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Spotlight: Rose & Fitzgerald Jewelry

Rose & Fitzgerald is more than a just a home goods and jewelry company; it’s a story built on every facet of genuine love. Romantic love, the love of Africa, and the true love of craft.

Founded by a Californian couple who fell in love with the beauty of the indigenous materials and craftspeople they encountered in their adopted home of Kampala, Uganda, the birth and intention of Rose & Fitzgerald was crystal clear from the jump: to share this beautiful part of the world with others who seek ethically made, unique goods that reflect the wild landscapes they are inspired by.

In a world where many artisan goods are produced in factories and peddled by mass marketing campaigns, Rose & Fitzgerald connects its supporters to something truly authentic and ethical.

Affordable, unique, and one-of-a-kind, the brands current product line ranges from home accessories to inspiring bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. Rose & Fitzgerald’s unique foundation and consciousness has solidified its brand as a definite one to watch. Shop here!

Photography: Hazel & Pine

Miraculous Ladybug: Trip to Disney World AU

i’ve seen this AU a ton but I wanna put my own Disney World experiences into this AU. Also I know it’s more logical for this to take place in Disneyland Paris but i don’t know anything about it so they’re going to Disney World let’s do this

*disclaimer: this is extremely long

  • So Marinette is a total Disney fanatic.
  • She has all the movies from Snow White all the way to the end of the Disney renaissance period on VHS and the rest on DVD.
  • Her family goes to Disney World every three years and they go all out.
    • I’m talking Disney bounding. i’m talking enormous collections of hats, Mickey ears, and pins. 5 filled autograph books. scrapbooks of pictures of Marinette meeting the characters. they are experts when it comes to planning a trip to Disney World.
  • So one year her parents suggest that she invites her whole class to go with them.
  • Marinette’s like “hell yeah” and the class is like “hell yeah” which means Marinette gets to be in her favorite place in the world with her friends and ADRIEN. so now Marinette is panicking because this trip needs to be absolutely perfect.

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the promptis disney date nobody wanted

bleh okay so i told myself no more @promptisfanweek prompts till i update my fics, buuuut… well. you know how many times i’ve threatened to write a promptis disney date? IT HAPPENED. nobody will appreciate this, nobody, but i’m gonna post it anyway. written for day 3: promptis date~ 

Noctis hates a lot of things.

He hates crowds, and really, he kinda hates people in general. He hates lines, and waiting around for things, and he really hates being awake early.

But more than Noctis hates all those things, he loves Prompto, and so he’s here, hand-in-hand with his boyfriend, walking down Main Street. Prompto is grinning ear-to-ear, their twined fingers swinging back and forth between them. The smile is worth it, Noctis tells himself, even though he’s quite sure he looks rather grumpy. Prompto has gone all out, as he always does, and it appears that Disneyland is the one place where that is entirely acceptable.

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My new industrial barbell. I’m in love. I put a faux opal in for the first time and my favorite pair of my grandmothers earrings. I wonder what she’d think if she saw my ear hahaha


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.8.17

lace + metal earring styles by whiteowl

  • persis // champagne gold earrings
  • orla // copper geometric earrings

whiteowl is a longtime personal love of mine — it was one of the first shops i made a purchase from, and i continue to swoon over their styles, year after year. the unique shapes of these lace-and-metal dangly earrings make them super-special.

anonymous asked:

Ooh request for maybe like mc announcing to the rfa that she and vanderwood are engaged??

Sorry this is so late!! I’ve been..unbearably busy then spent my entire Saturday sleeping. Anyways, this is really cute.  Hope you enjoy!!


  • He was so happy for you when you first told him that you and Vanderbaby were engaged!!
  • But then he remembered that he had the tendency to be cold (like Jumin) and was a former secret agent, then got really paranoid. 
  • “MC, NO.”
  • “which is why i love him”
  • “i LOVE my Vanderwolf”
  • you would have to tell him over and over again that he wasn’t going to hurt you and that you were so happy to be engaged to him
  • eventually he would be happy again but still v overprotective like usual…as if u don’t get enough of that from vanderwood
  • “he’s still a wolf mc”
  • “shut up”


  • This poor baby has had a crush on you for so long, his heart kind of sinks when you first tell him, but he’s happy for you nevertheless. 
  • He’s such a good sport about it!!
  • Buys you a really cute dress as an engagement gift
  • And even tells you what flowers he’d think would fit the wedding 
  • He is just really loving and supporting of you two.
  • Is lowkey watching Vanderwood like a hawk tho, because that man hides many secrets just like V.
  • awww yoosUNG BABY 


  • “Congratulations!!” is the first thing she says.
  • Offers her help to plan the wedding and you gladly accept.
  • She helps you pick out the venue…the decor…even bakes your guy’s wedding cake. 
  • She goes with you to pick out your wedding dress and that’s when you surprise her with her own dress, asking her to be your bridesmaid!!
  • Is so happy for you honestly, seeing you fall in love gives her hope that she will too one day. 


  • He doesn’t have much of a reaction tbh
  • Just gives you a small smile and says congratulations as well.
  • Then literally gives you a $3000 set of a rose gold necklace and earrings as an engagement gift
  • jumin this is too much please
  • he buys vanderwood a leopard print watch and jacket which he accepts without shame lmao 
  • also helps pay for the wedding because you’ve done so much for the rfa he wants to make sure your special day is everything you ever dreamed about and more.
  • Is so sweet and subtle about it, is very glad to see that you and vanderwood are taking it to the next level. :)


  • “whAAAATTT???!
  • He didn’t even know you guys were TOGETHER in the first place!
  • To be honest, you and Vanderwood weren’t that open about your relationship, he wasn’t fond of PDA and liked his privacy…
  • Seven saw that you guys were getting closer but like…wow
  • “…thank you??” -mc
  • B e g s Vanderwood to let him be the priest!
  • “Hehehe…Vanderwood, we’ve been friends for so long and there’s still so much you don’t know about me.”
  • “Oh my god…”
  • He says yes to letting Seven be his Best Man though socute!
  • Seven is honestly just so psyched that you and Vanderwood is engaged! 
  • “lololol i never thought vanderwood would find love, especially with you MC! he’s so grumpy-” *gets tased*

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