gold stars

So my cat Lydia likes paper right. If I open my mail on my bed, she’s right there, walking on it, listening to it crinkle under her toes, and then laying right down. Even if I leave paper on the floor, on carpet or tile or hardwood, she’s there, curling up, standing on it, happy as can be.

And like many of my fellow fanfiction addicts, I don’t read a lot of print books, but I recently borrowed a novel that sounded a m a z i n g and I wanted to get it back to my coworker on Monday. It was going pretty well Saturday afternoon until

Every time I put this book down, whether open or closed or page up or down, she was there. Happy as can be. And so freaking cute that I didn’t want to move her, which meant I was not going to finish it.

So finally, in protest and so I could actually finish this book, I gave her another one

I finished my book (White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi, highly recommend) but I left the decoy out.

She’s been sleeping on it every night. It’s been a week.

remember when Leia dressed in a dead man’s clothes, dragged one of her best friends into Jabba’s palace in chains, activated a detonator she was holding and kept holding it while staring down Jabba’s thugs and all the guns pointed at her, sold her friend to Jabba, rescued her boyfriend–who she knew was blind–and dramatically whipped off her disguise to give a clever one-liner and make out with him.

like it was a terrible plan in the first place, but you can never be more Iconic than that


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To young lesbians

You don’t have to “verify” or “test” your lesbianism by being with a man “just in case”. In that young lesbian self-doubt stage that some of us have, you don’t need to double-check yourself by “trying out” being with a man. 

Too many times have I heard older lesbians lament the fact that they slept with men as a form of self-hate and self-harm, or to try to convert themselves to be straight. My heart breaks for them

Too many times have men said to me “just try it” or “but how do you know you’re a lesbian if you’ve never been with a man?” or “there’s no harm in experimenting!”

Don’t worry, young lesbians, you never have to be with a man. There are lesbians who have lived their whole lives without being with a man. You know you’re a lesbian by the fact that you’re solely attracted to women. That’s it.