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Connor Kenway (Ratonhnhake:ton) x Fem!Reader

Length: 1209 words

Warnings: not really, mentions of racism?, i love him (protect him pls)

Connor Kenway, or Ratonhnhaké:ton, didn’t know too much about being in romantic relationships. Apart from what he’d witnessed as a young child, in his village, or the little he’d witnessed in the strict British colonies, in his later years, he was clueless. He refused to ask Achilles, so the young Kanien’kenhá:ka male read books on the matter. He perused various romantic novels, most of which held great tales of love, and many had men defeating insane beasts, in order to woo the women, they desired.

Frankly, none of these tales struck the young, teenaged Connor as very accurate.

It did not matter to him, either way. Very few women talked to him, as he spent much time away from the Kanien’kenhá:ka village, and the colonist women often looked down on him, due to his heritage. Ratonhnhaké:ton could possibly count on his fingers, the number of female colonists who treated him as an equal, or at least equal to the male colonists.

Y/N Y/L later became one of those women.

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Beautiful Surprises

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: I’ve been on a Sam kick lately with my Shelter from the Storm series (shameless plug), so I thought I’d give Dean a little love. I was attempting to write a drabble while I waited for my movie to start the other day and my hand slipped. Oh well, who doesn’t love Dean fluff amiright?? Hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! 

(gif is from canonspngifs)

“You know you don’t have to kidnap me. I already agreed to be your girlfriend.” You laughed as you turned your face to where Dean sat behind the steering wheel. He had blindfolded you with his good tie and was driving you to an undisclosed location. 

You could hear his hearty laugh and could picture the crooked smile you loved so much. He kept stealing brief glances at you as he drove. It was hard to deny how beautiful you looked even with the navy silk tie over your y/e/c eyes. “I’m glad to hear that. But let me just surprise you this one time.”

Sinking back into your seat you crossed your arms. “You know I don’t like surprises,” you frowned. Dean only answered with another laugh and reached down to give your leg a soft squeeze. 

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literally any kanej AU ever, I will love you forever ❤️

listen,,,this was so vague that i got hit with so many fic ideas. i am ready to be loved thanks. this got long. 1600 words i think??


It was the break of day. Inej was certain she was the only one awake in all of Ketterdam, but that didn’t keep her boss from calling her into work.

Per Haskell was a lazy old man. When he hired her, he told her the store and its antiques were inherited from his long line of ancestors who once ran this part of the neighborhood when it was still Ketterdam’s biggest cesspool. Since she put in a request for more hours she hardly saw him around. He claimed the store had sentimental value to him. Apparently, not enough for him to show up anymore.

At least he gave her a raise. She could bite her tongue for the money. She had plans, and those plans required funds. It may have been a long time since Kerch was the center of international trade, but the fact remained, money still ran the streets of Ketterdam. Only now there were legitimate ways to acquire it.

Inej undid the locks of the storefront. Like most of the other stores in the district, Haskell’s antique shop was the bottom level of a lopsided warehouse building. It still had its original locks—several steel deadbolts and a collection of combination-required padlocks.

Designed to keep the old lockpicks out, Inej thought with a sigh. It didn’t make any sense to her that they were still there. She was ninety percent sure they were responsible for the callouses she was forming.

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Monsters with Munition: All that we see or seem

“Chapter” Summary: Jeremy’s first month with the Fake AH Crew is coming to a close with the arrival of the full moon. He’ll be spending it with the crew member he knows the least about… and is the most afraid of.

Notes and tags: Warning for body horror. Chapter title is taken from a quote by Edgar Allen Poe. Takes place after the first MwM fic


The first full moon since Jeremy joined the crew was approaching. He was terrified.

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Lemonade || 3

featuring: Bruce Wayne x OFC

word count: 617

warnings: one or two curse words, a small mention of sex. 

author’s note: i don’t totally love this chapter. the next couple though are going to be really fun though! 

previously: Pray You Catch Me \ Hold Up

next: Sorry

“I see that look on your face, and I’m telling you now… don’t.”

Arielle laughed from the bedroom, rolling onto her stomach and perching her chin on the palm of her hand, “Are you telling me as my husband or as Batman?” She watched as Bruce reached for the gold plated watch she bought for their second wedding anniversary.

“Both.” Bruce looked over his left shoulder as he put on his watch and adjusted the cuffs of his dress shirt. A chill ran down his spine at the sight of his wife, sprawled out on their king size bed, hair tousled and lips swollen. “For my sake, just stay home tonight. This is your final warning.” 

“My final warning,” Arielle asked, sitting up. “Who the fuck do you think I am?” 

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My 10:15 (Supercat Drabble)

As Kara buttons up the shirt she’s just opened, giving her identity over to the Queen of All Media and risking everything she’s ever worked for, her breathing has stopped.  She can’t bring herself to just breathe. 

