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My favorite movie ever! 

The Tucker-White Twins: Part 8

Fandom: The Sebastian Stan Fandom

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader, Dayton White x Reader

Summary: After a domestic dispute, Aileen Tucker and Richard White decided to separate taking one twin with them. Lance went with Aileen and Dayton went with Richard. Both raised how their parent wanted them to be: a successful gymnast and a famous NASCAR driver.

Warning: smut and a surprise 

A/N: Also, I think this is absolute crap. I’ve been stuck on writing this chapter, but I know you guys are waiting for more. So yeah. Sorry. 

The Tucker-White Twins Masterlist

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Two months had gone by since you’ve established a relationship with the Tucker-White twins. It was rough at first. Either one would get jealous of the other when it came to spending time with you. As a resolution, you decided to make a schedule, yes, a schedule because your boyfriends were childish.

Monday and Wednesday was Lance’s days. Tuesday and Thursday was Dayton’s days. The weekends were days where the three of you spent time together. 

For you, it was two months of agony. You wanted the twins. So, so soooo bad. But damn them and their considerate asses! They wanted to take you out more and have you get to know them more before they take you to bed. Honestly, you were done waiting and really sexually frustrated. 

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