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Throne of Glass Locations –> Varese, Wendlyn [1/?]

Gods, It was boiling in this useless excuse for a kingdom.


It’s Tuesday!  Day two of Star Wars week, and this offering is a Jedi Holocron pendant. 

I’ve been playing a lot of The Force Unleashed, got it in the Star Wars humble bundle a few months back, and I actually got to see The Force Unleashed 2 at E3 in 2010 when I attended, which was pretty awesome.  Holocrons play a big role in the game, and I’ve been enjoying ferreting them all out.  Sadly, in the game they’re basically glowing cubes of light, and are hard to make out, so I turned to the animated TV show for inspiration.

There are 4 different versions here, both closed and opened, as well as hollow and enameled.  Inside of the blue enameled options, I used golden pearls, to offset the color, in the hollow ones, Akoya black pearls, to offset the solid gold construction.

honestly what do you get my telling someone to kill themselves? OH MY GOD YOU RUINED SO MANY LIVES, YOU RUINED A GIRL OR BOYS WHOLE FAMILY BY TELLING THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES. wow yup you totally are so cool for that! good job!! you can go home and tell your parents what you accomplished in life. you fucking murdered someone. aren’t you so proud? would you like a gold star? what about a sticker? OH WAIT HOW ABOUT A FUCKING RIBBION!
great job you ruined lives.
why don’t you go home and think about what would happen if your mom or dad or sister or brother killed themselves because some asshole like you messaged ON ANONYMOUS and told them to end their life. you would be devastated.
I hope you close your eyes and think about me hanging myself while swinging back and forth AND MY FINAL BREATHES AND MY FINAL THOUGJTS WILL BE OF YOU. ANON. SO CONGRATS YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED. how about you sit down and think about WHERE YOURE GOING IN YOUR LIFE INSTEAD OF WONDERING WHAT THE FUCK IM DOING WITH MINE OKAY COOL. THANKS.

anonymous asked:

Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

Si 🌟🌟




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