), short, his looks are below average, and his dick is small. I can tell he has low confidence, which I can use to my advantage as well. Only reason why I’m even dealing with him:

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Prompt: Phichit beta reading Yuuri's self insert fanfic of himself and Victor, and Victor finds out (credit everyone in Discord!).

S/O TO EVERYONE IN DISCORD @history-rover @forovnix @omgkatsudonplease @exile-wrath @dystopiansushi @emerald-imperial


“Victor, can I tell you a secret?” Yuuri asks with vodka seeping from every breath he exhales, with his hand slipping up Victor’s shirt at a varying pace, first slow, then fast, then slow again, as though he can’t decide what to do.

Victor touches Yuuri’s ankle with his foot, shifts closer to him until he’s about to fall off of the barstool. Phichit and Christophe are sitting nearby, but ever since Yuuri had one shot too many, he’d been locked in his own little world with Victor. “You can tell me anything.”

Then, he’s struggling to get his phone out of his pocket. Victor reaches a hand to help him, and as soon as their skin touches Yuuri grips his hand, lacing their fingers while holding the phone with his left hand. He places it on the bar, then opens the internet. “I’ve gotta show you… I never showed you. I don’t think I ever showed you.”

He leans closer, nuzzles his neck. “Showed me what?”

“This,” he says, and then taps on something. “I used to…” A blush flushes across his cheeks and Victor kisses him. He tastes of alcohol and something sweet, something he can’t quite name. “You know how I liked you?” Their joint hands move to Victor’s thigh and rest there. “Before I met you?”

He’s aware that Yuuri was a fan, and he nods.

“I used to write,” Yuuri is saying, and pushing the phone towards him. “Do you see this one? Five thousand kudos, Vitya. Five thousand. And it’s… I loved you then, and I love you now. I loved you so much and I wrote about you but now I don’t have to ‘cause I have you.”

Victor blinks, stares at the phone screen.

From Russia With Love by vicchanfan202

Rating: Explicit

Relationship: Victor Nikiforov/Reader

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe – Coffee Shop, Self-Insert, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff, Smut, Hardcore Smut but there’s plot I promise, (My first fic!!! be nice plz), Misuse of whipped cream, Explicit Sex, kitchen sex, strawberries in all the wrong places, sex in a lot of places lol, Food Kink, Praise Kink, BDSM (Probably), Gold Kink, Sugar Daddy, Temperature Play, Male Original Characters, Female Original Characters, Daddy Kink

Language: English

Words: 217891 Chapters: 12/12 Kudos: 5027

Victor Nikiforov is on top of the world–he possesses beauty, medals, fame. Everything but love. When he bumps into a young man at a coffee shop, everything changes.


“Do you like it?” Yuuri asks, and his thigh presses more firmly against Victor’s as he shifts closer.

Victor swallows thickly. “Yuuri, I…”

“I used to write them in Japanese, but Phichit beta’d this one for me,” he explains, then hiccups, then yawns. He wraps his free arm around Victor’s shoulders and leans on him, burying his head in his chest.

“You have a daddy kink? And a praise kink? And a… What does strawberries in all the wrong places mean?”

Yuuri moves a hand to his ass.

Victor clears his throat. “Tomorrow, when you’re sober, we’re going to have a talk about why you haven’t told me these things.”

He giggles. “My legs are asleep. So’s my face.”

He chuckles and cups Yuuri’s cheek, using his free hand to open up the fanfiction on his phone. He copies the link, texts it to himself. “Your face is asleep?”

Yuuri nods, yawns. “Let me tell you about the story, okay? It’s a…” His brows furrow in concentration, as though he can’t remember what he was going to say. “There’s smut, right, but–”


“Sex, like a lot of it. I think there’s, like, nine sex scenes in the second chapter. The relationship develops quickly. But the plot,” he says, and pokes Victor’s chest. “It’s all about the plot.”

“Nine sex scenes in one chapter?”

Yuuri hums. “Not all sex, but like sex, you know?”

“I don’t know. I really, really don’t know.”

“I’ll explain, no worries. Phichit, do you remember From Russia With Love?” He turns to his friend.

Phichit’s eyes widen with recognition, his pupils dart back and forth between Victor and Yuuri. “You told Victor about your smutty self-insert fanfiction that hit five thousand kudos?”

“Remember the strawberry scene?” Yuuri prompts.

Phichit pales. “I’ll never forget the strawberry scene.”

“We’re going home, and I’m finding that strawberry scene,” Victor states, taking Yuuri’s hand and leading him towards the door.

“There’s another part with chocolate syrup–that’s where the temperature play comes in.”


~ The following morning

“What happened last night?” Yuuri asks, stepping into the kitchen and seeing a pack of freshly-bought strawberries sitting on the kitchen counter.


More pearls for the Pearlsona Challenge. We’re getting there…


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