gold jellyfish

Pokemon Evil Team Aesthetics

Lusamine - Pristine white hallways, hotel beds, glass, ink dripping in sleek white floors, a hallway silent besides the echoey click of high heels, holograms, dark aquariums with something glowing inside, black sand, artificial waterfalls, white roses

Aether Foundation - Gold, space shuttle air locks, glowing blue lights, plants surrounded by plastic and metal, white leather, the smell of bleach, eerie smiles, diamonds

Guzma - Broken glass on the ground, black eyes, cracked floors, bandaged arms, barbed wire fences, punching walls until your hands hurt, striped shoes, broken sunglasses, dark hoodies

Plumeria - Hair dye in all neons, rooftop sunsets, protectively stepping in front of someone, neon signs, hot pink snapbacks, refusing to apologize, “pink is punk rock”, wet spray paint dripping down a wall

Gladion - Writing on playgrounds with charcoal, ripped jeans, angry tears, fingerless gloves, black dogs with sharp teeth who only want to be loved, worn-out converse, torn fabric, chipped paint on an abandoned building, sitting alone in alleyways

Team Skull - Wet concrete, graffiti on bridges, silver, ink and smoke, black and white posters, grayscale rain, climbing chain fences, smashed green bottles, dirty beaches, uneven sidewalks with tiny green plants climbing from the cracks


More iridescent/holographic sparkle! This time a crystal with gold leaf instead of jellyfish gem nuggets 😄 I’ve made a bunch with koi fish and hopefully the sun will be out so I can share them in all their glory 🐠 💎
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