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Chapters: 23/23
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Dystopia

In a world where the Class system is strict and unrelenting, Dalton Academy is a haven away from it all. Still, Kurt shuts himself off from others to avoid unnecessary heartbreak. Blaine, an Elite member of society, is going to try his hardest to change that, but does he know who Kurt really is?

Roses Dipped In Gold

Author: @xbeautifulunseenx

Rating: M

Status: Completed in September 2017

Word Count: 100,584

Summary: In a world where the Class system is strict and unrelenting, Dalton Academy is a haven away from it all. Still, Kurt shuts himself off from others to avoid unnecessary heartbreak. Blaine, an Elite member of society, is going to try his hardest to change that, but does he know who Kurt really is?

Tropes/Genre: dystopia, angst, romance, AU, Dalton!Klaine

Lynne’s review: So intense and beautiful. Reminiscent of Cinderella. But, SO. MUCH. MORE.  Loved it to bits.

Read at: AO3

klarkeqriffin  asked:

Gabby, your calligraphy is getting soooooo gooood I love it! Have you tried doing pointed pen calligraphy?

a little! i’ve posted a few things, and the videos i’ve posted are me using a zebra g nib, and i’ve posted a few other things! i’ve been doing that one over the past few weeks

although the thing is it wasnt until like this week that i figured out that the reason i was having so many problems with it is that the ink for dip pens is thicker than fountain pen ink, and to make calligraphy ink u add gum arabic to thicken it!

this is the first thing i’ve created w it, creating my own ink! pearl ex rose gold

bc i love her with all my heart and soul and so the first thing i wrote was this

i also tried to make a flower. i do not know how to make a flower.

and also, here’s i made this one in pearl ex antique silver!

Female / Capricorn Sun + Rising / Aries Moon / Slytherin / ISFP ( @foreignkiss )

Gonna finally dye my hair and im so curious to see how this “rose gold” will look…. will it stick? will i get pink hair? will i get a washed out bronze ginger and look like my mom?

is the eponymous bachelor of goth bachelor book giving out gold-dipped roses to contestants each round as a sign that he picks them too on the nose ?

pros: aesthetic af, lots of metaphorical things i can spin w that

cons: not that creative; literally just what the real tv show does, but more extra

counterpoint: most of the plot mechanics are already “literally just what the real tv show does, but more extra” so it’s. in line. with that.


🥀💍 cora {daughter of the queen of hearts} and harry hook {son of captain hook} wedding aesthetic for @asktheprincessofhearts 💍🥀

