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Ok y'all, I have some wings of fire headcanons for you! -Glorybringer have a son named cometchaser and a daughter called MoonLace ( A type of flower that grows in the forest. Comet is five and 2/3 and Moonlace is four and a half. Moonlace has a rainwing build, with black scales and streaks of every shade of pink, purple, blue and white running through them. Comet has a nightwing build, and indigo scales that can camouflage but not change colour.( I don’t know how it works either) -Quibli and moon have a pair of male twins who mainly look like nightwings with gold streaks and a barb, called stargazer and sunracer, and a daughter called Saffron, who looks like a nightwing with gold scales and streaks of black under wings. The twins are seven, and Saffron is three and a half, the youngest of the group. -If winterwatcher was canon, they would have a daughter named Aurora, who has black and indigo scales with a icewing physique. She would be eight. -Clay and peril have a daughter named Ruby, after the queen, who has a mud wing face with a pair of skywing wings, and she has a pretty small body with huge wings. She has gold and red coloured wings, with a sort of bronze brown body. She’s four years old -Turtle and Kinkajou have a son called Tropic, who is rainbow coloured, but can’t camouflage, has a skinny rainwing build with a sea wing tail, and a rain wing frill and gills. He’s also five years old. -Tsunami and Riptide have a son named Reef and a daughter called River, River is athletic and socialable, and Reef is essentially Starflight, who he calls Uncle Star and loves. Reef is six, while River is five. -The second generation all go to Jade Mountain, at the age of three, but already know each other from “family gatherings” they are all best friends, and are clawmates. Uncle Clay, Starflight, and Auntie Sunny love their precious dragonets, but they always are having to remind them “ Just because we’re family doesn’t mean you can break all the rules!” Which they do, by sneaking into each other’s dorms and messing around. -Reef and cometchaser are the Mum friends TM, and Moonlace, the twins, and River are the Rebels TM. Saffron and Ruby are the cute smols, and Ruby and Moonlace are likely lovers. Tropic just sort of tags along, his favourite line being.“ I don’t know why I like them, or they like me, but it make life interesting!” -That’s my second generation headcanons, I will update you on the dragonets of destiny and jade mountain ones asap! Peace out, HuffleFluffle

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not my favorite │ average │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

i actually have a big aesthetic weakness for big jangly old-timey keys… and this hits the button! i love the silly little face with the keyhole mouth, and all the different types of keys! even a car key? this pokemon can drive, if you can’t believe it! i also love the pink accents. i think my favorite key is the gold one.

can you believe this pokemon runs the femme-butch scale? the gold key is femme, the car key is butch! incredible, she’s so multi-dimensional! i wish she would float along next to me, keys jangling in the wind…

