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Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2724

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST (self-image issues, insecurity, self-loathing), brief description of injury, swearing

A/N:  I’ve been feeling not so hot for the past few days so I thought writing about it would help things out. This fic is intensely personal to me, so I hope you guys enjoy it. 

More than anything you were glad your quarters didn’t have a mirror outside the bathroom. You weren’t sure you could handle looking at yourself right now, especially not in the skin-tight uniform top and the short skirt that came with it. You’d convinced Scotty a long time ago to let you wear coveralls instead, but the Captain had called you up to the bridge for briefing on an away mission, and you hadn’t been able to convince him to let you keep the coveralls on. Normally, you’d just pop on a pair of tights underneath and call it a day, but your last pair had torn where your thighs rubbed together and you hadn’t gotten around to fixing them yet.

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The second piece that I ordered from @hetteh-spegetteh arrived a couple of days ago! I am completely enamored with it - it’s so gorgeous :’) These two as princes in her art style is a dream come true! Not to mention the extra drawing of the Ice Tiger of Russia and Suns Out Guns Out Otabek - thank you so much! I’m so happy :D

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I know you r busy, but I was wondering if you knew any great shifter fics! Cat!Tony or wolf!bucky/Steve. Anything with animals or pack dynamics would be awesome! Thanks you so much, your ficrecs keep me from dying of boredom and instead dying of happiness!

Animal transformation!  Okay, admittedly, I haven’t read a ton of these, but here are some suggestions for you.  I think a lot of pack dynamic fics are A/B/O, which I’m not going to include here, though anyone is welcome to ask, if interested. I’ll stick with actual animal stuff.  


Bucky?  Who the hell is Bucky?

*looks around like I’m on The Office*  


Oh, Purrrfect (Or Alternatively, “Damn it Richards!”) by @inukagome15:   Of course it was all Richards’s fault. If Tony can get through this with his dignity intact, then it’s all good. What? No, he’s not purring!

Chasing the Moon (series) by LoquitorLatinae:  With the recent slaughter of his pack, the Howling Commandos, alpha Wolf Steve Rogers finds a new purpose with the SHIELD organization and the possibility of a new life with his teammates and fellow Shifters Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and of course their human consultant, Tony Stark. AU. Mention of Steve/Bucky, eventual Stony, and hints of Thor/Loki, etc.

The Law Runneth Forward and Back by @sineala:  It’s been three weeks since Tony saved Steve’s life at Mount Rushmore, and they’re not talking about it. It’s going to drive Tony insane. But they’ve got bigger problems, because Nightshade has turned Steve into a werewolf. Again. And all Steve seems to want is to be near Tony.

The Pack by bondboy68:  The Avengers are a werewolf pack. Everything has been going great until Tony starts developing some new feelings toward their Alpha that could lead to a dangerous situation.

Turn Around (Three Times Before Lying Down) by kellifer_fic: Everyone knows that Tony Stark is a playboy, billionaire philanthropist, but what they don’t know is that he’s also a werewolf. When a government agency known as SHIELD finds out, they use this information to force Tony’s hand and bring him into a new elite lycan field team, codename The Avengers Initiative.Suddenly Tony finds himself playing host to a bunch of lycans, a misplaced God of Thunder and an experimental supersoldier that isn’t as dead as everyone assumed. Can his week get any worse?

For the werewolf has sympathy by putthechocolatedown: Tony reached a shaking hand forward and parted the foliage. At first, he didn’t see anything, but a flash of gold near a rocky enclave caught his eye. Swallowing some saliva, Tony raised his eyes to the man on the rock. He gasped in surprise and took a startled step backwards, making to run.“Wait!” cried the man, tail (tail!) swishing behind him. As he drew closer Tony noticed he didn’t actually have feet, but instead paws and hands with tipped claws. And in the place of teeth were razor sharp fangs.Tony backed up as fast as he could, but tripped over his armour. He hit the ground, head smashing against the foliage. The last thing he saw was the colour gold enveloping him. He couldn’t help but think about how warm it was.***Tony gets stuck in the Savage Land and meets a wolfman named Steve and his pack.

Owned to Belong by AllieBC:  In a universe where shape shifters live among humans, life has become suddenly very difficult. New laws requiring human handlers to register shifters as property, for the safety of mankind, have left many half beasts feeling oppressed. Tony Stark, a shape shifter from a wealthy family, is no exception to the law.

