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Bulgarian Muslim bride Dhzemile Lilova, 30, poses with friends and relatives in front of the dowry, wearing a special make-up called “ghelina” during her wedding ceremony in the village of Draginovo, Bulgaria on October 13, 2017. The traditional wedding ritual is held among Pomaks – Slavs who converted to Islam under Ottoman rule. The highlight of the ceremony is the painting of the bride’s face, where in a private rite her face is covered in white face cream and decorated with gold flakes and colourful sequins. (Stoyan Nenov/Reuters)

part two of my model!vagabond headcanons bc guess who’s still in love with this concept? (hint: it’s me)

  • ryan, who has an extensive skin care routine - bathroom counters littered with cleansers and serums, everything from designer moisturizers flaked with gold to thousand-dollar face creams imported from asia. literally just a massive collection of bottles and jars, black and red fingerprints smeared across their french labels. plus tons of face masks that gavin and jack love to ransack whenever ryan’s out finishing a job. you think his pre-heist routine takes a long time? just wait til he has to take all that war paint off. ryan, who disappears into his bathroom after a job, emerging hours later with baby soft skin and towels stained with someone else’s blood. 
  • ryan, whose manager barely batted an eyelash when ryan told her his day job, but throws a righteous hissy fit every time ryan gets injured during a heist because goddammit ryan you have a shoot tomorrow it’s gonna take thirty minutes to cover that black eye are you fucking kidding me. who gets ryan designer clothes with *ahem* additional modifications - hidden pockets big enough for pistols, shoes with knives concealed inside the sole. who sends him a custom mask made of titanium because you have new york fashion week coming up and i can’t afford you being a dumbass right now. who screams bloody murder at ryan over the phone, voice louder than the police sirens chasing him around town.
  • “is that blood on your boots??” “what the- how did you-?” there’s a news helicopter following the chase, i’m looking at your fucking boots on channel twelve, ryan those are from the new saint laurent collection are you serio- IS THAT A HOLE IN YOUR NEW JACKET RYAN I’M GONNA KILL YOU MYSELF”
  •  (the night before their biggest score of the year, geoff gets a call on his private line.)
  • i don’t care who you’re robbing, but he has a fitting in paris at 6pm.”
  • (the heist gets rescheduled for next week. the crew gets a set of new tom ford suits for their troubles.) 
  • ryan, who meets meg at a photoshoot down in los angeles. who sees the glint of danger in her eyes when she laughs, sees the way her fingers flex around the prop gun she’s holding and just knows. dollface is almost as elusive as the vagabond, but there’s no denying it’s her - no matter what shade of the rainbow she dyes her hair.
  • (meg claims she’s retired, but ryan brings her to los santos anyway and gavin becomes absolutely smitten)
  •  ryan, do you think she likes me, ryan?” “…i don’t know?” “ask her for me.” “you go ask her!” “ssjdkflg WOT no that’s mental i can’t do that!  you’re her best friend, she’ll tell you if you ask,  please please please please ryaaaaan”
  • (ryan agrees on the condition that gavin will stop singing the america’s next top model theme song every time he walks into a room)

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Original Imagine: Imagine Stiles cheating on you, PT. 2

Author: Mary

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,385

Warnings: Some language

Note: Hi guys! I finally managed to write a Part 2 for this, I hope you all enjoy it! Part 1 can be found here

It had been over 6 months since you and Stiles had officially walked out of each others lives, and you finally felt like you had gained some peace and comfort.

The first 2 months or so had been agonizing hell on earth, and not one person could simply mention the name “Stiles” without you crumbling into a million pieces. But now, slowly and steadily, your life was starting to find its way back together.

“Y/N!” Your best friend Allison called out, as you pulled out your Calculus textbook from your blue worn out locker.

You whirl around, a smile spreading across your face as you saw her. Allison had just gotten back together with Scott, and her happiness was nonetheless contagious. You had always wanted them to get back together. Not that you didn’t like Kira and Isaac, you had just always thought that Scott and Allison had a bond… something so special. Sort of like what you and Stiles had…

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I need to like get something out my chest:

gold does nothing to your body

having gold flakes in your food or in your face mask etc doesn’t make it any more effective of healthy.

Gold goes through your body totally unaffected, if the body would pick up the gold and use it there wouldn’t be any gold flakes left in your poop.

And if it WOULD pick up most of the gold flakes it just means you didn’t eat pure 24k gold. But probably 18k or lower, which means you just absorbed the extra metals that are mixed in the gold. And that’s prob not always a good thing.

Gold in food is just a fun fancy extra thing, it doesn’t harm your body nor does the body affect the gold itself since it’s a “pure metal”.

The thing with gold that makes it special is that it does not rust/oxidize like most other metals do. Only exception is something called “royal water” which can dissolve it.

So if you see a product that “contains gold” remember that it’s just for show, also just there to make the product more expensive.

Also remember that brass, silver, copper and aluminum also comes as “leafs” and brass is often used as “gold imitation”. And trust me you do not want to eat any of those metals. Especially silver holy shit do not eat silver.