The Signs as Mermaids

Aries:Born in an underwater volcano, their scales are made of freshly formed stone, their heated bodies glowing a brilliant red and orange. The fastest swimmers, and some say the oldest lineage of mer. They have no natural enemy, as nothing can bare the heat of its touch. When too many gather in one place, the water may boil and kill any living creature too close.
Taurus:Guardians of the strait, their bodies decorated with tribal tattoos and scars. Some bare spears and brilliant gold armor, others wielding nets and dawning decorative gems and shells. The strongest of the mer, no man has ever passed their lands to learn their secrets.
Gemini:When the sky over the sea turns black and the storms take ships by surprise, these mer rise. The tricksters and shapeshifters, they thrive in the chaos. They board the confused ship, throwing over and assuming the forms of shipmates. From there they slowly overthrow from the inside, until they can crash the ship itself into to sea for the mer to reap their rewards.
Cancer:The rarest and most beautiful of the mer. Hiding in springs and rivers nestled deep in the mountains, they live their lives as one with nature. They teach the birds their songs, and bring fish for the bear and deer. They help the beavers build their dams and show lost turtles the way. On the full moon they must hide, for man seeks them for their own selfish gain.
Leo:These mer are known for their hunting prowess. Living in saltwater and decorated in bright vivid greens, blues and purples, they dominate entire lagoons and coasts. When they are full from the hunt, they lay their bodies out on the rocks and bathe in the sun. By nightfall, they are glowing and can light up the murkiest parts of the water to find their prey.
Virgo:In unsuspecting ponds across the world, a fisherman may meet his brutal end at the hands of these mer. Rich brown, thin and boney, their bodies are perfect creating elaborate underground tunnels and rooms. They eat their prey, and take their treasures back to their secret lairs. Here they trade and barter with one another in one large room. Lore says this is the world’s oldest market place. Their unspoken diplomacy is unexplained.
Libra:Living by a tall sharp cliff nested full of harpies, these mer have developed a symbiotic relationship. Storms bring ships off the sea, where the harpies kill the crews leaving the ships to crash into the rocks and sinking. These mer seize this chance and collect every jewel and gold they can find. They construct elaborate jewelry, crowns, spears, and more. Once a year they gift beautiful pendants to their partners in the sky.
Scorpio:Baring a striking resemblance to a shark with long pointed fins and sharp sandpaper like skin, this mer lurks in dark lagoons and swamps. They have a reputation as ‘evil’ and were once almost hunted into extinction. Ever since they have lived solitary lives in the waters man dare not tread. In all reality, they are herbivores, and pose no threat to man or beast. Contrary, they will do anything they can to save a lost or wounded soul.
Sagittarius:Every year thousands of humans gather to watch the mass migration of mer up the rivers of South America. Their scales are a radiant Grey that reflects the rainbow in the light. The light show that they create as they jump hundreds of feet to scale waterfalls is an equal match to the aurora borialis. Once they reach their goal, they find their mates for the first time, hand in hand one week later they dive off the falls back into the sea.
Capricorn:Deep in a trench lies a civilization of the most technologically advanced mer to ever live. While man was discovering fire, they were cresting technology to leave the ocean and fly through the skies in water filled disc ships. They have no need to leave, they as a race have reached a point of enlightenment. Fitting for their gold scales and glowing white eyes. Sightings of these mer are often equated with meeting a God.
Aquarius:Sewer mer are the most unique of the species. They have no eyes, instead they navigate with echo location making clicking noises. Their skin can blend into its surroundings, so they can catch humans unsuspectingly passing by. As evolution has taken its course, they have gained an immunity to disease, poison, and a skin impenetrable by most mortal means. They will not always live in the dark and dank, the future will be theirs, and man will fall to their power. All in due time.
Pisces:The most well known mer are the oasis born. Why? Long ago, a prince found himself lost in the desert, he and his two men pulling a giant box of gold. With their mortality in front of them, an oasis appeared on the horizon as if a gift from the heavens. Perched on a rock in the very center, braiding her hair and humming to herself sat the most beautiful half woman half fish. This was the first time one of his people had seen any mer. He asked her to come back with him, pouring all his gold into the oasis and filling it with water so she could make the journey home with her guidance. She agreed. He died the first night they were wed, and so did his father both of a mysterious disease. She ruled the land with a fair but iron fist for 146 years until she once day dissappeared, some say to return to her gold filled oasis.