What Lies Inside by Penumbren:  When the Avengers discover Captain America in the Arctic sea, they find more than just a new team member: Tony Stark discovers his fated mate. The problem is, Steve Rogers is a man out of his own time and apparently straight, and Tony’s not about to force anything on the man he loves–even if it means his own death. Besides, Tony’s spent his entire life keeping secrets. How can he possibly tell Steve that he’s really Iron Man, let alone a werewolf?

You Know Where to Find Me by @asparrowsfall:  After an Avengers mission goes awry, Steve takes a leave of absence from the team, and he and Tony part on bad terms. But then Steve gets turned into a werewolf, and he finds his shapeshifting linked to his feelings about Tony, who’s had a terrible accident. If Steve never sees Tony again, will he be stuck in wolf form forever?A closely-canon compliant 616 Capwolf story.

Sure Signs of Sanity by CrimesofaDeadpool:  Steve’s a shifter. And sure maybe a Golden Retriever isn’t the fiercest animal out there to be able to shift into, but he likes it just fine. And the cute brunet at the park seems to like it too. Now if only he could just get up the courage to speak to him in person so that Bucky will stop laughing at him.

Finders Keepers by MarvelousMenagerie:  Tony finds Steve’s shield in the woods while on his way to their lunch date. CapWolf has taken a quick run around the forest, and he isn’t prepared for the way his Little Red Riding Hood is dressed.

Captain America: Super Puppy by tellxmebby: Alternatively, “Why There’s a Picture of a Puppy in the Avengers Official Scrapbook”.AKA that time Steve Rogers got turned into a four-month-old golden retriever by an alien yielding a magic ray gun.

For the Love of Musk by orphan_account: Steve has a fetish for a particular odor. One night, much to his joy, Tony reeks of it.An ABO fic in which Steve is an anthropomorphic dog and Tony is an anthropomorphic cat.

Accidents Happen by Pearl_Unplanned:  Of course it’s when Steve’s finally worked up the courage to ask Tony out, he has to go and unlock the clearly locked lab… The project that Tony had been working on has some rather interesting effects.

That Feline Beat by Tito11: Presenting Steve and Tony in the Aristocats!AUTony and his three kittens have been kidnapped from their fancy Upper East Side apartment while their owners are away and deposited on the mean streets of Harlem. Unsure of where they are or how to get back home, they’ll have to rely on street cat Steve to guide them. Will they get home safely? Will Tony’s fear of abandonment cause him to drive away the best tomcat he’s ever known? Only time will tell.

A Purrfectly Apawling Catastrophe by @pensversusswords:  In which Steve accidentally learns a secret about Tony, and that werekittens are an actual thing. Seriously.

Can’t Stop Thinking About You (You’re Too Purrfect) by Fluffypanda:  Tony finds out why using the excuse that he’s not into dudes to reject the God of Mischief is a bad idea. Or He really learns that he should be more careful with his words. He also might realize how much he thinks about Steve. Maybe. There is a river in Egypt Tony is still quite familiar with.

Wet Whiskers by antigrav_vector: When Iron Man is hit by a stray spell and latches onto Steve for the duration… well. Things happen.Mostly fluff. Fluff happens.And some identity porn.

A Bit Fishy by AnonEhouse: Tony annoys Namor who turns Tony and Steve into fish. Specifically, Tony Shark and Steve Remora. They belong together, what can I say?Happy ending for everyone except a few fish that Tony eats.

SMITTEN KITTEN by @not-close-to-straight: Kitty!Tony, Lion!Steve and Wolf!Bucky!– not an ABO fic, even though some people think so because I refer to Steve and Bucky as ALPHA shifters. Thats just because they are super scary also has a Dragon!Natasha and Hawk!Clint and Bear!Rhodey!  (thanks to @ajanamyth for the suggestion!)

Waltzing with a Wayne: A Super Sons Fic

Synopsis: Jon just wanted to have a Christmas party with Damian. But he gets way more than he signed up for when Damian invites him to the Wayne Foundation Holiday Gala. Jon feels out of place and he can’t get a single moment alone with Damian.

Author’s notes: Hi HI! I wanted to do a damijon fic in time for Christmas, but I was fresh out of good ideas, and originally I had this way longer epic story planned with them on a mission on a mountain trying to save some captive children….but yeah that didn’t work out so well cuz my ideas ran out.

