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When the Halloween event started, I got so happy to see the 2015 itens back that I decided to draw a guardienne for free. This beauty here was the chosen one, and I took the oportunity to risk on a attempt of composition. I guess it worked?



Zerzura (trailer)

“Zerzura” is a feature length film shot in the Sahara desert. Mixing folktales and documentary, the film follows a young man from in Niger who leaves home in search of an enchanted oasis. His journey leads him into a surreal vision of the Sahara, crossing paths with djinn, bandits, gold seekers, and migrants. A folktale transposed onto an acid western, the film is a collaborative fiction, written and developed with a Tuareg cast, and shot in and around Agadez, Niger.

Over the past decades, Agadez has reestablished itself as a hub of movement across the desert. Migrants throughout the continent stop here on their perilous trek North, bound for mythic cities in Europe. Tales of gold in the desert abound, and men sell their houses for gold detectors. Young Tuareg leave home to seek their fortune in the fractured Libyan state. As people leave, stories return, becoming folklore, apocryphal and wildly exaggerated versions of truth.

In the style of “ethnofiction” proposed by Jean Rouch, “Zerzura” is a window into Saharan dreams and imagination, a folktale about the universal drive to search for something that we know is likely false and unwavering faith in the face of realism. In an American-Tuareg production, a script written and developed collaboratively and largely improvised performances, the film plays with mutual exoticism to create a trans-cultural fiction. “Zerzura” asks “what we are looking for in the desert, and what do we meet in these empty places?”

this quote is from their kickstarter campaign. check it out here. 

Once more, a trio of newcomers join our ranks...

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They’re a motley lot, Sell Swords, Soldiers of Fortune, War Dogs, Call them what you will, they’re mercenaries, and they’re here to make a profit. Unlike many in the adventuring trade, their sole motivation is to use their skills for the sake of gold alone.

The Mercenary is far ranging archetype, discoverable in many settings, and is a classic motivation and role for adventures of all stripes. We welcome (who is not quite ready yet, but will be)

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But there are those who have higher aspirations than mere gold. The Seeker is one not content to limit themselves to the material plane, but to quest ever higher, their mind and soul reaching out to the higher mysteries. 

The power that comes into tapping into those mysteries makes the Seeker a potent force. Please welcome @weareseeker.

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And last but not least, taking up the mantle for one of our retired members, a new demon hunter has stepped up to the fore, taking a breaking from bloodletting the forces of evil to show the Collective how it’s done. Welcome @wearedemonhunter.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but I’m rust on making intros. Still, I hope take the time to support our newest members.

The fact the people are more worried about jinki than the girl herself is kinda fucked up. No one knows the truth, but calling the girl a whore, attention seeker, and gold digger will help none. And it helps rape culture by doing that. By no means I think he raped her but saying that shit above is not cool.

And after reading that the police will continue the case ( read the new info on @fytaem), people should just be quiet until the give the full report.

I hope jinki and the girl are alright.

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Yo could I possibly get Straw Hats as dragons hcs? Like what would they look like? Would they be eastern or western dragons r something else? Would they be wisdom seekers or gold hoarders? Would they train humans or eat them or stay contentedly away from them? What would they do? What patterns would their scales have? Would they have hair? Breathe fire? Just...DRAGONS

Dragons are love and life

Luffy: would be a dark red, air or fire dragon probably, he would not be all that huge, he’d look A LOT like Toothless from HTTYD just red :DDD also he would be like not slim, but have a laaaaaarge belly!

Zoro: an actual huge green/silver dragon, Zoro as a dragon would look a bunch like Haku from Spirited away in his dragon form, he would also have suuuuper sharp teeth representing blades *-*

Nami: her dragon would be capable of controlling water, I think that fits her quite well! Her dragon is more looking like a small monster, yet pretty cute and colored in different shades of orange!

