gold leaf on canvas


Hilma af Klint (Swedish, 1862-1944. b. Karlberg Palace, Solna Municipality, Sweden) - 1: The Dove No. 2, 1915, Oil on Canvas  2: Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X, 1915, Oil Tempera, Gold Metal Leaf on Canvas  3: Tree Of Knowledge Series W, No 5, 1913-1915, Watercolors  

—- good…. morning?

good morning!   it’s two pm.  Hawkeye, you look like shit.

well, Hawkeye, I fell off a building yesterday. it’s not my usual look, but I feel like I’m rocking it.

who wore it better: concussion edition.

(pigment markers and acrylic and gold leaf and !PURPLE PEARL-EX! on canvas)

perladivenezia  asked:

Art institute AU


Pretentious low key religious art student Armand who does lots of symbolic and allegorical figurative work in like oil on canvas and gold leaf and shit, inspired by Renaissance artists and stuff like Bouguereau, the Pre-Raphaelites and neoclassicists etc. Likes classical and mythological motifs as well, the crux is spirituality.

A total hipster who reads Dante and Milton and Shakespeare and Petrarch and watches Tarkovsky movies and wears lots of black

Totally had an ill-advised affair in his first year with the figure drawing teacher, Marius (are we seeing a pattern yet lmao) and modeled for him, because they got into a discussion about the Classics and Marius quoted freely from the classical authors in the original Latin as though he’d been born speaking it, and he had beautiful hands that were always full of paint or charcoal stains, and was super warm and charming

Goes to school with Riccardo (who studies sculpture) and lives in a tiny flat with him, and they have the fluffiest friends with benefits relationship you EVER saw

Riccardo is that guy who is just genuinely nice af and has a million friends and goes to every single party, plays classical guitar and introduced Armand to Bianca, who became his second bff within like ten minutes of conversation, and they all chill in the tiny living room and watch tv and play cards against humanity (you’d think Armand would win but Bianca wins nearly every time).