But then in a single day, I had this cool idea for a party and yeah, now it’s this fic! I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! And most of all, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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I’ve gone through every second of this video at .5 speed maximum and recorded everything I saw, as well as questions, notes, uncertainties, and relevance to current theories. Next I’ll try to draw as accurate a map of the manor as I can make at that point, but this comes first. Feel free to reblog with anything I missed! Some people have unique knowledge I don’t (guns, poker, crime scene investigation, military badges, etc.) so I may overlook something. Additionally, if I mention something you’ve already pointed out, let me know and I’ll credit you specifically. This is LONG.

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Circumstance (Part 6)

Thank you everyone for waiting! Big revelations this chapter!!!

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Circumstance Masterlist

Rowaelin Daughter x Feysand Son

Rhys and Azriel winnow the two Archeron sisters and Ember into a room the princess had never seen before. Glancing quickly out the window, it is clear that they are in the House of Wind. Ember has been in a bad mood ever since she received the letter, but as she takes a cursory glance around the large gallery, she can feel her anger being overcome with awe and curiosity.  The High Lord and his spymaster quickly depart, leaving the three ladies to wander and explore.

“So what exactly had you wanted to see in here?” Nesta’s bored tone interrupts Ember from her wondrous inspection of the piece closest to her. She turns to find the eldest sister staring at her with a mockingly raised eyebrow. Ember straightens at the challenge.

“Many of Cadewyn’s pieces hang in his room and I desired to view more of his work. They truly are extraordinary, don’t you think?” She replies, forcing Nesta to match her level of tolerance if she doesn’t want to look more like an ass.

Nesta huffs. “Yes, of course they are.” She crosses her arms, glancing between her sister and the princess as if debating something. “Well, I have some emissary business to attend to. Elain should be able to show you around. Don’t wreck anything.”

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Mark Is Acting Weird: Epilogue

Author’s note: Finally We reached the epilogue. Thanks for sticking around for the series! Sorry for any errors.

Word Count: 1627


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It was a relatively quiet night at the dorm. This was one of the few moments where they all had a chance to rest and be lazy. Mark took this chance to hide away in his room and forget the pressures of the idol life.

At the moment, Mark was laying on his bed listening to music. All was fine and dandy until a particular song came on. He thought he deleted it, but apparently he hadn’t. The song was y/n’s favorite song, one that she blasted over and over in the car. Before it could even get to the chorus, his mind was flooded with memories of y/n. Sure it had been at least a year and a half since they broke up, but he realized he still really missed her. Work had always been his best distraction, but right now was one of the few times that his mind refused to stop thinking about her. It was hard to erase their two years together and once more he was beating himself up for ruining it all.

Not wanting to dwell on his fuck up, Mark got himself out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. Food was going to be his distraction tonight.

He walked down the hall, hearing the familiar voices of his band mates coming from the kitchen.

“I’m excited to meet him!” He could hear Yugyeom’s voice. “I’ve only ever seen her boyfriend in the pictures she posted.”

Immediately Mark stopped in his tracks.

“I haven’t met him in person yet. But from what y/n’s told me alot about him, he doesn’t sound bad. Who was the one that met him already?” Bambam asked the group.

“I did.” Jb answered. “He’s pretty cool.”

“Not cooler than me though!” Jackson beamed. “I can’t believe she was able to move on from me.” he said with a dramatic sigh.

Then Youngjae’s laugh filled the room. “Shut up! You guys went on one date and then agreed that it was weird.”

“Um, excuse me! Haven’t you heard the saying “Once you go Jackson there… there ain’t no backin’!” Since we didn’t work out, she is just settling for the next best thing.” he said with a joking tone.

“Ok, one - you literally made that up right now.” Jinyoung groaned. “Two - I met him too and he’s way cooler than you.”

Mark made his steps as quiet as possible as he went closer and closer to their voices. A part of him wasn’t too surprised to hear that y/n was in a relationship, while the other half of him couldn’t help but continue to eavesdrop to hear what else he can learn about y/n. The idea of her in relationship was a concept  he couldn’t  grasp. It still felt as if just the other day he and y/n were cuddled on the couch, but now she was going to introduce her boyfriend to the guys.

Jackson let out a loud laugh. “I find that hard to believe! You’re so boring, everyone is cool compared to you.”

