gold rifle


Thompson M1927A1 submachine gun

Manufactured by Auto Ordinance Corp c.1974-99 - serial number 25167.
.45ACP 50-round drum or 20-round stick removable box magazine, blowback closed bolt semi-automatic, extended barrel, front pistol grip, gold-plated.

A modern production of the Thompson, with a few internal differences to legally make it a rifle. The violin case is mandatory.

Imagine teasing Peter Quill

“Is that a rifle?”

You looked over at Peter with a dazzling grin, “Wow, good job there buddy. It is indeed a rifle. Gold star for Star-Prince.”

He groaned and sighed, “I didn’t know you were doing guns now.”

“I’m sorry, Star-lord,” you threw him an innocent glance. “Did I hurt your feelings? Is the tough brooding man upset that little old me is packing heat now?”

“No,” he muttered looking away. You smiled because you knew Peter would have something to say once he got a look at your gun. “Mine is bigger.”

You snorted, ‘What was that? Are you blind? Look at this beautiful piece I have here, it’s nice and big.”

A devilish smirk suddenly appeared on the handsome man’s face. “Oh, I’ll show you big.”

Biting down on your lip, you nodded to the scene behind Peter. “Let’s kick their asses and I’ll let you show me how big your piece is. Hell, I might even polish it for you.”

Peter winked at you and looked over to the rest of the Guardians.  “Show time, a-holes.” 


Winchester Model 1886 rifle

Manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co c.1898 and fancied up by factory master engraver John Ulrich - serial number 114694.
.45-90 Winchester Center Fire nine-round tubular magazine, lever action manual repeater, engraved and gold/nickel plated.

Treat yo’self.


Winchester Model 1873 rifle

Manufactured by Winchester between 1873 and 1919, decorated by master engraver Ben Lane c.1968 - serial number 507889B.
.44-40 WCF 15-round tubular magazine, lever action repeater, gold plated and engraved.

Who doesn’t love Winchester lever guns really.