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New art project I’m calling “Cuteness and Vexation”

These will be available as prints soon! And maybe T-shirts if I can get the design right. More are in the works, including non-birbs, so feel free to make requests! I can’t guarantee they’ll get done, but they will go on my list!


!!!!! Help her find these babies !!!!!

[ Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I posted about these 2 beauties. I have been trying to find where they are because my mom sold them and their cages for $200 when I was in the hospital. It happened July/August of 2011. I had them for 10 years. The cherry headed conure is a female about 16 years old. Her name is Oscar. The blue and gold macaw is a female about 15 years old. Her name is Cosmo, but responds to Hurrudaba because she decided that was her name. My mom sold them to a woman that lived in Rhode Island. I miss them dearly and just would like to at least seem them again. If you all could share this for me so I can see my babies again I would be forever grateful. ]

Oscar and Cosmo were her PETS and it seems that there was some kind of miscommunication and now she no longer has them and would just like to seem them again.

The new owner was sold so a woman somewhere in Rhode Island.

My RI / New England followers, Can we please boost this? T_T Let her see her babies one more time!


Please help us save Rudy from this horrible place! Please read this info below and see if you can help out in any way!

Rudy is an 8 year old harlequin macaw. He has never been to a vet and he is most likely sick from what I’ve seen. He is stuffed into this tiny cage fit for a caique or a conure. He is not a small macaw. His beak if very cracked and dirty, from malnutrition. He is given only seeds, which usually have bugs in them, and no veggies or fruits.

He is harassed and poked at by other workers and customers at this shop he lives in. He was bought by a man 7 years ago, and was returned promptly with many behavioral issues and problems. Nobody will get him out of his cage because of his attitude and overall sacredness of humans. He is NOT mean or aggressive, just scared. He and I have been working together for several months and he LOVES to be pet through his cage, but won’t let me get closer once I let him out.

I try to let him wander the outside of his cage every time I go in, which is unfortunately only once a week for only an hour. He won’t let me pick him up and really gets scared if i approach him with my arm or open hand. He really needs more work and more people to love on him.

He plucks his legs, chest, and wings because of how uncomfortable he is and probably how sick. You can hear the mucus in his nose when be breaths. He needs a vet which will cost probably upwards of 300$, but first we need to get him out of there and to a rescue.

I have been teaming up with the Papayago Rescue a little north of Atlanta Georgia, and they said if we can get the money they will take him. He is $900 but I think if we show $700 cash they will give him up. He has been sitting in that locked cage for EIGHT YEARS! Nobody takes him out, nobody plays with him, nobody cleans his cage except for me. Look how bad it is in this picture!

There is a very large cage available at the Papayago rescue, but we will need toys and perches as well. If you have large bird toys and can donate some please please message me! We will also need food donations too. This rescue had 7 macaws they are taking care of already. They run off of donations for taking care of all 32 birds they have and a macaw defiantly isn’t cheap.

If you can help in any way by donating even a dollar will help, please message me and I will give you more info! We need to help this bird and get him fresh veggies and love EVERY SINGLE DAY of his beautiful life. He is still young and he can be saved!

Random animals and Erik headcanons

- Erik likes to greet the dogs and cats that he sees while out and about

- And even the more feral looking dogs he’ll say hello to, but from a distance so they don’t get spooked

- Sometimes certain mutts will catch his eye, and he’ll visit the alley they live in every day and leave some food and say hello

- Eventually they’ll come over and say hi, and that always makes Erik so happy

- One day, Christine goes down to his home and finds a basket of tiny kittens. She’s completely shocked of course, but Erik simply explains that their mother was killed so he took them in temporarily

- Erik also owns a beautiful blue and gold macaw that he rescued from smugglers. They treated the bird terribly and broke its wings, so the poor thing cannot fly. But Erik takes good care of it, and even Ayesha doesn’t mess with the bird.

- Nadir’s son, before his death, made Erik promise to care for his pet snake. Erik did what the boy asked, and before leaving Persia he made sure to find the snake a good home.