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Desribe your ideal stage Fantine (how you'd want them to act and so on, no need to talk about the looks if you don't want to)

oh my goodness this is the best question ever monsieur I bless your name thank you sir, thank you [just for the record I’m not assuming you’re a guy, I’m just quoting two musicals in one sentence]
okay actually I think I’d like to start with looks because I have only one requirement as far as that goes: the perfect Fantine has to be blonde. I don’t care if she’s not white, I don’t care if she’s short or tall or fat or thin or anything but she has to be blone [and it works with poc people, too! Just look at Na’s lovely wig!]. I know it’s a minor detail for most people but I like things to be maintained as close to canon as possible and Fantine’s hair is important, okay??
Moving on.
I think the ideal Fantine would be very quiet during the factory scene. Trying to make herself invisible and as distant from the foreman as possible. But she’d have to look happy. Not bubbly fairy tale happy, but hopeful. Because the thing about Fantine is that she never loses hope. She works and bends herself in half over and over again to cope and provide for her daughter and she’s always trying to make the best out of her situation [exception made by the time she becomes a prostitute, of course, because at that point she’s lost everything but more on that later]. So quiet and somewhat shy but definitely not unhappy. And then once the factory girl starts confronting her, still not particularly loud but definitely desperate [not in a coward way, though] and increasingly more anxious as the scene goes on and maybe angry but not too angry because anger should be a new feeling for her, if that makes sense?
Again in IDAD I’m fine with a bit of anger and resentment of course, but mostly general sadness and a couple of broken smiles.
And then comes the tricky part. Because she has to go from ‘desperate/sad/yet still a tiny little bit hopeful’ to ‘mad/completely destroyed’ in one song. Also a good Fantine should start showing signs of her illness right after they cut her hair, I think. Maybe even a bit before that, I’m not sure.
Sierra’s Lovely Ladies was the best one I’ve ever seen, to be honest. She’d smile every time she thought about/mentioned Cosette but in a kind of deranged way? Actually she smiled a lot and it made me really uncomfortable but in a very good way because it made me think of that brick quote that says that when she hit rock-bottom she basically started losing her mind and she’d walk around singing and smiling despite the fact [or maybe because] she was losing all hope.
The important thing that needs to come across at some point is how much Fantine loves her daughter because at the end she’s only living for Cosette. Everything she does is for her. She learns to live with nothing. She sews in the dark for days to earn enough to feed her child. She cuts her hair so her daughter will have warm winter clothes. She sells her teeth [or her necklace in the musical] for her daughter. Every single thing Fantine does is for Cosette. She’s surviving so her daughter can be happy. Her only comfort is to know her daughter is happy and being taken care of [which of course isn’t true at all, but she doesn’t know that].
This is a woman who has gone from a young, adolescent, innocent love affair to absolute poverty [while being blackmailed and living in the constant terror of her daughter dying]. She sells her body as a last desperate attempt to give Cosette a good life. She’s ill and living in the cold and completely mad. And a good stage Fantine should be able to show that. [Again, I think Sierra did an amazing job, though her voice wasn’t right for the part unfortunately].
Once Javert comes along she should be as submissive as possible [crawling, kissing Javert’s boots, anything is acceptable. she’ll do anything to make sure she’ll be able to provide for Cosette and she sees Javert as this almost divine figure that will surely understand so yes. very very submissive] as opposed to the hatred she should show for Valjean [and I mean absolute and complete loathe. This is the man she blames for everything bad that happened to her life. And at this point Fantine has so much anger built up inside her that she needs to let it out somehow] and the breakdown during “I never did no wrong” etc.
After that I think a good death scene should be easy to convey. Lots and lots of mad smiles [this is a woman who’s hallucinating on her death bed, after all] directed to Cosette, gratitude towards Valjean and a hint of anxiety by the end when she realises everything is slipping away again. oh and of course actually acting ill so the death would make sense.
No wonder I only truly like two Fantines. I’m so picky I’m so so sorry. But yeah… that’s the general idea :3


She gave anyone who saw her a sensation of April and of dawn. There was dew in her eyes. Cosette was a condensation of auroral light in womanly form.