Lance Was Never Human Concept/AU

What if everything in Voltron was the same except for Lance. Like everything is the same, but Keith found Red first causing the others to find their Lions. Every thing is normal but…they don’t have a Blue Paladin. Of course they have Blue on the ship, but she doesn’t have a pilot. But she knows who she wants. She sends Allura and the team to a planet that seems abandoned. The planet appears to be a giant island of some sort. There is a small space of land and then the rest is all water. They wander around the planet thinking that Blue has lost her mind. They’re about to turn back when Keith notices a figure by the shore line. They are hunched over, drawing in the sand. They appear to look human. He has dark mocha skin, brown hair, and longs legs. Keith calls out to them, which ends up startling the figure. They look up and freeze in fear. They then jump in to the water with a splash. The team runs over to the water calling for them to return, that they’re friendly. With no success, the team tries to figure out another plan. Meanwhile, Blue (who followed them to the planet) slips into the water to find her desired Paladin. The team waits patiently. A while later Blue’s head breaks the waters surface, and the mysterious figure is lounging on the lion, chatting excitedly while lacing strange seashells on a string of seaweed. The team goes to greet the alien when they stop in their tracks. In place of the figure’s long legs…was a tail. The scales glistened and shined in the light. It was a deep blue color, speckles of gold scales scattered throughout. Allura was the first to recover and asked the strange alien their name. With a sharp toothed grin, he replied while finger gunned with webbed fingers, “They call me Lance…but you can call me tonight.” Long story short, Lance is the last of his kind because the Galra invaded his planet and destroyed his species while he was on a solo mission (that’s how he knows how to pilot). His situation is similar to Allura’s and Coran’s. **I may continue this AU? Short little One-shots/Headcannons/Prompts. Thought? Comments?***


Been a while since I’ve drawn myself. Doodled what I’m wearing today plus a dragon Sandi! I’m convinced that she’ll live long enough to eventually transform into a real dragon

kylux fic recs

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4








  • Bad Things by EllaBesmirched, 103k / Detective Ben Solo has never met a crime scene he can’t read like an open book. That is, until The General killings started.
  • a harmonious entity by brawlite, 17k wip / When Hux’s best friend Phasma goes missing, Hux travels to the mountains of rural Montana to investigate the mysterious cult, the First Order, that Hux believes to be behind her disappearance.
  • Empire State of Mind by TeamRedhead, 232k / With hope of a brighter future diminishing every day, Ben feels trapped. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks, and when he does, he knows he will never be able to recover on his own.
  • How Did We Get Here? (I Used to Know You So Well) by TeamRedhead, 31k wip / Kylo doesn’t dream anymore; everything he ever wanted is long gone, and he knows better than to hope. 
  • Observer Effect by ezlebe, 18k wip / Today isn’t about nanorobots, Dr. Hux. It’s about Ben Organa.
  • Base Fee by Ezlebe, 13k / Ren takes a deep breath, thumb hovering over the stark-white letters of his own damned address, and wonders how this could even be possible.
  • Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, 28k / The flurry of emotion and action and violence that was Ben Solo intrigued him to no end, and not only as the fuel for sexual escapades. Ben was everything Hux in his prudence was not.


  • Ace of Spades by betts, 62k wip / Sometimes it feels like everything’s connected. Like with strings. And if I could just see the strings, I could pull them. I could make things do what I wanted. 
  • age of consent by substanceblack, 31k wip / Cue two socially alienated teens accepting each other’s company after a series of shared mishaps, and more making out than is probably healthy. 
  • i can see through you (see to the real you) by kyluxtrashcompactor, 18k wip / Hux is the outcast new student with a troubled past. He’s brilliant but refuses to conform, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s everything Ben wants to be.




  • Getaway by hollycomb, 54k / Techie’s reactions to fresh air, sunlight and fish are mixed, and then Matt drops a bombshell that could shatter the comforts of their little world together permanently. / techienician + kylux 
SJM girl aesthetics


lacy pink bralettes, paint stained hands, messy ponytails, face flushed from the cold, chipped nail polish, tiny diamond earrings, constellations painted on the ceiling, iced tea on hot summer days, oversized sunglasses and lowcut swimsuits, the smell of freshly cut grass, a bouquet of flowers waiting for you when you get home 


gold nails and high heels, nude lips and highlighter that you can see from mars, infectious laughter, intertwined fingers, backless dresses, marble floors, crystal champagne flutes, the coolness of the pool, lying outside and cuddling under the stars, taking your heels off to dance, midnight swims


ink stained hands, lightning, eyeliner sharp enough to cut a bitch, blood red nails, the smell of fire, always being barefoot, old leather bound books, black coffee, the ash on the bottom of the pot, the moon covered by clouds, harsh laughter in silence, long unblinking stares, black silk and subtle gold jewellery, rubies, the reflection of firelight in someone’s eyes