Jinyoung ignored Jackson’s comment and put his attention to Bambam. “Bambam, what time did she wants us to be there?”

“At 7”

“Ya!” Jb let out. “It’s 7:15! Guys, lets go, she’s probably already waiting.”

At his order, Mark heard the stampede of foot steps head out the door and soon the dorm was silent.

With the others gone, he shuffled into the kitchen. He was beginning to find himself saddened by the fact that everyone was seemed to move on except for him. Yeah, he went on a few dates here and there, but he didn’t find the connection he had with y/n. Y/n seemed fine without him and the guys no longer seemed to make the connection between him and y/n anymore, they all seemed to forget they met y/n through him. The last bit of information that one of them ever told him about her was Jackson, letting him know they went on a date, but it didn’t work out because he hung over their heads.

From what he was able to over hear, y/n was happy now… but that wasn’t good enough for him, he needed to know more. Before he knew it, he had his phone out. He was ready to search her name on every form of social media. Last time, he attempted to do this, she had blocked him on everything. Chances were he was still blocked, but it didn’t hurt to try. 

He typed her name and surprisingly enough, he wasn’t blocked anymore. He didn’t know how it was possible, but he didn’t question it. Right away his thumb rolled over the screen and he skimmed through her whole feed.

Y/n’s profile was filled with posts; her account was alive. When he and y/n were together, she rarely ever posted anything. It was all in attempts to keep the relationship a secret. They didn’t want to take the risk of fans somehow making connections between the two of them. Now however, she posted about anything and almost everything.There were tons of pictures too, all of them filled with her beautiful smile. Her most recent pictures were filled with her “new boyfriend”. The new guy was a handsome guy, he hated to admit. There was a bittersweet feeling as he looked through all their pictures. Y/n was so happy, he hadn’t seen that from her in a while. He noticed that in most of the pictures, they were doing poses she would always beg him to do with her.Back then, he would always turn her down. In his mind, he felt if she liked a picture, she might be tempted to post it and risk exposing them and putting herself in the crossfire of crazy fans. The last thing he wanted was to put her through that, so he always played it safe.

It hurt him seeing her so happy with someone that wasn’t him. He always saw himself as the person to be there for her, make her happy, give her the life she deserved, but he wasn’t and he hated himself for it.

“She’s happy.” he whimpered to himself. “She’s happy, that’s what matters.”  he repeated it over and over  in attempts to convince himself to let her go.

Suddenly he heard the door bell. He jumped up and quickly blinked his eyes to clear his vision. “Who the heck would be here?” he asked himself. It didn’t make sense for anyone to ring the door bell, all the guys had their keys, heck even their parents had keys to the dorm.

He opened the door, seeing someone he didn’t think would ever come near the dorm. She stood in the hall, her small smile fading as she laid eyes on him. “Y/n?” She looked as beautiful as ever, so dolled up in her skirt, pretty coat and a face full of makeup. This was the opposite of how she would dress when they would go out. The go-to outfit when together was to dress as plain as possible to avoid being noticed.

“…Oh hey Mark…” she peeped

“Hey” he tried to smile, but he was so in shock to see her, his face probably wasn’t doing what his mind was telling it to do. “H-how’ve you been?”

“…good.” She avoided him eyes. “Are any of the guys here?” she asked, looking past him and into the dorm.

“Uh, no, they just left a few minutes ago.”

“Dammit! I should have known better than to text bambam last minute.” she mumbled to herself as she clenched the bundle of enveloped in her hands out of frustration.

“Ha, yeah, you should have texted Yugyeom at least.” he let out an awkward chuckle. He said anything to come off as normal. “We both know Bambam always ignores his texts.”

However, she didn’t even smile. “Well, i’m gonna give one of them a call… Bye”

“Wait!” his small voice was enough to keep her from walking away. “Uh… “ he pointed to the envelopes in her hand. “Were you gonna drop those off? I can give those to Bambam.” he played stupid and pretended to not know that she was originally going to meet the guys.

“Oh… nah. I was gonna give it to the guys, but they aren’t here so i’ll do it some other time.

“I - I can do it. It’s no problem.” he did want he could just to be able to see her a bit longer. “Even I don’t know when they’ll be back, so… I can do it if you want.”

She took a minute to think about his offer. “…ok, but only because i have a few other things to do and my boy- my ride is waiting for me and i know you guys are busy so i don’t know when i can see them.” she said it as if she was convincing herself to do it. she then very hesitantly handed him the envelopes.