- harry proposed where he and cora met, in the courtyard of auradon prep. they’d already graduated, but he’d suggested that they visit their old stomping grounds one last time. she didn’t think anything of it; after all, harry had pretty bizarre date ideas. this one, however, seemed sweet, and kind of fun.
- the campus was bustling, but one particular area of the courtyard in particular was pretty quiet; the area where they’d met. from afar, cora could see students stepping over something on the groud carefully, and she noticed dizzy tremaine leaning against a corner, grinning and waving at her.
- harry took her by the hand and they walked around, exploring places they’d already seen before. they made their way around the school and ended in the courtyard once again. cora noticed rose petals at her feet, and soon enough, she was standing in a blanket of crimson. beside her was a patch of red and white roses, each fully bloomed and neatly lined. her heart was racing, and she was completely off guard when she turned her gaze back to harry, who was on the ground.
- “I planted ‘em for ye’ Princess.” He laughed bashfully. “Never planted a day in my life. But as long as those roses grow, my love for ye’ lives on.” His proposal was long and filled with nervous stutters, but the glow in his eyes never dulled. cora was at a loss for words, and she melted into his arms in a series of excited “yes’s”
- wedding planning was immediate; all of the girls wanted to help cora plan the wedding; and jane, of course, wanted to be second in command // jane took care of catering, the florist, the baker, and the venue, amongst all other things
- cora wanted to hand-make most of her decorations, and spent a lot of time on pinterest researching centerpieces and favors
- the ring harry proposed with was his mother’s, something he’d cherished for years, without ever telling harriet and cj that he had it when they’d argued over it. it was the last thing he had of his mom, and he thought cora should have it
- haylie is cora’s maid of honor, and is there for emotional support {wedding planning gets difficult, luckily cora has a lot of friends to help her out}
- everyone pitches in, and dude is even her ring bearer
- red velvet wedding cake, five tiers, and very extra hand piping
- cora’s dress is lacey, slim, and totally princess worthy; her shoes have red bottoms
- cora’s bridesmaids gifts were gold dipped, long stemmed roses, and expensive, custom bottles of red wine
- harry’s groomsmen gifts are custom gold hooks, and gil is his best man
- ben allows captain hook and the queen of hearts to visit for the wedding; they are surprisingly well behaved, and spend the entirety of their visit in auradon boasting about their children
- the venue looked like something out of a storybook once jane was done with it
- harry’s vows made everyone cry, especially cora
- somehow, a massive cake fight happened after cora smushed some in harry’s face during the cake cutting
- their first dance was an extremely special moment for them; harry has two left feet, and he asked fairy godmother to teach him because his mother couldn’t be there to do it
- everyone spent the night drinking and dancing to celebrate the newlyweds
- even uma was thrilled to be part of their wedding as a bridesmaid
- lots of gifts made out to “mom & dad” or “the queen and king” from their friends
- “mr & mrs” pillows for their new house
- from that day on, harry loves calling cora “my wife” or “mrs. hook”
- fairytale wedding goals

- lana

escapefrommetalgear  asked:

Mccree x Pharah proposal prompt

I’m on fall break now so yay! I hope to get lots of writing done so during a little break from Maid of Aspect Bright, I wrote this little one shot <3

High Justice feels were attacking me today bruh

Roses and Gold

High Justice. Fluff.

The first rose was after the mission set on their five year anniversary. McCree and Fareeha were collapsed on their bed, completely exhausted. The battle was difficult, but they won.

He turned and looked at her across the mattress. His eyes sparkling at her dirty, sweaty, and fatigued face. Her hair a mess and her makeup most likely smeared into chaos upon her skin. The soft look in his eyes somehow filled with awe and love.

“Jesse,” she groans, feeling the weariness in her bones. “What are you looking at?”

“Just an Egyptian Goddess,” He said with a grin that worked through his exhaustion. “Wait one second, darlin’.”

He picked himself up and disappeared for a moment. Pharah was just sitting up on the edge of the bed when he returned. His serape dirty and his cowboy hat set firmly on his head. McCree steady himself before revealing the rose from underneath his serape.

“I love that ya’ve stayed with me after all this time.”

Pharah lips part as she takes the single red rose. She tilts it slowly as her finger traces the soft petals.

She gives him his anniversary present too. A new leather gun holster but it feels pale in comparison to the rose.

The second rose is just the next day when it’s their turn to cook dinner for all the agents. They’re talking and laughing while Pharah keeps making sure nothing is burning. The kitchen reverberating their laughter. It’s after McCree had finished telling his ridiculous story that McCree stops and faces her. She feels his stare and turns away from the stove to look at him with a smile.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got another story.” She says, grinning.

“’fraid not, Fareeha. Just another rose.”

She stills when he holds out a single red bud. She takes it but whispers that she doesn’t have another present for him. He kisses her cheek before sayings it’s not an anniversary present.

“I love yer laughter.” He whispers against her hair.

The third rose is given the next morning. McCree wakes her up early and Pharah travels with him to a special spot on the Watch Point. A cliff that looks over the ocean. They watch the sunrise together. Pharah sharing McCree’s serape as she leans against him while he holds her in his lap.

When the golden light touches her skin, another rose appears in front of her.


“I love how ya give each day a new meaning.” He tells her simply.

Each day, another rose appears to her. Once during a mission. Another time under the night sky. During a picnic beside a lake filled with swans. Each time, he proclaims another thing that he loves about her. Her smile. Her beauty. Her bravery. Her strength. How she is the reason he loves the smell of sand and stone.

