gold edging


A Jeanne Lanvin couture robe de style, ‘La Mascotte’, Spanish collection, 1925, 

Un-labelled, of ivory crêpe de chine edged in scarlet, with cross-over front panels, with red silk ties to waist, the skirt embroidered with chain stitched roundels in scarlet and ivory, edged in gold thread, the inner hem with stiffened scalloped band to hold the shape

Viking sword from  Langeid. Early 11th century

The sword must have belonged to a wealthy man who lived in the late Viking Age. The sword is 94 cm long; although the iron blade has rusted, the handle is well preserved. It is wrapped with silver thread and the hilt and pommel at the top are covered in silver with details in gold, edged with a copper alloy thread

I never liked brown eyes until it was Tuesday morning and you were going off about something incredibly ridiculous with your friends. You rolled your head back, laughed, and stared at me with buckets of beautiful dark gold that singed the edges of my vision forever.
—  Now you’re my favorite color #11

Downworlder Week. Day 6: Favorite Downworlder Ship  →   Kierark (Mark Blackthorn x Kieran)

“Nothing about you is ugly,” Kieran said. He leaned in to kiss Mark and Mark, after a moment of surprise, turned his face up and met Kieran’s lips with his.
It was the first time he had ever been kissed, and he had never thought it would be by a boy, but he was glad it was Kieran. He had never expected a kiss to be so agonizing and pleasurable at the same time. He had wanted to touch Kieran’s hair for months, and now he did, burying his fingers in the strands, which were turning from black to blue edged with gold. They felt like licks of flame against his skin. - Lady Midnight


Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Words: 2,417
Warnings: none. but you know idk, to my knowledge there is none.
Request: yes or no
Inspired By:
A/N: Bucky Barnes story all up on your dash! also i’m sorry it’s sooo jumpy. i’m like a frog always jumpy. jk lol that is so lame kelly… anyways enjoy.
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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.3.17

galaxy druzy pendant by tacosandchampagne

this multicolored druzy stone is hella sparkly and edged in gold — then it’s hung on a rosary-style chain made from black beads and gold links for a unique addition to your jewelry collection.