the crackling sound of fire, hard wood floors, silk sheets, standing on the balcony in the cold night air, the hushed silence of the library, copper pots and pans, cold hands, braided crowns, the crunch of autumn leaves, late afternoon sun, fiery eyes, singing when no one’s listening, burgundy lips matched to her dress, rare but fiercely tight hugs


herbal teas, ribbons in her hair, cold feet still wet from the grass, flowers tucked behind ears, glossy lips, absentminded smiles and glazed eyes, the sweet smell of flowers, morning sun, daffodils, fleeting glimpses of coloured fish just below the surface of the river, apple orchards in the afternoon, blushing at compliments, singing songs in other languages under her breath, crying out of sympathy 


books worn at the edges from being read so many times, cozy sweaters and blankets, curled up beside the fire, mugs of hot chocolate, fiercely loyal relationships, late night phone calls, boots shiny from being polished so many times, sitting at the window during thunderstorms, witty comebacks and cheeky smiles, skinned knees and high heels, carefully painted nails with just one smudge, reading late into the night, never following the recipe when cooking, fighting for her friends, silly arguments about ridiculous things, trying to see shapes in the clouds, memorising constellations, lavender scented bath bombs


wickedly beautiful, lips matched to her nails, wandering around in lacy underwear, silk dressing gowns, shoe shopping with her best friends, always being the little spoon, quick to forgive, slow to forget, dancing in the rain, hot showers after a long day, hanging mistletoe above every doorway, perfectly put together outfits, shared smiles over inside jokes, gentle kisses, sleeping with her head in someone’s lap, absentmindedly playing with her hair, always quick to defend her friends, lying on the roof and staring at the stars


yellow gold, glossy eyelids and bold brows, brave even in the face of grave danger, sunsets over the ocean, gold crowns, jewel-toned dresses, hoop earrings, old worn maps, books scattered all over her desk, citrus scented soap, eyes that light up when she gets passionate, fiercely protective of people she loves, shiny nails, crawling into bed after a hard day, tiny tattoos, warm hugs, putting her faith completely in her friends, butterflies


silk dresses with makeshift weapons strapped to her thighs, hugs from behind, the early hours of the morning when the world is silent, tears sliding silently down her cheeks when no one is watching, beautiful flowers growing in empty wastelands, an old coin tucked away in her pocket for luck, calloused hands, whispered promises under the cover of night, epsom salts and dried lavender, childlike eyes, cunning mind, sweet smiles that turn to smirks when you look away, broken quills and spilled ink, the buzzing sounds of insects in the summer, abandoned but beautiful manor houses, strangely coloured butterflies, trees with an eerie glow, even when she is broken that look of steely determination in her eyes


wicked smiles, sleek and shiny hair, blood stained lips, the wind ripping her hair from her braid as she flies, roses with thorns, icicles shattered in the snow, silent streets, cats drawing out their claws, flickering lights, hauntingly beautiful voice, the scrape of claws against stone, an apple with one perfect bite taken out of it, eyes of pure gold, scales of a snake glinting in the light, calculated movements and snide comments, the shimmering haze of a mirage, the shriek of metal against metal 


spiced cakes, silent steps, turquoise silk that moves like water, voice as clear as glass, witty jokes, boots of softest leather, kohl rimmed eyes, ears studded with tiny earrings, thick hair tied back by leather with the shortest pieces framing her face, simple but expensive clothing marked by the gold accents, raw and honest, nicknames that only your family call you, a cool calm when she’s hunting, broken pieces of glass that catch the light, empty cups of coffee left everywhere, wrapping yourself in a warm towel after stepping out of the shower, the smell of freshly baked bread, tiled floors and roaring fires in the winter, brick chimneys, that first sip of hot soup that burns your tongue


flushed cheeks and bright eyes, sand blowing in the wind, dimples, rosy lips, yellow sundresses, cheeky comments whispered to the person beside her, infectious laughter, smooth round pebbles that are warm from the sun, the sun peeking through the clouds after it’s rained, the feeling of bare feet against a plush carpet, massage oils and herbal teas, salty ocean breeze, the hushed silence of the library, the feel of old parchment, freckles, photos and quotes pinned to a cork board, scented candles, the yellowing pages of old books, afternoon sun shining through wooden shutter blinds,  the sticky sweetness of honey