It’s the twelfth day, but she only has eleven roses in her vas. Pharah is waiting patiently albeit confused for the next one. She has told McCree multiple times that he doesn’t have to keep giving her gifts for their anniversary, but he insists. He only says that it’s not for their anniversary, but for something else.

He won’t tell her what for, but they have a date set for tonight.

Tracer and tell her they’re going to do her hair and makeup. Mercy suddenly appears with a midnight blue dress. Saying she thought Pharah should have it. She could use it for her date with McCree tonight.

McCree appears to her that night in a pressed suit and a bright grin. His handsome face glowing as he takes her to dinner. An expense restaurant, with the best food. They talk and laugh and enjoy holding each other’s hand across the table. She feels his fingers tremble slightly.

Still, no rose appears.

They finish eating. She’s holding his arm as they walk out. McCree whispers that he wishes to show her something. They travel back around the restaurant to the beautiful garden. A gazebo lights up the center of the flowers and shrubs with thousands of flicking strings of lights. Soft and white in the dark night. Pharah is staring with wide eyes as McCree takes her to the center of the white gazebo. He stops, taking a deep breath before facing her.

“Fareeha, I am not a perfect man.” He drawls out, his voice slow and steady. His rough and worn fingers gather her hands in his. “I have made many mistakes. I’ve wander around this world. I have lost and loved and laugh, but darlin’, you are the only thing that brings me back. When someone mentions home, all I think of is yer touch. I’m addicted to yer sugar sweet kisses. I’m high off yer love. I can’t live without feeling yer heartbeat beside mine when we sleep.”

He stops for one moment. His honey brown irises consuming her entirely. His warmth promising something happy in the end.

He lets go of her hands, and retrieves a rose from the inside of his coat. He holds it out to her, but this flower is not like the rest. Its shimmering in a gold dipped layer. Eternally preserved treasure.

“Fareeha, I love ya.” He says. Something he’s said a hundred times before, but it’s different. Her heart feels it. It’s racing through her chest. “I swear I will never leave yer side. I will protect ya from every wicked thing. I will give ya my life just to keep that smile on yer lips. I swear upon my soul that my love will only die when this rose withers away.”

Her lips are parted open. Her fingers barely taking the heavy promise in her hands. The solid security of it and his eyes holding her together.

“Jesse,” She says, but the rest of her words stop in her lungs when he lowers himself onto one knee.

A small box is produced from his pocket, and with fumbling fingers, he opens it up. A small star shining up at her.

“Ya are an Egyptian Goddess and I am but a mere man but I must ask ya this.” He breathes out, hope and love and fear all bleeding into his voice.

“Fareeha Amari, will ya marry me?”

Her lungs barely move, reminding her of the times he has stolen her breath. Her skin glows, and she remembers the time his touch has made her come alive. The heart beating in her chest has no regrets about loving the man in front of her. The gold dipped rose pressed against her chest. It’s promise real and strong.

“Yes,” she answers. Her hand presses the rose tighter against her heart as she bends at the waist. Her free hand cupping his cheek. She feels the tension leaves his body as she kisses him. His lips are rushed and soft and sure.

He stands up, wrapping his arm around her to pull her closer. Their lips meeting as if tasting each other for the first time. Their warmth and scent and touch binding them. The stars and the grass and the lights feeling their love.

They finally part. McCree is grinning, and Pharah is laughing softly. He shifts, taking the ring from its box. Pharah presses the gold rose close to her heart, and holds out her left hand.

He slips the ring onto her finger. The piece of jewelry fitting as if it’s coming home.

“Now, ya still sure ya want to marry an imperfect man like me?” He’s still grinning.

Pharah feels the ring on her finger, and the rose against her heart. With a soft motion, she then feels his lips against hers.

She breathes against his skin, saying “Yes, Jesse McCree. Yes.”

