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To define is to limit.

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

This is one of those quotes that I read and it resonated through my body so much that I immediately wanted it tattooed


The Grand staircase entrance hall, gold guilded ballustrade and mint marble pillars at the Augustusburg Castle in Germany; with The Herrenchiemsee palace in Bavaria; the Hofkirche, the church inside the Würzburger Residenz, Germany make for fine example of a German rococo ensemble.

GW2 Commissions (OPEN)

All character races are welcomed. Player Characters welcomed, of course! Non-GW2 characters also welcomed (depends of the race). Those GW2 Commissions are tagged on my blog if you wanna see the result.


Sketch of 1 character (body with or without armor, as you wish) from the head to the belly for 10g. You can ask for several characters, interacting or not, but you multiply the price of course :p

The price does not include special effects, weapons or whatever. An animal counts as 1 character.

Example here :
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Rules :

  • Contact me with the Instant Messaging of Tumblr (or by mail : wingil.vinyamar [at]
  • The process : Contact me -> Gimme the Refs + the pose (if you want a very very specific pose, gimme a ref for that too) -> I’ll check them -> Once I’m ok with all the details, I will tell you to send the gold -> Once I receive the gold, I’ll draw -> I will upload the drawings here and give you the link to them
  • Please do not send gold if I we didn’t agree about the commission,
  • Don’t forget to tell me your account ID during our discussion on Tumblr (or your Tumblr account in your gw2 letter), so I will know who you are and why I received gold ;__;
  • The references I need : front + side + back (full clothes if you want it full clothes, or naked if you want it naked…) + a zoom of the face. Good image resolution please ;__;
  • I’ll make the sketches in a delay of 7 days once the gold received
  • Don’t change your mind about the character/pose/expression once you paid, because paid = we both agreed ^^’
  • The gold will go to this GW2 Account :d -> dokusama.6597
  • I don’t think you would do it, but just in case : do NOT make any profit of the commission, it is for your personal use only. And if you post it somewhere else, please credit me with a link back to the original art (they will be upload here on Tumblr).
  • Do not erase the signature for the fun… If you make an avatar, it’s ok, it will be cropped, I understand, it’s cool. But if you upload the entire fanart somewhere else, do it with the signature.

rip screenshots don’t capture bgdm but i was pugging matthias on chrono, no food, primary reflects, and when i checked quickness/alacrity uptimes i was %90+ on both?? what?? dont mind me lol im just so happy that im kinda okay at this garbage class