gold speedo

Can you imagine the kids from Spring Awakening doing Rocky Horror? Because I think about it quite often actually. 

-For starters, Melitta is 100% the director and she got the idea one night when she and Otto accidentally stumbled upon a showing of it, and she just knew that she wanted a go at it.

-Of course fucking Melchior wanted to be Frank N Furter, as he believes himself to be the most sexual, but Hanschen blew away Melitta in auditions and already had his own pair of heels. You already know that Hanschen’s confidence and flair is so fitting for Frank N Furter

-That leaves Melchior begrudgingly playing Brad which can mean there’s only one person who can play Janet: Wendla. And Wendla is in love with the entire musical and super excited to play Janet. You know she’s definitely a Janet–is ignorant and naive but a lot more defensive and feisty than everyone thinks.

-Moritz (especially after DWSA) plays a natural Eddie; he is all about some hot patootie and rock and roll. He doesn’t really like the idea of rehearsing at first, but once everyone knows their lines and there’s nothing to do but have fun with it, he goes so hard. His favorite part is when Hanschen has to kill him, they have so much fun with it.

-Georg, Otto, and Ernst all wanted a minor role, maybe an extra or playing Riff Raff because they were all a little on the shyer side when it came to some of the costumes, so Melitta tried the Riff raff bald cap/wig thing on all of them. All Georg had to do was bend over a little and take off the glasses and he was a dead ringer, leaving the other two boys to await their fate.

-The Role of Rocky Horror still open, Hanschen and Georg rangle Otto and Ernst into shiny gold speedos. As the two most innocent of the guys, no one expects either of them to looks so good or confident as Rocky. Otto looks really nervous but jokingly kisses his biceps and all the girls love it. Ernst, meanwhile, looks straight at Hanschen and signs, You like me like this, don’t you. Everyone is sold and Ernst and Otto take turns being Rocky, both adding their own creative twist on the character.

-That leaves Anna to be Dr. Scott. Anna has no problem taking on the role, but does make Melitta let her mouth/sign the Science Fiction/Double Feature song in the beginning to make up for her predictably playing the guy in the wheelchair.

-OKAY BUT ILSE PLAYS COLUMBIA LIKE A QUEEN. Ilse is the Goddess of being Happy and Bubbly even when she doesn’t feel it so the Columbia role fits like a glove. And the glam of wearing a red wig and all sequins, Ilse revels in it. Plus, I mean, I always thought Columbia was always bitter towards Janet and despite the fact I ship some Ilse x Wendla, I bet Ilse would be somewhat bitter because Wendla was mostly pretty privileged. Anyway, that’s off-subject. No one else can even try for Columbia, they just can’t do it.

-Thea and Martha both try for Magenta, but ultimately Thea feels somewhat uncomfortable with the role. Magenta is melodramatic and somewhat smug-looking and Thea feels it’s too ridiculous. Martha handles it well, especially when put next to Georg. Plus Martha’s hair easily is teased into Magenta’s signature curls.

-Thea settles for Criminologist. It fits her unsurprisingly well.

When you’re drowning in your own breath, when your words become noiseless bubbles, and when the salt on your face becomes seawater instead of tears you’ve found your mermaid soul. Follow us into the shallow cold places and the quiet deep ones and maybe you’ll find that a heart made of hard things helps you dive deeper and a mind without color creates beautiful substance.

Song is Piano aquieu by Stars of the lid

Video by Wagner Magalhaes

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Grimsley is the name of my car and I spent at least 4 hours today getting him fixed up. He’s grouchy, grumpy, makes a lot of noise but he gets me to where I need to go. So today’s warm up is a design of what I imagine his personality would be - a crotchety old man with a good heart. The kind of man that buys beer on the weekends, looks after the neighborhood kids and takes his wife out on vacations but on said vacation he wears speedos and gold chains (he used to be a show car, so…gotta relive those glory days). His hat has the bib I put on the front hood. The one people say looks like captain america coming down the road


10:00 AM Bloody Mary breakfast
10:30 AM Watch Poolboy Morty attempt to fight snake trapped in pool gutter (make sure he is wearing the gold speedo you bought him last week)
11:30 AM Begrudgingly help Morty after it stops being funny
12:30 PM Get ropa vieja with Miami Squanchy
1:45 PM Go meet buyer in Lemon City for arms deal
2:00 PM Call Poolboy Morty– the arms deal went tits up and you need some bleach, a chainsaw and about five garbage bags–the black utility kind, Morty, not the shitty bathroom can liners you brought last time
3:00 PM Go yacht shopping while Poolboy Morty disposes of the body
3:20 PM Realize you could probably make a more efficient yacht out of shit in the garage.
3:30 PM Go home to build yacht
4:15 PM Find that emergency flask you hid in a box of old jumper cables, drink heavily instead
6:00 PM Wake up– what the fuck, what time is it? Why are you in the garage? Oh right, the yacht thing. You’ll take care of that later.
6:30 PM Bingo Night! Bring Poolboy Morty with you so that bitch Nancy at the retirement community knows you’re getting hotter ass than she is
9:00 The night is young, and you’re only as old as you feel. Take Poolboy Morty out dancing in South Beach. Make sure he is still wearing that gold speedo, cause damn.
11:00 PM God, this scene, this scene right here, Morty? Super lame. Let’s go home, I, I, I need to catch up on my shows anyway.
11:45 TV in bed. You have a full DVR of The Young and the Restless to catch up on.