Usopp: a really gorgeous yellowish/brownish earth dragon probably haha, that can control earth and plants, think of the earthbenders in avatar + plant control, he looks kinda like a Chameleon

Sanji: hoooo another beautiful blue dragon, he has a sort of snakeish form as well, he kan spit fire but also control water and ice, the curly eyebrows are still present as curly shaped sheds

Chopper: A mammalian like Dragon, with brownish fur/skin, Chopper as a dragon is a lot like he is on his rumble balls, like he is usually sweet but he sure can turn into a dangerous and huge biest

Robin: another snakelike purple dragon, Robin as a dragon is HUGE and she’s OLD, she’s a very peaceful dragon, and she’s probably a wind dragon that lives hiiiigh up in the clouds

Franky: a tech dragon ha! He’s right now more blueish metal than flesh but still hella cool, who would not love a dragon cyborg? Besides flying and stuff he can also shoot laser beams out of his eyes

Brook: He used to be a grey dragon like Robin, really, really old too, living in the mountains, he’s still alive but all of his flesh vanished in his skeleton

Jinbe: a sea monster dragon, lives deeeeeeeep in the ocean, Jinbe as a dragon is HUUUUGE as well and dark blue haha <3

Carrot: a mammalian white dragon like Chopper, Carrot sure is the smallest dragon of the bunch and very cute, tho she can turn into a deadly beast as well if provoked enough

@hpquidditchnet creation event

Pour femme
Ginny Weasley was playing the most important game of her life. The Harpies, her Harpies, had made it all the way to the end, and she felt the pressure to win. She’d made 110 points this game, the others hadn’t done quite so good, as their total score was 145, Puddlemere United at 120. She was exhausted, and had been hit by 3 bludgers, she could feel her umph leaving her. She watched the game from above and let her thoughts wander for a second, catching her breath. Harry had gotten the job as an auror immediately, so she hadn’t seen him in months. She shook her head and urged her broom down into the thick of the action. She chuckled and caught the quaffle in mid throw from the Puds, throwing with all of her strength, it flew past the keeper with ease. She smiled but still felt weary, she urged the seeker to hurry, and end the game. She heard a familiar yell of “Hey Weasley! Not backing out there, are ya?” She jerked around and there was Harry grinning up at her. She smiled and swooped down next to the seeker, spotting gold and pointing, the seeker took off, and just to ensure their lead, Ginny scored time and after time. She scored 75 points in a minute and thirty seconds, the most ever by a chaser in quidditch history. Then, finally, the game was ended. The Harpies had won 380 to 130, and Ginny flew straight to Harry and grinning wildly, she pulled him up onto her broom and they flew a celebration lap. After circling for a while, Ginny finally let Harry off the broom, and ran after her team. Proudly speeding to see the girls she’d call sisters.

Inktober Day 26 “Squeak”
“STOP YOU LITTLE SKUNK!- shouted the older sister-No scum like you will place their dirty feet on our ship!- as she trembled in fear from her enemy that even their mother’s furniture started shaking.  Who would have thought that an innocent play of pirates and gold seekers will unexpectedly turn into a blood freezing battle for life and death? A terrifying creature stood in place looking at the sisters with it’s big eyes and sniffed the air with a nose. Older sister desperately swung her wooden sword left and right sending all the tea pot set flying as younger one waved her toy gun powder gun above her head. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. Inevitable defeat was quickly approaching their minds…as there was no way of winning against the vicious demon with bread crumbles on it’s cheeks.”

Entry #20: Hiding

FFXIV 30 Day Writing Challenge 2017

Prompt #20: Blending In

Felih is terrible at blending in, at least in Ishgard, and it’s all for the sole reason that he’s a Miqo’te in a city of only Hyur and Elezen.

Miqo’te don’t dare to live in Ishgard or Coerthas, the cold wintry state of the region having driven out any MIqo’te that may have lived there in the wake of the calamity. So when Felih and his party have to seek refuge in the city, they all stick out like sore thumbs, except for Brigid, who is Elezen.

Felih has dark skin and bright red and gold hair, vividly yellow-gold eyes with Sun Seeker slit-pupils and the unique Miqo’te face markings. He’s got a tail and feline ears, and all of these things make it nearly impossible for him to blend into Ishgard. He looks like someone who belongs on the sunny shores of La Noscea- not in the white wintry abyss of Coerthas, or the cold stony grey monotony of Ishgard.

He stands out, and not in a good way. Felih loves attention, but only positive attention. He does not appreciate this, and he realizes he has to find a way to at least attempt blending in.

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