gold guild

Bully me in a phone game? I'll destroy you from the inside.

I once played a game on Android, called Kingdoms at War. Similar concept to Clash of Clans.

Anyway one day I was just minding my own business and building my kingdom, and I got attacked. In this game when you got attacked, you essentially couldn’t do anything for a set amount of time if you lost. No biggie, I’d wait it out.

I came back a couple hours later, and I still couldn’t do anything. I’d been attacked like a dozen more times. Turned out this bullshit bully guild would go around doing this to people, flooding them with attacks so they couldn’t do anything. I basically couldn’t play the game for two days.

Alright, time to get even.

I made a new account, and after about a week of effort - insinuating myself in chats and being near members - I got myself invited to this guild. They didn’t know who I was, of course.

I played nice with them, doing whatever I could to help. I gained their trust and was promoted to an officer in the guild after a couple months.

So now comes the revenge. People would do this thing where they would temporarily transfer guild ownership so they could join another guild and help out with wars. They would only do this with people they trusted explicitly for obvious reasons.

About a month later, the owner asked me to hold the guild for the day while he helped a friend out. Of course, I said. No problem. My time had finally come.

The second I had the guild, I fired every officer and banned all members. I transferred all gold to a new guild I’d set up on my original account. Then I disbanded the guild and deleted my alt account.

They never knew what happened. Game, set, match you bully motherf*ckers.

Sharing a very neat guide on Gold Wars. Sounds crazy to me as I never struggled with finding that out on my own, but lots of people still live in the dark, simply without knowing the ways that earn you a nice shiny coin without too much effort. The guide also has some convenience/QoL advices, so give it a read!

moelefay’s gold commissions are now OPEN!!!

I draw Gw2 characters of all genders and races (yes even asura), and each bust is drawn from the shoulders up and colored in a monochromatic color scheme as seen above.

80g per bust! Once I have received the gold I will begin the commission. Additional details may cost extra.

Please PM me if interested and be prepared to give me a picture reference of your toon!

Gold: This drink is missing something. Something salty. You got any dried beef sticks?

Diamond: Uh, no. We’ve got pretzels…

Gold: No.

Diamond: …bread and butter…

Gold: No!

Diamond: …potato skins…

Gold: NO!

Pearl: That’s all we’ve got! Do you want us to go outside and SACRIFICE A GOAT FOR YOU?

Gold: Yeah, that’ll do nicely. One freshly slaughtered goat, please. And some dried beef sticks.


Several kind of commissions are available :

All GW2 character races are welcomed. Player Characters welcomed, of course! Non-GW2 characters are also welcomed (depends of the race).