Cat is in front of her desk, leaning leisurely on the glass frame.  Kara stands by the coffee table, and for once in her life she’s not tapping her leg or fidgeting with her glasses because they aren’t on her face, but gently discarded on the sofa beside her.  She’s still fully clothed, but she’s never felt more naked. More bare.  

She doesn’t bother trying to do her shirt up again, because nobody’s here.  It’s just gone 10pm, they’re alone in the office.

Cat looks at the ground, and then darts her eyes back up over Kara’s form, raking them over the insignia plastered on her toned torso. 

Kara can’t move out of her spot, because she’s just frozen, watching Cat inspect her every muscle movement, every little tick.  It’s unsettling, but Cat’s done it a million times before, and she knows she can be a match for Cat if she tries.  Maybe. 

The Queen of All Media looks at her watch, gold plated Omega, tapping the glass gently while glancing up at Kara once again.  

Cat whispers something under her breath, obviously not meaning for Kara to hear her,  but she sees her shake her head because of course she can.  She has super-hearing.  She has so many questions, so many things she wants to ask as the hero she has for an assistant.  Why she lied, why she’s still here, why she cares.  But she can’t bring herself to speak them out loud. 


‘Miss Grant?’

‘10:15.  You came into my office, you didn’t even sit down, you simply stood there and let me drivel on about millennial incompetence, which however true it was and still is, was something that should have offended you.  The last girl I’d seen that day, for her, that was the beginning of the slippery slope to mopey, disgusting crocodile tears and leaving my office in a fit of sobbing.  But you?  You took it and waited.’

She walks around the table, sitting heavily in her chair and running her hands over the frame of the other side of the desk. Kara holds eye contact for the first time since the conversation started when she looks the girl right in the soul. 

‘Do you know what I asked you?’

Kara knows.  Of course she knows, she remembers everything that she’s been through with this amazing woman. 


‘Why are you so special?’

Kara closes her eyes, and revels in the memory.

‘When you answered no, that’s the first lie you ever told me.’

The superhero’s eyes snap open, not really comprehending this whole, messed up situation. 


‘Keira you have been telling me lie after lie after lie since the day I met you.  To keep this job, to please me, to keep your identity safe, to keep me safe. And it all started two years and twelves hours ago.’

‘You counted?’

‘Oh I have a private website with a timer on it, to see how long some employees last.  Out of all my assistants you are the only one that has lasted more than a week, and you still sacrifice everything to be my assistant, even though you are literally a superhero.  I know I said before that you shouldn’t be here while people are needing to be saved out there, but I see now that this job does mean everything to you.’

You mean everything to me, Kara muses. 

‘You are the only 10:15 that ever mattered to this company, Kara.’ The only one that ever mattered to me.  My 10:15.

‘So I can forgive the lies.  I know why you fabricated them.  I just ask that unless it is a matter of government security, you don’t keep things from me.  You don’t need to.  I may be in a position that means it looks like I cannot be trusted, but that is not the way it is.  Your identity and job are safe with me.’

They share a moment of longing and looks, accepting what has just been said. 

Cat sits down, taking the pen from the side of the forms she was filling out, but she doesn’t notice the body looming over her desk until she sees something near her face.

‘Your pen’s out of ink.’  

Cat looks at her in exactly the same way as she did at 10:17 2 years and twelve hours ago. 

After taking it, she puts her head down to signal Kara’s dismissal, only to look upon the girl again as she walks away.  

She may have handled that well, but she’s pretty sure she’s screwed. 


Mistletoe (Misaki x Usagi)

So I planned on just writing a drabble but this turned out to be over 2300 words so I don’t know what to call this. Just a fun chapter? It was supposed to be really short! I am so sorry! I just kept writing and writing and I didn’t stop. This is based on a post that @akihiko-usami made. The very ending was all their idea! Thanks to them, I wrote this monster in one night….almost…

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This one fuck boy in my politics comes to school everyday likes he’s in a magazine ad for rollex dude is wearing a full fucking suit and tie, Italian leather shoes, and a gold plated watch. To a public government funded college. I want to rob him. His backback is gucci wtf

Even In Another Time

so i wrote this really quick because i didn’t want it to turn into a beast of a fic like ATC. so excuse any random errors. but hey carmilla followers! hope you like this :D (ps: possibilistfanfiction you’re gonna lol at one line specifically hahaha…)

Summary: “It’s been a year, and you know that’s a few seconds relative to Carmilla’s lifetime, so you’re not sure how to go about honoring one year together. You know how obvious this gift might seem—it’s so immature and cliché—but you wanted to get her something thoughtful, something that could last throughout her lifetimes.” – Carmilla, one-shot, Hollstein, Laura’s POV, future!Hollstein

Rated: T

- - -

Even In Another Time

- - -

someone will remember us
                                 I say
                                 even in another time

- Sappho, Frag. 147

- - -

It’s been a year and things have gotten back to normal. Well… as normal as one can expect at Silas. Sure, there are still the gnomes and occasional alchemy club mishap, but nothing quite like missing girls and spinal fluid. You know she can’t forget, but you don’t expect her to.

