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And here it is…the full, finished piece. My pièce de résistance.

What I started at the beginning of February has finally come to a close. Definitely the longest I’ve spent on any costume. Every bead hand sewn. Every piece of gold bullion hand cut and sewn. Everything patterned by me.
It might not be perfect in a couple small spots, but I am so in love with it. I can’t wait to get my wig and makeup on.

So few people cosplay Faramir, and even fewer do the coronation look. Most just sew on a pre-made trim, and for damn good reason!! I say “most” like I’ve seen more than like two cosplayers with this costume, but I’m so happy to be a part of that small group and to portray Faramir and to try to do this costume justice. He deserves so much more love!


All the components of Faramir’s coronation outfit!

The bolero shirt took about 40 hours.
The surcoat was about 350 hours.
The breastplate and pauldrons were about 20 hours.
The cloak was about 120 hours.

Five months.
Over 500 hours.
2,300 inches of gold bullion = 62 yards = ½ the length of a football field.
10 yards of velvet.
850 yards of gold thread.
Approx. 13,000 beads.

The biggest undertaking I’ve done to date, and I love it and all the needle pricks and endless nights of rewatching old shows on Netflix while trying to get all this needlework finished.

‘You’re still wearing it.’ He couldn’t help but say it. Laurent’s wrist was heavy with gold, like the colour of his hair in the firelight.

‘So are you.’

‘Tell me why.’

‘You know why,’ said Laurent.

//C.S.Pacat Kings Rising

I just couldn’t get the idea about cosplaying Laurent of Vere out of my mind, so…


I didn’t post these but!! A couple of Preciousmetalshipping pictures!!♡
It was really awkward shooting those cuddling pics cause tbh I was never the touchy type even though my Gold and I are close HAHAHAHHAHA but still! We got it!!Pardon us if we look stiff af 8,D
Gold CN :Michiyo Inoue
Silver CN : Ai-Zhe-Ni
Photographer : 《Mist photography》 ( Link : )