Christmas with Mack (12/20 - 12/22/15)

It’s been a while since I have posted updates about dates I have had with Mack, but I figured I would save you up the menial ‘we saw each other for  few hours, talked, had a meal…” mumbo jumbo unless it was for a specific special occasion…. also, since things between me and my mom have not been the greatest, I have been kinda keeping to myself, and just trying to survive this last semester.


This past weekend, Mack and I celebrated Christmas together, and it was absolutely amazing. For the past three weeks I have been running around like a chicken without a head trying to figure out what I am going to get the  man who has everything, which I figure is the problem every SB has. I figured I would get a gift that we can both enjoy together, so naturally lingerie comes to mind. Along with that, I got some sexy dice, and some adult cards as a fun joke, and I made some ‘coupons’ because I figured I’d show that I gave some thought in the gifts. I’ll go into more details about in another post in gift giving, but here’s the finished product of the presents!

We stayed at the Sands Resort and Casino, which is beautiful place, but was also not far from Mack’s office, for he still had some last meetings to wrap up. The rooms are nice, and there’s a small shopping mall attached to it, food court, restaurants, spa… everything! Once you’re checked in, you really don’t need to put a coat on, or hit the lobby until you’re checking out. I recommend it if you’re looking for a nice place north of Philly.

I walked into my room and found an adorable miniature Christmas tree waiting in the corner of my hotel room with all of my presents under. With all the things going on between me and my mother,Mack was worried I wasn’t going to get a Christmas tree this year, so he got me one, and decorated it and it was super adorable. 

This man has a knack of thinking of all the tiny details. We went to dinner at this seafood restaurant, then went to the casino and played some poker while I watched the Giants game on the TVs. After we had digested, I knew he had to leave for the night, because he was watching his granddaughter for the night and had an 8am meeting, so I was a little sad, but I prepared myself to read some, watch TV, maybe go exploring. Lo and behold as we get back to my room there’s a gift certificate for me to go to the spa and get a massage (which was top notch).

The next morning I woke up and had breakfast with Mack when he returned from his meeting to tell me good morning. Before he left for his last meeting, he handed me his credit card and told me to buy something if I wanted to,  for it was Christmas,  but that we were opening presents, and dinner and everything was that night. I walked around while housekeeping was cleaning up, and I don’t know if it was super early in the morning or what, but I just wasn’t in the mood to buy anything. Mack returned and we opened up a bottle of Patron Reposado, and toasted to our first Christmas.

After a lot (not that much lol) of begging to open my presents before dinner I tore through my presents like a fat kid eating cake, and my did this man do well. A Coach purse with matching wristlet, earrings and a watch, and three 24 karat gold dipped roses in my three favorite colors. Every gift he got me showed exactly how much he pays attention to me, especially since I didn’t give him a list.

We went out to dinner at Emeril’s Chop House in the casino, and the food was to die for. I ordered so much I had to take some back. I finally let him open his presents after dinner, and let’s just say it was a smashing hit lol. It was such a great relaxing holiday with him. Can’t wait until Vegas in less than two weeks! ! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was going. EEEKKK!!!

So excited!!

Fingers crossed that mom doesn’t try to ruin my trip!

☆ Brown Sugar NY ☆ 

so I had a really good date the other night

I’m going to call him the Advertiser, since he works in advertising 😂 Anyways, we went to this really nice place and I had a bomb ass lobster. I haven’t had lobster in forever, I was literally like salivating at the mouth when the waiter dropped it off, LOL. Dinner was awesome, he gave me $100 and a 24k gold dipped rose. I thought it was cute

Conversation went really well, it wasn’t awkward at all. He was attractive too! He asked me what I expected as far as allowance goes and I told him. We settled on a $3,500 allowance, paid out in two increments. I was hoping to get $4k, but I’m not complaining. I’m glad I make decent money at my vanilla job, I don’t like the feeling of relying on people. Especially because men seem to always let you down.

He gave me a hug goodbye, payed for me to get my car out of valet and I left! He texted me right after and told me how impressed with me he was 😊 I’m meeting him tomorrow for lunch, and getting the first half of my allowance. Fingers crossed on this one!