You suppose a lot has changed between the two of you, but you’re both still the same people. You’ve just realized you’re stronger together, happier. (You’ve promised not to tell people that she smiles because she has an image to uphold.)

She helps you with her homework, you teach her more efficient means of using the internet and social media. She refuses to get involved with Twitter, and you understand that you’re really not the person to be teaching anyone about it.

When you see her reading in German, or overhear her speaking on the phone in French with a professor at Oxford, or when she casually mentions that Mensa is weird because it’s “full of people who find joy in mathematics and the least sexy parts of any science field,” you feel a little… insignificant. You’ll often make a joke about her brain and her age and wisdom, and she’ll roll her eyes and kiss the corner of your lips.

At the end of the day, she makes time for you. You think of all the things she’s seen—the tragic and the tragically beautiful—and those same eyes spend a significant amount of time skimming over your face each day. Her hands have held items now in museums, priceless artifacts—they’re the same hands that touch your body so delicately. You don’t know what it is about you, really, but you do feel special just being with her. She makes you believe you’re important.

You pull the piece of paper out from your desk drawer, nervously chewing your bottom lip. It’s been a year, and you know that’s a few seconds relative to Carmilla’s lifetime, so you’re not sure how to go about honoring one year together. You know how obvious this gift might seem—it’s so immature and cliché—but you wanted to get her something thoughtful, something that could last throughout her lifetimes.

You take a deep breath before tucking the paper into the card you made—“I Choo-Choose You” for some Simpson’s humor—and you’re doing your best not to just immediately ask her to incinerate the card and gift and you because how do you give anything of value to a girl who could have anything?

“Do you have a hernia or something?”

You close your eyes and breathe evenly, “While I normally appreciate your humor LaFontaine, I’m trying really hard not to panic at the moment.”

“Look, Dances with Vampires,” they say, walking over and pulling up a chair beside you, “I was genuinely concerned. You’re sitting all rigid and creepy, like when the alchemy guys accidentally spiked the fruit punch with—”

“Yes, LaFontaine, I remember,” you say, cringing when you recall the rigamortis-like line leading into the health clinic.

“Your quiet panic mode, huh?”

You nod.

“Worst comes to worst, I’ll tell Perry something angsty and she’ll stress bake some stuff for you two.”

“That’s nice of you, but… I should do this myself.”

They nod and smile, giving you a gentle pat on the shoulder. “Hollis, your neuroses are part of you, so I can’t give you this whole ‘Be yourself’ chat as if you can leave your panic behind. Carmilla lo-… likes?… you and your weird, just like you like her and her vampiric tendencies.”

“It’s not a tendency. I’ve been dating a vampire for a year.”

“This is true,” they admit, “but you don’t have to give her something. You do every day by being with her and looking at her the way you do and love-liking her the way you do.”

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Eight Nights With Mr. Gold, Chapter 3

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(Not even sorry for this gif anymore)

Summary: The town of Storybrooke is devoted to Christmas, so much so that they revile Mr. Gold for not participating in their celebration. Amid this tension, Belle French discovers that he is actually Jewish and he’s alone on Chanukah. Naturally, she can’t let that stand.

Author’s Notes: I am floored by the response to the first part of this fic. Thank you so much. Happy second night of Chanukah!

Chapter 1 2

Author’s Notes: Welcome to night/part three. I am again so floored by your response to this fic. Thank you so much! Happy reading and happy Chanukah!

Belle hurried into Granny’s carrying two dresses. Ruby frowned at her as she looked up from pouring Archie’s coffee. Belle unbuttoned her coat to reveal she was wearing a third dress and held the other two up beside her.

“Which one?”

“Which one for what? Do you have a date?”

“No, I…” She paused. “I’m just going over to Mr. Gold’s again for the third night of Chanukah. I want to look nice.”

Ruby put the coffee pot down. “You do have a date. You’re dating Mr. Gold.”

“I am not…” She paused. “Which dress, Ruby?”

“The lace one is too summer,” said Ruby.

“Okay, that’s one out.”

“Have I seen the one on the right?”

“I don’t know?”

“Well, put it on.”


“Just jump into the laundry room. Nobody’s there.”

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These are my three favorite watches.

The one on the left is the first watch I purchased with money that I worked hard for. It’s an old Fossil Blue gold plated watch that was in the jewelery display of the consignment shop I was working at when I was 15. It cost me about two months pay, which is crazy to think about now.

The second is an old Texas Instruments Chrono that my best friend gifted to me when we graduated high school together. I used to wear it everyday so I’ve had to replace the band a few times but it’s still one of my favorites.

The last one is my grandfathers watch. My dad bought this Seiko Kinetic watch for my mom’s dad in the late 1970s. When my grandfather passed away in 2011, my family gave this to me. I mostly wear it on special occasions and to family events in memory of him.