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Fic: White Flags
A 'Red Lights' sequel
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: White Flags
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 22,074
Summary: Four months after their night in Boston, Belle and Gold’s relationship hits some emotional growing pains when Belle, for the first time in her life, is confronted with the scariest, most powerful thing of all: falling in love. Or: in which Belle is a demi-romantic former prostitute, and Gold is her adoring, devoted demi-sexual boyfriend. 

A/N: So this is the sequel to Red Lights, posted in its entirety and dropped on y’all out of nowhere like a goddamn Beyonce album. Enjoy! 


Adyghe/Circassian bridal costumes (Click to enlarge)

The Circassians (Circassian: Адыгэхэр, Adygekher) are a Northwest Caucasian ethnic group native to Circassia, many of whom were displaced in the course of the Russian conquest of the Caucasus in the 19th century, especially after the Russian–Circassian War in 1864. In its narrowest sense, the term “Circassian” includes the twelve Adyghe (Circassian: Адыгэ, Adyge) tribes (three democratic and nine aristocratic), i.e. Abzakh, Besleney, Bzhedug, Hatuqwai, Kabardian, Mamkhegh, Natukhai, Shapsug, Temirgoy, Ubykh, Yegeruqwai, and Zhaney, each one represented by a star on the green-and-gold Circassian flag.

Most Circassians are Sunni Muslim. The Circassians mainly speak the Circassian language, a Northwest Caucasian language with three main dialects and numerous sub-dialects. Many Circassians also speak Turkish, Russian, English, Arabic, and Hebrew, having been exiled by Russia to lands of the Ottoman Empire, where the majority of them today live. About 800,000 Circassians remain in historical Circassia (modern-day titular Circassian republics of Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia as well as Krasnodar Krai and the southwestern parts of Stavropol Krai and Rostov Oblast), and others live in the Russian Federation outside these republics and krais.

1. Bridal headgate, late 19th-century style

4. Early 20th-century style

Switching Up A Gear - Chapter 1

Summary: Megan is fiery Omega and the Manager for Team Stark, one of the most successful NASCAR teams on the circuit. Her boss Tony recruits a new driver to work alongside their current one Steve Rogers, she soon has to cope with two Alpha males butting heads, and when she finally meets the new driver she’s in for a surprise.
Pairing: OC Megan x Bucky Barnes
Triggers/Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, none really for this chapter.
A/N: This is a Avengers/NASCAR AU, and one that will also include the Alpha/Beta/Omega verse, however i have decided to make sure i explain things for people not used to this genre within the story, so if you don’t know, or haven’t read A/B/O before i can assure you that this story will make sense!


Switching Up A Gear – Chapter 1

Megan closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the scent of gasoline and motor oil filling her senses and calming her nerves. Even with the ear plugs in, the constant roar of engines reverberated through her body and pushed at her mind. Racing was in her soul. She’d grown up on the circuit and had spent her working life so far doing everything from being a PR girl in spandex booty shorts to what she was doing now; managing Team Stark.

Her boss Tony Stark was the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, dabbling in everything from arms and weaponry to alternative energy sources. He was also a shameless flirt and had at least one scandal a year that Megan would have to work tirelessly with their PR whizz Wanda to quell in the press and work with their legal team for the appropriate out of court settlement.

Squinting into the hot North Carolina sunshine Megan felt the first trickle of perspiration run down her back, her red and gold uniform blouse sticking to her skin, her tight pencil skirt reminding her that she needed to switch to the jersey fabric when she was back on home ground, the local humidity clinging to her the moment she’d stepped outside. Adjusting her sunglasses she strode around the pits, her high heels expertly dodging the patches of spilt oil as she headed to the bay they were working out of.

Stepping into the relative darkness of the low roofed building, she hooked her sunglasses into the front of her blouse, blinking a few times as her pupils adjusted to the low light and to wet her contact lenses after the heat of the racetrack, plucking her earplugs out as she ventured further into the building.

“Hey Beautiful, looking hot”

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OUAT ending with a reboot

Now I like to live in my happy fanfiction land but I can’t help seeing all the current OUAT happenings on social media, and living in Vancouver and being fortunate to actually watch OUAT tapings there have been certain things that have come to light.

Since OUAT has become a craptain h00k barfest the show normally plays quietly in the background while reading actual great storylines. I remember hearing a line by the Black Fairy and thought nothing of it until I saw the gifset of it on tumblr and holy shite a bunch of things just clicked. The line “So you’re the big bad queen who cast MY curse?” said by the Black Fairy now takes on a whole new meaning when you put together a bunch of spoiler pics from fans who went to watch them film and also press release photos. 

