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Laura Dahlmeier of Germany won Women’s Biathlon Pursuit World Title after sprint silver medal. 

Laura achieves her 3rd medal (2 gold) in this World Championship and 8 streight world champ medal. Clean Sheet for comeback former Olympic/World champ Darya Domracheva that takes silver medal. Gabriela Koukalova anchieves a Bronze Medal after Sprint Gold Medal.

Best career result for Russian Irina Starykh (4th place), 5th Justine Braisaz, 6th Marie Dorin Habert

Artists that won medals in ISAC 2016


  • White: DIA, OH MY GIRL, April, Seventee, Monsta X, UP10TION
  • Orange: Mamamoo, Sonamoo, 9Muses, GFriend, Girl’s Day, EXID, Minx, Dal Shabet
  • Red: Red Velvet, AOA, Lovelyz, B.A.P, EXO, N.Flying
  • Blue: Twice, Melody Day, BESTie, GOT7, BTS
  • Green: CLC, BTOB, APink, BEAST, 4Minute, Jihoon
  • Dark Blue: VIXX, MyName, A-JAX, Madtown, 100%, Yoo Seung Woo
  • Secret Weapon: Mighty Mouth, Untouchable, Hello Venus, Boys Republic

60 meter sprint (Female)

  • Gold: Yuju - GFriend
  • Silver: Uji - BESTie
  • Bronze: Binnie - OH MY GIRL

60 meter sprint (Male)

  • Gold: Minhyuk - BTOB
  • Silver: Woosung - Snuper
  • Bronze: Jooheon - Monsta X

Archery (Female)

  • Gold: EXID
  • Silver: Red Velvet

Archery (Coed)

  • Gold: BTOB and CLC
  • Silver: VIXX and AOA

Wrestling (Female)

  • Gold: EXID
  • Silver: TWICE

Wrestling (Male)

  • Gold: VIXX
  • Silver: BTS

400 meter relay (Female)

  • Gold: APink
  • Silver: EXID
  • Bronze: GFriend

400 meter relay (Male)

  • Gold: BTS
  • Silver: B.A.P
  • Bronze: VIXX

I competed in some Gold Sprint races tonight at the opening night of Rowerowa Szkola (translated from Polish it means “Bike School”) at Ben’s Cycle. Gold Sprints are basically races on stationary bikes. Riders race for a certain “distance” on the rollers and whomever is the fastest wins (duh). I handily won my first race coming in at a time of 16.6X seconds which was fast enough to place me as the second slowest racer.

The second race I started with the same pace, but one of the guys on the sidelines was telling me, “Go faster. Go faster. Dude, you got this. Go faster,” in my ear. Apparently I came back from the dead only to lose the second race by .02 seconds, but improving my time to fifth place overall.

I think I could do something awesome with the right amount of time and the right kind of coaching, but…meh.

Also, neither of the people in this photo are me.

Today’s opening ceremonies kick off the Olympics, and we’ve got some predictions for who might win…well, if the games had been held a couple hundred million years ago.

Olympic Gold Medal, 100m Sprint: Velociraptor

When it comes to sprinting, competitors may want to clear the track for this dinosaur. Velociraptor was a fierce predator, and chased its prey on two legs. This behavior is bird-like: most birds spend more time walking than flying, and only a few catch prey on the wing.

Meet more impressive specimens in the exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us, now open!


OSLO 2016: Sprint Men: Clean-shooting Martin Fourcade of France won his seventh World Championships title today, taking the men’s sprint Gold medal in 25:35.4. The Silver medal went to the ageless Ole Einar Bjørndalen of Norway, also shooting clean, 26.9 seconds back. Ukraine’s Sergey Semenov, shooting clean surprised with the Bronze medal, 27.6 seconds back.