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1) A song that makes you want to fall in love

Eureka by Jens Lekman. or Kanske Är Jag Kär I Dig by Jens Lekman. or a bunch of other Jens songs. He’s got that Jonathan Richman-esque ability to sell the most potentially corny sentiments and lines with wide eyed enthusiasm

2) Your favourite pump up song

Master of My Craft/the whole of Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts is something I like to throw on at work to get myself going. Or Blood Visions

3) Your favourite song to rock out to

The phrase “rock out” has such a dated, older guy talking about music feel to it that the only appropriate answer I can come up with is Dream Police by Cheap Trick

4) A song that reminds you of summer

The Wall by Yuck. specifically summer 2011 riding around in a friend’s car

5) Your favourite cover of a song

That’s impossible to narrow down but one of the best is The Delgados doing Mr. Blue Sky

6) A song you sing in the shower

I’ve been humming or singing tiny snatches of Amazona by Roxy Music lately

7) A song that reminds you of someone

Chinatown by Destroyer

8) What you want your wedding song to be

I don’t know it seems like something that would arise naturally and mutually

9) Your favourite 90′s/2000′s song

This is a vague prompt but as a song/video that encapsulates “the 90′s” I think Inside Out by Eve 6 I guess

10) A song to heal a broken heart

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

11) A song that makes you feel relaxed 

Islands by Cat Power

12) A song you know all the lyrics to

Minimum Wage by They Might Be Giants

13) Your favourite oldies rock song

7 & 7 Is by Love

14) A song by your favourite artist

Outdoor Miner (Single Version) by Wire

15) A song that you like to fall asleep to

Discreet Music by Brian Eno with the volume just at the edge of hearing is like the only one that actually seems to help at all

16) A song that makes you feel invincible

I Don’t Mind It by Screaming Females 

17) Favourite song from a musical

The Jet Song from West Side Story which I thought was the epitome of cool and toughness when I was a kid

18) A song that makes you cry

Noise by Beat Happening

19) A song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to

Dead As Dreams by Weakling. I’m not huge on black metal and especially the drawn out proggy sort but Weakling rule.

20) A song that reminds you of yourself

The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness by The Feelies. Obvious but apt

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literally every character this season: how does it feel to be on the sidelines, victor? how is it to watch your long-time rivals perform from the audience? how do you feel about having your records broken? 

victor: could you take a picture of yuri and me with my phone?????