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2014 Grammys: Five Things You Didn't See on Tv

There was so much to see during last night’s telecast of the Grammys. But as much as the cameras showed, there was a lot going on that the cameras weren’t able to catch.

Here, we give five things that you didn’t see on TV:

1. Most Popular: We may not have seen Taylor Swift with a gold sippy cup on stage last night, but the Red singer proved to be everybody’s friend. She ran over to Lorde during a commercial break eight after she picked up her first Grammy to give her a big hug. Ed Sheeran gave T.Swift a kiss on the cheek and high-five when he took his seat behind her.American Idol judge Keith Urban also chatted with Swift.


literal grammys summary 

  • beyonnce and jayz slaying
  • macklemore winning something he shouldnt have
  • lorde u ok
  • pharrell williams hat
  • why is robin thicke still relevant
  • taylor swift dancing
  • macklemore winning something he shouldnt have
  • country music still being a thing in 2014?
  • old men from old bands that r awesome
  • kendrick lamar/imagine dragons out of body experience i cant feel my face
  • taylor swift dancing
  • gold sippy cup