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Fic: Dutch Courage - Chapter 6

Title: Dutch Courage (Chapter 6)
Rating: NC-17 (overall, T for this chapter)
Summary: While staying with her best friend Neal over the summer, Belle can’t help but fall for his handsome, intelligent, lonely father Mr Gold. Belle knows nothing can come of it, however close they might become or how sure she is he feels the same way. However, after a night of heavy drinking finds her knocking on his bedroom door at midnight, things quickly spiral out of control.

A/N: Lookit! Updating without an explicit prompt! Go me! The plot is even moving now! In this chapter: Belle and Gold confront the awkwardness following their encounter in the kitchen, and Emma knocks some sense into Neal.

Belle knew when she was being avoided.

It wasn’t as if it didn’t make sense. After all, she could feel the guilt and shame radiating off of Gold even before their encounter in the kitchen. Whatever he’d been wallowing in before, it got a hundred times worse afterward.

Belle sighed, and tried to focus on her reading. She had nothing to do, which didn’t help in the slightest. She had any number of applications for jobs still hanging in the air, and the only one she cared about – her application to become Storybrooke’s head librarian, overseeing the reopening of the public library under the clock tower – was still in committee. That was, at least officially, the reason she was staying here in town, rather than taking Mulan’s invitation to come crash with her family in San Francisco, or visiting her cousin Robin in New York. She wanted to be present and on-hand should the Storybrooke City Council decide they needed anything else from their one and only applicant.

Unofficially, of course, she had any number of reasons to stay in Storybrooke. And at least half of them were Scottish, gorgeous, wore an expensive suit to do laundry, and had all but vanished.

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“Precious Moments” - Digital Oil Painting

This is my latest completed commission for @whitesheepcbd, based on a moment from her story “Precious Moments.” She asked for Rumple and Belle snuggled up with baby Gideon and I love how it turned out. It was a challenge to get the messier hair to look right, plus getting the ‘nighttime’ colors right without it getting too dark, so I put in some moonlight coming through blinds to highlight some areas. I hope you like it!

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