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Gold and Silver Leafing Tutorial

We’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about how we do our gold trim.  Usually we use acrylic paint or fabric appliques, but when the design calls for something extra special we will sometimes use gold leafing.  Leafing is a great way to give your costume a little extra bling, and to paint on complicated designs that would be messy to do in applique. (CLAMP, anyone?)

For anybody who wants to try out this technique, we’ve made an in-depth guide below the cut. Enjoy!

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Cease to know or to tell. Or to see or to be your own. Have someone else’s will as your own. - Danh Vo

Okay, I know I’m gonna come across as a total philistine (again) but, dude, this artist found a beer box in some alley behind a bar, gold-leafed all the printing on it, gave it a faux-philosophical title and bingo! It’s art!

If you follow me I think you know that I have a pretty broad appreciation for art of all kinds, and I firmly believe that any genuine self-expression is valid as art. But when I see that this crudely gold-leafed beer box sold at auction a couple of months ago for $233,000 my first thought is that it’s way past time for a wholesale redistribution of wealth in this country. Millions go to bed hungry every night in America, and that $233,000 could buy, for example, 11,650 12 oz. cans of baby formula powder. That seems like a much better investment to this philistine.

Just sayin’.

Side note: Who knew that a 12 oz. can of baby formula powder - basically powdered milk with a few vitamins added - costs 20 dollars?!! That’s highway-fucking-robbery! How do the millions of young working-poor families in this country afford that?

Another side note: If you reblog this please make sure my rant goes up with it; I’d hate for anybody to think I posted this because I admired it. Thank you!

The second piece in my Winged series – sequel to “Ascent of Man”.

This is “Descent of Man”

Ballpoint on Moleskine


22K Gold Leaf & Shell Gold

Edit: Thanks to all for the support! The third piece in the series will be coming soon :) Because I’m getting a lot of questions about it, prints of this and Ascent of Man are available from my inPrnt page here (

Happy Holidays!


Painter Brad Kunkle (featured in HF Vol. 25) delves further into his exploration of spirituality and ritual with his latest solo show, “The Belonging,” opening at Arcadia Contemporary in New York on December 11. The artist combines oil paint with gold and silver leaf to create ethereal visions of women traversing windy fields. They seem to be on spiritual quests. We see them being lifted off the ground, their expressions knowing yet still enraptured, as glistening gusts of leaves and feathers sweep them away into the heavens. See more on Hi-Fructose.