gold headdress

~Kalathos Headdress with Combat between the Arimaspos and the Gryphons.
Date: 4th century BC
Place of finding: Krasnodar Territory, Taman Peninsula, near the Cossack Village of Vyshestebliyevskaya
Archaeological site: Great Bliznitsa barrow, stone crypt No.1
Material: gold
Technique: chasing, stamping, engraving, filigree, granulation


A rare Paul Poiret ensemble for his famous One Thousand and Second Night party, 10th January 1914

Fuchsia velvet harem pants with attached nude organza bodice richly overlaid with bands of Russian silver bobbin lace, with pearl beaded ankle bands; worn under a cloth of silver tunic with long trained hem, raised fuchsia velvet botehs embroidered in silver thread and seed pearls to the chest closure, entirely edged in large pearl beads; the elaborate conical cloth of gold headdress adorned with emerald and sapphire ‘jewelled’ medallions, with wing-shaped wired silver lace side panels and earring-like pearl droplets to each side, topped by ostrich plumes

Kerry Taylor Auctions

Crown from the Ewe people of Ghana

For centuries, the chiefs and court members of the Akan people have worn a variety of creative headdresses. The design of this crown relates a famous proverb about the importance of intelligence. “Although the elephant is the biggest animal in the forest, it is the wise little duiker that rules the forest.”