The Village Dragon

Nearly every non-magical village, town, or city has at least one resident dragon. Frankly, it is just good civic business. Come winter, the local dragon can be hired to clean out snow and ice with its fiery breath, and come times of invading knights and rowdy adventurers, the creature’s claws and teeth make short work of any enemy.

Magic attracts magic, so in a village scarce with monsters or the undead, having a dragon around can help bring in the energies that assist in keeping life in the Netherworld so comfortable. In this manner, dragons and their lairs provide anchors, drawing in and concentrating everything from storm energy to stone and earth powers.

Tourism helps boost local economies immensely, and monsters travel all across the Netherworld to meet specific dragons, trading gems and gold for discarded scales, to ask advice, and to hear historical accounts.

Now, one might wonder what the dragons could possibly get out of this arrangement. Treasure (as mentioned) and attention.

Dragon hoards serve as bank reserves for a community, giving them a standard for their economy and a base for trade with other communities. Many individuals bank with dragons directly as well, adding their personal and family wealth to the creature’s hoard with the assurance there is hardly a safer place to store money.

For all their brooding bluster and bluff, most dragons love attention.

They love being admired for their size and wisdom, they adore having their scales polished and delight in showing off their magical abilities. By setting up their homes in largely non-magical communities, they instantly become “the big show” of the region. Everyone visits often, usually with food to share.

With their incredibly long lives, dragons watch generation after generation enter the world, prosper, and then find peace. The dragon can add new chapters to stories and relive past memories as family friends.

Interacting with dragons is easy as long as you follow a few simple rules: know you cannot hurt it, and if you try, it will eat you, and it will hurt tremendously the entire time. Bring snacks to share (any will do) and offer it some piece of news about your life, local gossip, or bring a story you’ve thought up.

The Chocobros as Mermen

Mermaid AU, Slight Golden Age of Pirates AU 


  • The Little Mermaid reprise. His father is king, he falls in love with a human, there’s a tentacle sea witch out for his blood. (Except one’s name is Ardyn, the other is Ursula.)
  • Noctis is the prince of the undersea kingdom of Lucis, and has never broken the surface of the water before. 
  • He’s nice and sleek with a long tail that’s dark-blue, almost black under regular light, but when the sunlight hits it directly his scales becomes every shade of blue in existence. His gills are sharp and deep, adorning the sides of his toned waist and along the sides of his neck. His ears are slightly pointed and the fins on his forearms, lower back, and at the ends of his tail taper out like a thin sheer.  
  • Noctis doesn’t really care about humans, but he’s enamored with the sunlight. His father and Iggy tell him constantly not to get too close to the surface, or else he might be spotted, but it’s just so much warmer up there. His scales and his bare skin always feel like they’re being wrapped in a cozy hug. He always tries to get as close as he can to soak in the sunlight. 

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solohux’s May fic favourites ✿


–> Our Apartment by @foryoursakegeneral
Hux Comes home. (daddy kink, adhd kylo, domestic cuteness)

–> Nursing/Lactating by Winklepicker
♡ Hux has six-nipples, porn happens. That’s pretty much it.
(milk play, a very lovely fic if you like these kinks!)

–> Accidentally On Purpose by @onewhositswithturtles
Kylo has been harboring feelings for his uptight boss, Hux, over the last year but said nothing for fear of getting fired. Unfortunately one night Kylo’s friends get him drunk and Kylo decides Hux should see what he’s missing, and texts Hux a dick pic. The next morning when Hux tells Kylo to come to his office after work, Kylo has no idea what to expect.
(modern au, bottom hux, a great pining scenario with brilliant smut!)

