gold star for trying

Just a quick health catchup- I’m doing much better now, but do keep having dizzy spells and generally odd brain hijinks. Still waiting on the date for seeing a specialist but the friendly folks of the NHS are on the case and I am doing what I can to keep TPatJ and TPoH moving. I might have trouble updating next week as I’m visiting my sister but hopefully I will make some actual drawings for you guys eventually rather than just reblogging 24/7 :’D


friendly reminder that bones exists and is actually the glue that holds the crew together  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Power of Mabel Week Day 1: I Trust You

(or, in this case, I Didn’t Trust You)

okay so I’m kinda gonna ramble here so let’s just dive right in- for the first day of the Power of Mabel week the theme is trust, and I decided to go with Mabel’s lack of trust she put in her brother during NWHS. but instead of making it an angst fest, I decided that Dipper would be okay with the fact that Mabel chose to trust Stan’s word over his, because her choice led to the Pines family being reunited with Ford!! what really needed to happen tho was a heart-to-heart sibling talk about this, because I feel that Dipper would be a little upset that Mabel chose to trust Stan over her brother, but in the end since everything worked out for the better Dipper would be happy that Mabel didn’t listen to him!

anonymous asked:

Would you ever date a guy?

honestly who knows. i’m at the point in my life where labeling myself is exhausting. trying to keep up with being a “gold star” lesbian and fitting into the box that gay culture puts lesbians into is exhausting. the judgement is exhausting. i love girls don’t get me wrong. and when i see myself getting married it’s to a woman. but i’m done labeling myself.


handsome youngjae in skyway mv



lapis redesign… ive been meaning to do this for a while but i didnt have the motivation

left is her mirror design (skin and hair are lighter/more muted) and her healed form (more saturated skin, darker hair, and flecks of gold freckles to look like stars)… i was trying to make her more ocean/space oriented rather than angelic. i also gave her more of a buff swimmer-body with a big chest and small hips

i know this design isnt practical to animate but a simplified version wouldve been better than a skinny n saturated hell gem



I’m a scoundrel, who wishes for your power for my own selfish reasons.