He look down at them. There were six thick, gold envelopes, with the borders of them textured with an elaborate flower pattern. “Um, so what are these for anyway?” he couldn’t help but ask. 

Her eyes shifted before she replied. “They are just invitations.”

“For? Uh, you know, if you don’t mind me asking…”

“My wedding”


“Yeah” she said it as if he shouldn’t have been so surprised.

“Oh… Well congratulations.” again he tried to give a genuine smile and hide that fact that his whole body wanted to melt to the floor, but he wasn’t sure if his body was listening to his brain.

“Thanks. Bye” she said as she quickly trurned away and walked down the hall.

She moved away from his so fast, he didn’t have a chance to say bye back. He watched her go down the hall until she disappeared into the elevator. “Bye… I love you.” he mumbled.

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I'm super excited and proud for u but if i'm... broke right now and couldn't afford the marigold tarot during the campaign is there any chance i'll have an opportunity in the future

yes you will! i’ll be putting the deck and tarot cloth up on my online shop for preorder and for regular purchase too

i also wanna sell little tarot-readings, so like, 3-5 random cards in cute printed black-and-gold envelopes for anyone who might not be able to get a full deck

i got a lot of plans for this project!

If I sold the weight of my heart
and told you that it was
made from pure gold,
but when you bought it
and realized the riches
of this place, it’s not worth
the beating-less nothing
that I’ve became

would you sell my heart
on the blackmarket
and spray-paint it gold
just to spread another lie
into another lie coated
in a waste metaphor?

because if you loved the richness
of my feelings, maybe somewhere
down the road when I took a wrong turn,
maybe somewhere, I wasn’t so
damn wrong as to call my heart
the purest kind of gold
if light love envelopes my soul

I had a dream where Sherlock and Moriarty were dressed in their Victorian outfits, chasing each other around this big Victorian mansion that was filled with antiques. At one point Sherlock was trying to lure Moriarty out by saying “I know you’re here, James… What do you want? What would you like? Would you like me to kiss you?”

And Moriarty stepped out of hiding like “wtf? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Kissing your nemesis, you’re so weird.”

Then Sherlock said “What do you want then?”

“I want my life back! You took it from me, if you had just left me and my crimes, my work, alone, I could’ve had a life. I want the letters from my fiancé back!”

And at that point I appeared like, “whoa whoa whoa wait… your FIANCÉ? As in a WOMAN financé?”

He said “Yes? Why is that hard to believe?”

And me and Sherlock looked at each other like wtf, but then Sherlock said. “I have the letters… I didn’t know that’s what was in them, but I have them.”

He gave the letter to me, it was still sealed in a gold envelope. I said, “I wanna see these letters.”

Moriarty said, “Don’t you dare!”

But I started to open the letter anyway, and inside… was a huuuge amount of money he had stolen and was hiding in a fake letter. I showed Sherlock, we looked at Jim, he winked at us, grabbed the money, and ran away again, and I said to Sherlock, “Soo…there’s no woman…”

Sherlock said, “I can’t believe we fell for that, he’s so gay.”

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors. – Chapter Four.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader.
Warnings: Language, Light Smut, Fluff.
Word Count: 1.8k
AN:This chapter is is shorter than the others, it’s kinda a filler chapter.
I suggest reading chapters One. Two. Three.


You and Dean have been dating 6 months today and you’re ready to say it, those three words, you just don’t know when or how but you know what you’re feeling is real, you’ve been thinking about saying it tonight, cooking Dean a nice meal then just “I love you”, it sounds more romantic in your head.

Dean has also tried to say it a few times over the past week, he’ll look at you and you know what he’s about to say but he just ends up looking away or he says how lucky he is to have you.
You’ve made up your mind, you’re telling him tonight, you’ve never felt this way about anyone before and you can’t keep it to yourself anymore.
Things have been better than great over the past few months, work has been flowing well for Dean but he’s not overwhelmed and you’ve been doing great yourself, your relationship had a minor setback, well, barely a minor setback when you and Dean bumped into Mick whilst out enjoying a walk around the city.

You’d just come out of an ice cream bar when you heard your name being called, both you and Dean turn around and there he stood, Mick the guy that left you a note with his number at the hospital.

“Oh, hi” you said with a polite smile, “hey” he looks at Dean and his eyes wander down to your entwined hands “I’m glad your personal business worked out, i guess that explains why I never got a call” he paused “anyway, I’ll let you get back to it” he smiled then walked away, “who was that? Why were you gonna call him?” Dean asked, “it’s nothing he was just another drunk patient that hit on me” you shrugged, “well how many hit on you?”, “I don’t know, a few, I just ignore it, Dean, besides how many of your female clients hit on you?”, he mumbles something under his breath that you can’t make out then you both continue walking.

But things have been great and now you’re confident about how you truely feel about Dean, you pace your living room trying to brainstorm ideas on how to tell him ‘fuck it’ you think before grabbing your keys and heading out to your car.
You park outside his shop and breathe deeply to calm your nerves, you step out of your car and walk towards the garage going straight to Dean’s office, he told you he was doing the books today and Cas would be working on the cars.

“Hey” you walk in without knocking, “hey, babe” he smiles “what’s going on?” he asked noticing the determination in your expression, “so I gotta say something, something I’ve only ever said to one other non-relative and if I don’t say it now then I’ll chicken out and wait for you to say it first-”, “Y/N, calm down, you’re babbling” he chuckles as he stands from behind his desk and walks over to you “I have to talk to your about something too actually, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now”, “okay but me first” you pause taking his hands in your own and looking into those green eyes that make your entire body feel alive whenever they’re on you “I love you, Dean Winchester” you smile, he smiles back and lets go of your hands to cup your face and press you lips together, the kiss is nothing but passionate, there’s no desperation, no need or want just love, “I love you too” he whispers against your lips before kissing you one more time “move in with me” he says pulling away “that’s what I wanted to talk to you about, I hate us constantly going back and forth between the two houses, I just wanna be in one place with you” he wraps his arms around your waist, “yes, I’ll move in with you” you smile and stand on your tiptoes pressing a kiss to his lips.


You’ve been reviewing rental applications all day, once you moved in with Dean a few weeks ago you decided that you were going to rent out your place and a little extra money could be helpful as you lost a few shifts at the hospital due to new nurses that they can’t even afford but hired anyway, none of you get paid what you deserve but if it was about the money, you wouldn’t be a nurse.
You finally come across the couple that you really liked, Charlie and Rowena, the two redheads who just oozed happiness. You instantly fell in love with them, you only called one reference before you made your mind up and rang them and let them know that they can move in on the weekend.

“Okay, and if you need any help I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t mind helping out, bye” you hang up and sit your phone on the coffee table, “who am I helping?” you hear Dean behind you, “my new tenants” you smile standing and walk towards him “Charlie and Rowena, they’re moving in on the weekend” you wrap your arms around him “I told them if they need any help with the heavy lifting that I have a big strong and always willing to help boyfriend” you grin, “oh, is that so?” he raised an eyebrow and you nod, hugging him tightly “how about I show you just how big i am” you look up to a smirking Dean looking right back at you, he lifts you and sits you down on the edge of the couch, you let out a giggle “you don’t think I’m serious? I’ll show you right here on the couch, sweetheart” he growled in your ear, his hands squeeze your bare thighs hard as they make their way up to your lace covered core, you’re glad you decided to wear a sundress today, his lips on your neck, sucking and biting, you know there’ll be visible mark tomorrow and you moan in response “like that, don’t you?, like it when I’m a little rough” he smirks against you skin as his fingers dance lightly over your clothed clit “c'mon” he lifts you again and you wrap your legs around his waist “lets go to the bedroom”.

“Look what came in the mail today” Dean hands you an already opened gold envelope, as you sit on the couch after a long shift at work “oh, I’ve been waiting for this” you say excitedly “Jess told me she sent them all off the beginning of last week” you open it to find the invitation to Sam and Jessica’s wedding “you are cordially invited” you read aloud, “excited are we?” Dean asked sitting next to you handing you a glass of wine “of course, I love weddings, I like how they always make everyone happy” you smile “sad you didn’t get one?”, “I’m the best man, I don’t need an invitation, speaking of, do you own a measuring tape?” you look at him confused for a second “for my suit, I’m not getting on a plane to California just for a fitting so I told Sam I’d just send my measurements to him”, “oh, yeah I have a few”

“I liked the blue one”, “you only liked it because it was so tight I couldn’t wear underwear with it”, “no, I liked it because it looked amazing on you, and yeah, it’s so tight you can’t wear underwear with it” Dean grins mischievously.
You’re shopping for a dress for Sam and Jess’ wedding and you thought it would be a great idea for Dean to come with you and help you pick out something nice, it was not a good idea.
“You’re such a pervert” you jokingly hit his arm, “only when it comes to you, sweetheart” he presses his lips to yours “I also liked the red one” he mumbles against you lips, “good” you quickly peck his lips “because that’s the one I’m getting”, the red dress was gorgeous, it was floor length with a sweetheart neckline and it hugged your body it all the right places, it even made your belly look flatter than what it was, it’s pricey but you put more then enough money aside to pay for it.
“No, I got this” Dean says reaching for his wallet in his back pocket, “Dean, I can afford this”, “ I know but I don’t like you spending your money”, “and I don’t like you spending your money either, especially on me unless it’s a gift for a birthday or something”, “well then, consider this an early birthday present”, “Dean” you try protest but inevitably give up, you know once Dean has his mind set on something then it takes a lot to change it and you’re too tired from trying on about 12 dresses to argue about it today.

“Passports?” Dean yelled, “check and check” you yell back, “plane tickets?”, check, check", “my speech?” he yells again, “check” you yell back once more and wheel your suitcases out into the living room “we have everything, if we don’t leave now we’ll miss our flight, Dean”, “I know, I guess I’m just nervous, I don’t want to mess up Sammy’s big day”, “you won’t” you rub his back trying to comfort him and he nods “okay let’s go to airport, Charlie’s been honking her horn for about 15 minutes”, she offered to drive you and Dean to the airport a few days ago when you went over too see how they were settling in, you graciously accepted wanting to save money on a cab.

“Dean, relax” you try pry his hand away from the seat that he’s clutching so hard you’re sure it’ll fall apart, “that’s easy for you to say” you can see a thin layer of sweat forming along his brow “you fly like all the time”, “we land soon, babe”, “not soon enough”, “is there anything I can do to ease your nerves, Mr Winchester?” you whisper seductively in his ear, you’re flying first class thanks to Sam, even though you both protested that economy was fine, he insisted and the tickets were non-refundable, “Y/N, we’re on a plane, with people around”, “Dean, we’re up the back, and everyone else is asleep” you reach for his belt buckle “just let me take your mind off this” you gesture to the plane you’re both sitting in “besides, are you really going to say no to a blowjob, Dean?” you cock an eyebrow, Dean gives you a sly smirk “god no”.

Once you land Dean let’s out a sigh of relief as soon as his feet touch solid ground, “you’re such a drama queen, c'mon” you grab his hand and lace your fingers with his “Sam and Jess are waiting for us at baggage claim”.

anonymous asked:

Your theory that Lucretia gave the THB the IPRE badges is very interesting. However, I'm not sure it holds water. Firstly, why would she do so? She has a vested interest in the THB *not* remembering their previous 100 years of life. Secondly, why would there be an extensive scene (in which the THB are only saved from revealing their present by Lucas's SOS) where Lucretia is asking what they received?

Ah, now we’re getting into theory zone. A little out of my restriction, but alright, I’ll try it. 

Well first off, it would be very obvious to Lucretia at this point that the Boys don’t remember anything about their time on the Starblaster, if their interactions up to that point are any indication. Interactions included are;

  • Taako calling himself a “simple, idiot wizard” and Magnus agreeing
    • Actually, a lot of things Taako just does in front of Madam Director Lucretia could count, really
  • Their non-plussed reaction to seeing the Hunger’s scouts
  • How non-caring they are when they tell her about the Red Robe they met in Captain Captain Bane’s office

Like, at this point, there’s no way they would be able to remember the events of The Stolen Century, so giving them their old badges wouldn’t do anything, right?

Also, that second part; maybe that’s just Lucretia just acting curious, seeing how the Boys would react to their old badges. Would they remember anything? Would they ask questions? Would they just zone out completely? Lucretia wouldn’t know. They only way to know is to try it, I guess. 

Lucretia is something a small picture thinker; she thinks about immediate future and she plans out things as if she’ll have no problems. She thought that erasing her family’s memories would be better than letting them live in guilt, and she believed that she could collect all of the Grand Relics on her own. Gosh, she put gold coins in envelopes in this very episode! I fault Lucretia for nothing but her bad planning skills and her stubbornness to sticking to said plans.