–> Haunted Soldier by @vadianna
After spending two years completing his training, Kylo Ren comes home to the Finalizer.  He has planned and plotted every instant of his reunion with Hux, and a large part of that centers on Hux’s reactions to the scars he gained at Starkiller.Or: Rough sex on a big desk.Or: Overconfident Kylo Ren takes advantage of feelings.
(bottom kylo, tagged as pwp but it’s the best pwp i’ve read in a long while)

–> For His General by @cosleia
Dopheld Mitaka is a loyal officer of the First Order. Loyal to the cause and loyal to his general. And it’s up to him to save General Hux from Kylo Ren.
(jealous mitaka, pining, some goooood hux & mitaka feels with a soft domestic kylux feel!)

–> Family Secrets by @rannystuffandthings
Hux receives an invitation from his father to bring Kylo to Arkanis to “celebrate” their engagement. Things go as well as Hux assumed they would. (tw homophobia, lots of gorgeous protective kylo)

–> To Each of Us, Our Own Assigned Delusion by @vadianna
The First Order Personnel Counseling Hotline is staffed by sensitivity officers well-trained in dealing with personal issues that arise during service to the First Order, including struggles with worthiness, conflicts with other employees, and even doubts about loyalty.  If you need to talk, they’ll be available for a live conversation during any shift.A mysterious caller manages to find personal issues that they were not trained to deal with.  Specifically, because everyone in the Order is given the same basic sex ed classes at the same time.  There is incredulity and hard feelings on both sides.
(sex ed, awkward virgin kylo, kylo talks to the First Order’s Sexual Health Q&A Hotline and oh my god you’ll laugh at his one, it’ll brighten your day!)

–> Oversimulated by @saltandlimes
♡ Hux first notices exactly what that problem is when he’s a lieutenant on his first cruise. There are a limited number of people to fuck. Hux makes inappropriate use of the stormtrooper training simulations. Kylo likes to watch. (voyeurism, kylo touching himself to the sound & sight of hux having sex, so hot you’ll fucking blush!!!!)

–> Confrontation by @omega-hux
Kylo finally says something worthy of retribution. (arguing, you’ll want to wrap hux up in cotton wool after reading this the poor baby)

–> Join by TrashBinKrem
Kylo didn’t play fair, and it’s been eating Hux up. Now it all comes to a climax. (groping & kissing, a beautiful smutty scene with lots of feels)

–> Leverage by @ballvvasher
Hux, tense one evening, coms for a massage droid but accidentally sends it to Kylo instead. (bottom hux, dirty talk, lots of filth & it’s paced so well, if you like smutty fics then you’ll love this!)

–> Off Limits by @verybadhedgehog
Military man of twinky appearance, previously stereotyped as a bottom, meets annoying xeno-experienced frot evangelist telepath, is persuaded to be less sexually self-denying. Jizz everywhere, job’s a good ‘un. (non-penetrative sex, kylo makes hux feel good and it’s unlike anything i’ve read, this is a stunning fic)

–> Pleated Skirts & Perverts by neptune_bound
Ren has a talented mouth, and Hux appreciates it maybe too much. (hux has a skirt on & kylo eats his ass, a++++++ fic)

–> cry baby by @princessfuckingleiaorgana
Hux orders Kylo to get lost, Kylo obeys. (break-up, lots of angst but a good type of hurt!)

–> you know I’d be so grateful if you’d come to relieve my stress by @agoodflyting
housewife hux is unsatisfied with his sex life, so he decides to seduce the strapping, yet naïve pool boy ben solo. (modern au, power bottom hux, absolutely perfect smut that you’ll definitely want to read again, ive read this like 10 times and STILL love it)

–> Pampered by @kylux-trashpile
Kylo spends some time pampering his lover. (feeding, weight gain, lots of wonderful chubby hux & soft kylo!!!)

