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Like Real People Do

For Jane. Happy Birthday, my buddy, my pal. You wonderful human bean, thank you for existing.

This is a continuation of the florist!Annabeth rockstar!percy verse which a few people had requested

Annabeth smoothed down the front of her striped dress, analysing herself in the dusty mirror in the back of the shop. It was too late to change now, as she’d agreed for Percy to pick her up from here and not her apartment, but she couldn’t help fretting over the details of her outfit.

She couldn’t help remembering that Percy was a famous rockstar and she was the owner of a small and insignificant flower shop. Couldn’t help remembering that he had toured the world and she had never gone outside of Long Island.

The bell out front chimed and Annabeth stole one last critical look in the warped mirror, sighing, before ducking out of the back room. Percy was gently closing the front door when she emerged. He looked far tidier than the last time she had seen him, three days ago in this very shop. He wore a white shirt (sleeves stuffed up over his elbows) with a stick slim cobalt tie (fastened in a way which looked both hasty and careless at once), skinny black jeans (holes leaving his scarred knees on show) and converses (blue laces on the left, pink on the right).

He looked hot.

Stupidly so.

“Hi,” she said, breathier than she would have liked.

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“The Prettiest Princess” - Digital Oil Painting

I couldn’t help myself. David Tennant as Richard II is absolutely the prettiest princess. He wears gold nail varnish and is insanely fabulous with his long wavy locks. I started out not liking the extensions… but now I sort of dig them.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

My food diary for Lotte’s 5 a day project. My diet is so bad, I think she wanted me as an example how not to eat, so don’t look too close at it yeah? 

I also did this quite quickly, so don’t judge my drawing skills.

I’d call this a collaboration, it being Lotte's idea and she made the book and it’s for her project and everything. SORRY LOLO.

Oh and check out my gold nail varnish (: