gold lamps


“The Register could really use a Lois Lane type like you.” that moment when Betty realizes that she needs a Clark Kent to her Lois Lane…..coincidentally, Jughead is already wearing an S on his shirt. ;)  Her mom tried to recruit her to work for her, instead, she opened her own paper and tried to recruit her own lol…..


I didn’t ever live in the dorms when I went to UW and almost regret it but not really. I watched a LOT of Zoey 101 and my octagon-shaped glorified prison cell would have been so cute. This is the second fall I’m not Going Back To School and it makes me sad, so pls let me decorate your dorm rooms and live vicariously. Above are some things I would buy if I had to decorate a teeny tiny space. My final year of college I did a big thesis project on the history of women’s organizations in sororities and a lot of it focused on the spaces women share together soooo check out some cute vintage dorm photos (not all from Seattle) that I collected for that project.

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Botanical sheets || dandelion poster || felt Birkenstock dorm shoes || mint desk lamp ||  rose gold bath towels || round mirror (similar) || geometric bulletin board || mini mushroom vacuum || fjallravenkanken