gold co

  • George: Lockwood we're out of our depth here
  • Lucy: Yeah, we should go back to Portland Row or else we're gonna die
  • Lockwood: Die?☠️💀🤔 NEVER turn back🚫🙅🏽NEVER give up❌❌ NO case is ever too big to solve💪🏼💪🏼🔥 NOTHING⛔️can stop 🤛🏼 my grind😤👊🏼 not even DEATH☠️💪🏼

The poster for “Phantom of the Opera” in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’re doing the Finnish non-replica production. (from the designer’s Instagram)


Team CC1
Label: Epic

Productions (so far): 24/7 Production (Shawn M, Liam P, Jessie J…) and Silent House Production (Harry Styles, Katy P, Britney, the Emmy’s…)

Public Relations: 42West (John Legend, Rihanna…)

Camila Cabello @/camila_cabello : singer-songwriter, former member of 5h.

Roger Gold @/rogerhgold : manager, co founder of 300, record executive, formerly worked with Warner Music Group. Started managing C’s career in 2015 (ikwydls era).

Todd Jacobs: celebrity endorsement/talent agent (at WME - William Morris Endeavor).

Kirk Sommer: agent (at WME - William Morris Endeavor), worked with Adele and Sam Smith.

Gian Mitchell @/gianmitchell : day to day manager or tour manager. Artist Management. Worked with Jack and Jack.

Mike Walker @/mwalkercreative : global event specialist/producer. Owns Mike Walker Creative which is an entertainment consulting firm that specializes in developing solutions for events.

Dvora Englefield @/dvorae: veteran music publicist at 42West. Worked with Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5.

Marisa Martins @/marisamxo : publicist at 42west.

Ashlee Juno @/ashleejuno : guitarist. Formerly worked with 5h.🎸

Darius Woodley @/darius_woodley : drummer.🥁

John Whitt @/johnwhittjr : keyboard/pianist.🎹

Allan Avedano @/allanface : make up artist. Worked with 5h. Do C’s make up for photoshoots, live tv shows, and red carpets.💄

Marcus Francis @/marcusrfrancis : hairstylist. Worked with 5h. Do C’s hair for photoshoots, live tv shows, and red carpets.💇

Clarissa Luna @/clarissalunanyc : make up artist. Worked with 5h. 💄

Sarah Potempa @/sarahpotempa : hairstylist. 💇

BTW: I know there’s more people in her team but so far this what I or we know about her team because they are tagged on social media or stated in her website.