gold goldfish




Ryukin GoldfishCarassius auratus var.

(via Ry)


Holy fishies.

This big gold was donated in my section at work. I have an old giant now. Its over a foot long.

We’ve named them ‘Clifford the big gold fish.’

I’m going to move it into my 500+ gallon pond stack as soon as I can with quarantine time, but I had to share my new work-kid.

I have no idea what kind of goldfish this baby is yet x.x


GEISHA WITH A GOLDFISH BOWL, LOWERING A BLIND – A Parting Smile at the End of the Day by Okinawa Soba

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Hey ! Hold that pose so we can get a look at you !

Another soft smile from an old, soft photograph.

Interesting shape for a gold fish bowl ! Resting on the counter to right of the bowl is her UCHIWA, a type of Japanese fan

Love that Kimono/Apron/Yukata design thing she has going on there, too.

For a closer look at the unusual glass bowl, see this pic :