gold spandex

Yesterday at the cafe there was a woman standing behind me who was just stunning, her hair wrapped in a gold fabric, two sparkling pink jewels affixed to her precisely drawn face, great lips, great eyes, a wonderfully animated energy.

Nearby stood a child, about four years old, wearing gold spandex pants and a pale pink tutu. The child could not stop staring at the woman, and she finally noticed and said, “What’s your name?” The child looked at her unblinkingly and still did not say anything, though he was smiling. Then an older woman next to him spoke instead.

“This is Edwin,” she said proudly.

“Edwin, I like your tutu,” said the woman.

The older woman said, “He’s really into them right now, he’s got a bunch of them.”

The child continued to be so delighted by this gorgeous woman’s appearance, he smiled and circled her. “Edwin, high five!” said the woman and they smacked their hands together.

After they left I said, “You’ve got a big fan there.” And the woman said, “No, I’m a big fan of HIM.”

And I felt as if I was witnessing the forming of a memory. Not my own, but all of theirs.

So I’ve been cosplaying about twelve years now, and I like to think I’ve gotten pretty decent at it, AND YET. Last year I made my first real superhero costume (Jean Grey’s green-and-gold Phoenix outfit) - spandex bodysuit, zipper up the back. In doing test-fits, the zipper got jammed at one point because it was my first time sewing in an invisible zipper. Okay, fine, took it out and put a brand new one in. Everything looks great, yay!

Fast forward to Anime Boston, where I wore it at a con for the first time for the Marvel photoshoot. As the group is trying to find a place to fit all of us, someone says ‘Hey, your zipper’s coming apart’. I reach around, and yes, the coil has popped open at the top of my back. Of course, reaching around makes it split even further.

Thankfully one kind soul had a couple of safety pins in her purse, so we got it back together enough and I spent the whole shoot trying to make sure none of the angles showed the back and the gaping zipper. Then I got home and investigated heavy-duty invisible zippers.

—  Submission Sunday:
Have you ever had your costume break during a convention?

Submitted by:  momijizukamori