gold detailed collar

Peacock Miraculous! My inspiration for this piece was simply “dress,” but you know what I struggled with? The same darn thing Marinette did; keeping it CASUAL. The rest of the line is casual, but the friggin’ Peacock didn’t wanna play along! I agonized over this, I tell you, until my sister-in-law made the suggestion to make the dress out of jersey knit, and I swear, it was like angels sang. But anyway, I absolutely ADORE high-low skirts, so it was a delight to use one here! You can’t really tell with it scanned the way it is, but the gold details on the mask, collar and bow were painted with a metallic gold, so they’re REALLY pretty and shiny. :D

Can you spot Marinette’s signature? ;)

Please do not repost. Do not remove my signature. Do not take credit for all my hard work. This is traditionally drawn and painted, folks, mistakes and all. I don’t do digital art, so this took way longer than you might think.