–> Fairytale Psychosis by @nonsensicalsoliloquy
♡ Even when Hux was a young child he’d never considered himself all that interested in fairytales.Having one essentially stumble and force itself upon him didn’t exactly change that so much as have him worry he was losing his grip on reality. (modern au, faerie kylo, fluffy & soft with lots of endearments and protective kylo! it’s lovely!)

–> Just Rewards by @stardestroyervigilance
Hux bets Ren that he can’t possibly bring back an entire squad of Stormtroopers alive from one of his dangerous missions and promises to have a special surprise in store for him if he manages to do so. To his credit, Ren does manage it. (smut with plot, lingerie, they’re both confident and cocky and their established relationship is absolutely perfect here)

–> Gravid by Lady_Oscar
A pregnant Hux develops Force abilities, and of course they manifest at an inopportune time. (mpreg, abo ‘verse, hux stands up to snoke and i honestly cheered, i love mpreg and this was lovely!)

–> Personal Jesus by @francisthegreat (WIP)
Ren just wants to sit down and forget his past in peace. Hux predictably mucks up the works. (modern au, hot boys with guns, the style is short and sharp and it perfectly fits the topic, a fresh read!)

–> Scales of Gold by @thegayestcupcake
Kylo Ren is a merfolk hunter. When he finds Armitage Hux swimming in a rural river, he begins to fall for the creature. Snoke bags and tags him with the purpose of selling him. Kylo Ren has to make a decision, does he save Hux, or does he let him be sold like a common piece of decorative art? Kylo decides on his first choice, and brings Hux back to his home. (a wonderful mermaid hux au with pining and sex, everything you could ever want!)

–> changeling by @cracktheglasses
“I’m not strong enough, not by myself,” Kylo whispers. “But you are. Hux, I know if I could have just a portion of your will, I could do anything.” (modern au, cannibalism, it’d be best if you read all of the tags for yourself but, gosh, it’s so well-written and it’s so dark, perfect if you’re in the mood for a dark fic)

–> (in)sensitivity by @symphorophilian
Kylo had never taken care of his toys. Armitage Hux was still all too eager to play the part of his pliant doll. (unhealthy relationship, dubcon, hux’s internal thoughts are so heartfelt and desperate, a really beautifully dark fic feat lots of manipulative kylo)

–> The Rat In The Vent by macabreverbosity
“Except there was the matter of the “haunting”, as it were. It seemed that there had been multiple complaints of disturbances in the airvents, especially on the lower levels and the vents closest to his and Ren’s quarters. Additionally, Hux had been missing several articles of clothing. He suspected that Millicent, with her inquisitive green eyes, might have taken to hiding them somewhere on the ship.” (good crack feat. mitaka)

–> The Loth-Cat’s Out Of The Bag by @rebelwerewolf
Jealous Hux or Kylo which leads to the rest of the Finalizer finding out they are in a relationship (lots of good jealousy & team building exercises lead to poor mitaka being attacked!)

–> Tangled Threads by @theweddingofthefoxes
What is Matt supposed to do when his idol, Kylo Ren, takes more than a slight interest in the guy Matt’s had his eye on, Techie? (jealousy, Clan Techie!!!! precious, such a lovely fic)

–> Exhibition by @redcole
First heatwave of the summer Hux goes out on his balcony for a quiet smoke and a cold drink only to find his new American neighbour in the garden below, naked in a similarly new hot tub, surprisingly large cock bobbing along on the bubble jets, nipples perky in the cooling night air. How absolutely horrid. Poor Hux having to look at that. He could look away any time he wanted and he definitely shouldn’t have a crafty wank… (voyeurism/exhibitionism, pervy neighbour hux & teasing kylo, filthy & perfect!)

–> The Traveller In The Dark by @xx-gigi-sinclair-xx
“They discussed this possibility before they embarked on the lengthy process required for them to have a genetic child. One day, one of them was going to have to leave the other, for the sake of their daughter. It was a forgone conclusion.” (time travel au, kid fic, really heartfelt & a super unique idea, perfect characterisation)

happy reading!