The one photo C$ers want to ignore is this: 

interpreting that Emma has been imaging the current storyline in her head, no one believes her and her only connection to the outside world is Henry. Now since the release of this photo some are saying it’s a hoax to throw off fans. No first off I know where they filmed that scene and what day. There are records of where tv shows film, that’s in fact a hospital most shows use, so why would they blow a day’s budget filming a hoax scene? Because it most likely is part of canon storyline and Emma has been imagining the current canon storyline but only Henry believes her because of his book. 

Which brings me back to the Black Fairy, she comes from the darkest realm and confirmed she is part of the reason of why the dark curse was enacted by Regina in the current storyline. She sees Regina failed at it because Regina has never really been pure evil, she has always had good in her. The Black Fairy’s mission is to enact the dark curse as she intended. The scenes in which Jaime Murray most recently filmed is her not dressed as the Black Fairy but as a normal person living in Storybrooke. 

Anyone recall seeing the Gold’s pawn shop sign change to Gold & Son? That was fairly recent and saw the sign myself. And I know for a fact they do not film in chronological order but put all the changes and the spoiler pics together, things are clicking into place for the so called reboot.

Yes the wedding happens but that’s where the canon storyline ends. The Black Fairy steps in to enact the dark curse as she intended so she is free from the dark realm and gets to live in the new canon Storybrooke. Here’s the kicker, with the dark curse working in her favour it takes Emma out of the equation as the savior. 

Here’s where Henry comes in, everyone is going WTF why is Henry carrying around the book in all his recent scenes. Where the dark curse is all evil, the book is the opposite which is the epitome of light to battle the dark. The book is the only thing that stands in the way of the dark curse staying in the way the Black Fairy intended. It can reverse everything she does and Henry has the power to wield it but needs the help of the savior but with his mother no longer the savior the reboot will be all about looking for the new savior to restore things as is.

The season ending is literally set up for new characters to come into play. Who is the new savior? All the current characters can exist but in a new capacity. They all will have a part but will interact with each other in a different sense. They may get their happy ending but not the way the audience believed they would.   


Request: Can you do an imagine where Captain America and you get drug into this Avenger team and neither of you are really happy about it cause the reader is from the same time era as Captain America. They connect quickly cause the last time they were out was during WW2 and the Great Depression. (She was used during the war cause she can control things. She’s super powerful) Her and the Cap both kinda have ptsd and they get super close? 

A/N: Full disclosure, I’m not exactly an expert on PTSD so anyone with more expertise on the subject pls feel free to correct me if any of this is inaccurate or offensive

Warnings: Nightmares, blood ment., PTSD, generally dark content, war ment. 

Summary: Angst with a happy ending ?  

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《HP House Aesthetic Gryffindor》
Hi! Lotte is here again to share another aesthetic board. Hope you guys like it~ If used publicly, please credit by mentioning my url! 😙💕

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Sirius x Reader / Three meters

Get ready for sappy angst and bad interpretations of good characters…

Sirius Black loved many people. You, James, Remus and Peter. Most of his teachers, Peeves and even on occasion, he was known to admit loving his brother. He did not, however, love his father and he certainly didn’t love his mother.

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Dropkick Murphys - Rose tattoo

This one’s for the mighty sea
Mischief, gold and piracy
This one’s for the man that raised me
Taught me sacrifice and bravery
This one’s for our favorite game
Black and gold, we wave the flag
This one’s for my family name
With pride I’ll wear it to the grave

Some may be from showing up
Others are from growing up
Sometimes I was so messed up and didn’t have a clue
I ain’t winning no one over, I’ll wear it just for you
I’ve got your name written here in a rose tattoo

In a rose tattoo
In a rose tattoo
I’ve got your name written here
In a rose tattoo

In a rose tattoo
In a rose tattoo
Signed and sealed in blood
I would die for you

*Rogue is fucking drunk, welp. Nay, day-drunk. I learned that word recently, I think from Critical Role (because of course I did) and I was so amused. Like, awww, you make a distinction. How cute.*

For one Halloween , the Suicide Squad dressed up as various Zombie Killers. Katana was Glen, Rick Flag was Rick , Deadshot was Chuck Greene, El Diablo was Nick Ramos , Enchantress was Juliet Starling , Captain Boomerang was Frank West and the surprise of nearly everyone who expected Harley to be Juliet. She went as a genderbent Ash Williams. Harley did pointed out that one of Juliet’s costumes is this one . Killer Croc opted to be Francis from Left 4 Dead .


On behalf of Memorial Day upcoming this weekend, thanks to all that serve and those that have given their lives.