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Tiggs does gold commissions!

I am trying to finish HOPE and my gold income has been a bit on a slow side (fractals become hella tedious after a while) I am gonna open these again and see how well they go. With more fun options this time around!

What I’m offering: Sketches (example) and Colored sketches (example)
How much: Sketches: 10g per character, maximum of 5 per image. Colored Sketches: 35g for one character +15g for each additional characters, maximum of 3 per image. (NOTE: all images are generally ¾ body. Full body would be 10g extra, for both options, since it would take more time)
What will I draw: Any race, doesn’t have to be GW2. Minor nudity (topless) is fine, as long as character is 18+. Minor Violence (cuts, scrapes, bruises)
What I won’t draw: Porn, gore.
How to go about it: Message me on tumblr via ask/chat. Don’t just send me gold unless I confirmed our transaction. I’ll start working as soon as I receive the gold.
Others things: Allow couple of days to complete, I can churn sketches out pretty quick unless IRL interferes. You can do whatever with them as long as they are for personal use. If I am uncomfortable drawing your request, I reserve the right to decline it (but that’s yet to happen) There is no slot limit, so I’ll keep doing these until I say I’m done

“I think the new guild system that was updated in HoT, including the Guild Halls, ruined guilds. Especially if you want a smallish RP/PvE guild, no one will look at you if you have no levels or no Hall. The Guild Halls also made RPers leave the cities, so now it is near impossible to join in on random RPs.”

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Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week: Araga Chaosbringer

“Fashion? Listen, kitten. I couldn’t care less about fashion that I’m blind. My outfit is practical, although one of my warband mates dyed for me it to make sure it matched. Not that I can tell.”

Head: Mask of the Wanderer
Shoulder: Forgeman Shoulders
Chest: Forgeman Jacket
Hand: Drover Gloves
Leg: Studded Pants
Feet: Trapper Boots
Back: Sturdy Armorsmith’s Backpack
Weapon: Flame Pistol
Dyes: Ivory, Midnight Sky, Illumination, Dijon, Gold

To define is to limit.

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

This is one of those quotes that I read and it resonated through my body so much that I immediately wanted it tattooed