gold star for trying


handsome youngjae in skyway mv


Just a quick health catchup- I’m doing much better now, but do keep having dizzy spells and generally odd brain hijinks. Still waiting on the date for seeing a specialist but the friendly folks of the NHS are on the case and I am doing what I can to keep TPatJ and TPoH moving. I might have trouble updating next week as I’m visiting my sister but hopefully I will make some actual drawings for you guys eventually rather than just reblogging 24/7 :’D

its been my new years resolution just to be nicer i was like 

hey, this fuckin “BITING WIT” thing in response to ppl might be fun sometimes but sometimes its just straight up mean and i dont want to push ppl away

i have been gold star at avoiding drama these past few months and just trying my best to be nice and to ignore ppl who aren’t nice and im feelin pretty dang good 👍 i fullheartedly recommend being just a nice and enjoyable, positive person when ya can

I like how while most of the other villain teams are trying to start the next pokemon genocide or something we have team skull like:

“yo, we’re here to cause you minor inconveniences and be general delinquents…. give us your pokemon… *flurry of gang signs*”

They’re trying so hard, someone give them a gold star


lapis redesign… ive been meaning to do this for a while but i didnt have the motivation

left is her mirror design (skin and hair are lighter/more muted) and her healed form (more saturated skin, darker hair, and flecks of gold freckles to look like stars)… i was trying to make her more ocean/space oriented rather than angelic. i also gave her more of a buff swimmer-body with a big chest and small hips

i know this design isnt practical to animate but a simplified version wouldve been better than a skinny n saturated hell gem



I’m a scoundrel, who wishes for your power for my own selfish reasons.

( @littlest-rabbit )

the mini-feast scattered across the table wasn’t the best thing he’d ever seen in his life, especially when half of it was his own cooking and the other was takeout that had arrived only two minutes ago, but it was as good as it was going to get. isabella deserved better, it was her birthday, but he knew her well enough ( or at least he hoped he knew her well enough ) to know that she wouldn’t mind all that much.

when he heard footsteps from outside, he quickly turned the light off, grabbed the party horn he’d fished from an unopened packet in his belongings, and ducked behind the table. he waited for the door to open before springing up and blowing the horn.


Yellow Orbs are magical yellow stones created through a secret alchemical process. When the player dies, they are given the option of using a Yellow Orb to be brought back to life in the previous room. They can be purchased indefinitely from a Divinity Statue, and there are some hidden throughout the missions which can only be obtained once in Devil May Cry 3, but reappear during each playthrough in Devil May Cry. In Devil May Cry, Yellow Orbs also replace previously obtained Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments throughout the missions.


1) I really hope you’re just trying to troll right now and aren’t serious because I wouldn’t have sex with any one who actually put value in that “gold star” lesbian bull shit or some one who clearly is trying to say they are better than me because I’m queer/pansexual like am I supposed to be grateful that you would smash? Like your cootchie is prime just because you’re a gold star? Please exit my blog. 😑

2) I am wearing Coloured Raine and the color is Soul 😊💕

3) There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you’re describing!! Lots of submissive people just enjoy being treated like a prince or princess and are not into pain or humiliation. In fact I absolutely hate humiliation and being insulted or embarrassed, that’s a personal preference of mine. However I do LOVE pain 😍

There is no cookie cutter way to enjoy a dom/sub relationship. Each relationship is its own and some people like pain and humiliation, while others don’t. You just need to find the right person who suits your needs and comfort level. You’re not any less of a sub if you don’t like something extreme or super painful.

The surrendering of control, in my opinion, the most attractive aspect of dom/sub relationships. It’s very intimate and I don’t consider that at all vanilla. 💕