gold clover necklace

“This season opens with Lorelai and Rory returning from their backpacking trip through Europe. I’m proud yet horrified to tell you that the entire outfit I’m wearing in the first scene - the kelly-green EVERYONE LOVES AN IRISH GIRL T-shirt, the Ireland soccer jacket, and the over-sized knit pom-pom hat with the word DUBLIN on it - were all from my personal closet. Oh, and the gold clover necklace was mine too. I was hitting the Irish thing hard.” - Lauren Graham, Talking as fast as I can

Preference #10: The Anniversary Gift He Gets You

Caspar Lee: Its your one year anniversary and he couldn’t be there because of VidCon so he sent you these with the note in his handwriting   I will love you until the last rose dies. - C.L. The last rose was fake…

Alfie Deyes: Its your one month anniversary and he knew how much you love chocolate and fruit so he brought this to you and you ate it all day.

Marcus Butler: Its your two year anniversary, and your grandmother had recently died and you wanted some of her jewelry but you couldn’t get your hands on, later to figure out he got your favorite out of your grandmothers jewelry collection for you.

Jack Harries: It was your three week anniversary, and He knew your favorite flowers were tulips and they weren’t in season so he got these specially ordered for you.

Finn Harries: It was your ten month anniversary, and you were a photographer and you needed a new camera because you wore out the other one so he got he a newer model of your old one.

Joe Sugg: It was your one and a half your anniversary and he thought it would be cute to write down 50 things he loved about you (even though there are way more).

Phil Lester: It is your two month anniversary, and he just loved the look of galaxy on you so he bought you a pair of Galaxy Vans.

Dan Howell: It is your five month anniversary; and your phone had broke just a week ago, and he couldn’t stand not talking to you when you are away from each other so he bought you a IPhone 5c.

Jack (thatsojack): It was your seven month anniversary and you two are in love with One Direction so he got you tickets to their concert nearby.

Connor Franta: It was your three year anniversary, and you two had just moved into a house together. So he bought you a kitten that you guys named Cuddles.

Ricky Dillon: It is your six year anniversary and you two are completely in love with each other. You were rereading the Harry Potter series and had just finished “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” he handed you “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” and you opened to the first page. All the pages were cut out so it ended up on the chapter called “The Unbreakable Vow” with an engagement ring hanging by a ribbon.

Sam Pottorff: It was your one month anniversary, and you broke your laptop a few days ago. So Sam, being the nice boyfriend got you and Mac Book Pro with a blue cover.

Jc Caylen: It was your two year anniversary; you two both loved dogs, and your dog had just died a few weeks ago. You were really sad so Jc bought you a white puppy with black paws, and you named her Polar Bear.

Trevor Moran: It is your nine month anniversary, and you two are die hard Lady Gaga fans. So for your anniversary he bought you two tickets to her next concert in town.

Kian Lawley: It was your one year wedding anniversary and you have always wanted to go to Australia. So Kian bought two tickets for you guys to go to Australia for a week. Let’s just say you had a little one running around the house nine months later…  

Nash Grier: It is your one year anniversary, and you have been wanting a certain pair of earrings. So, Nash being the boyfriend he is got you the earrings that you wanted.

Hayes Grier: It is your two week anniversary and he knew you are in love with teddy bears. So he showed up at your door that day holding a huge teddy bear and a bunch of roses.

Shawn Mendes: It is your four month anniversary, and you were fascinated by guitars but you didn’t know how to play one. So Shawn bought you a guitar and spent all day teaching you how to play.

Taylor Caniff: It was just your one week anniversary, so you weren’t expecting anything from Taylor. But he had other plans, he made you a DIY tie dye bandana, and made himself a matching one so everyone would know you’re his.

Cameron Dallas: It is your one month anniversary, and you and Cam are madly in love with each other.  When he was looking for your present he bought you this because you won the key to his heart.

Matthew Espinosa: It was your two year wedding anniversary, and you both had a sweet tooth. So Matt got you these gorgeous and delicious cupcakes.

Aaron Carpenter: It is you guy’s three year anniversary, and you have been wanting to see a Broadway show since you were little. So Aaron brought you to New York City, and brought you to the Broadway play Wicked.   

Jack Gilinsky: It is ya’lls one year anniversary. Jack bought you a blue and white gold four-leaf clover necklace, earring, bracelet, and ring set; because you’re his lucky charm.

Jack Johnson: It is your four year anniversary with Jack. He was deeply in love with you so he thought why not bring the love of my life to the city of love.

Carter Reynolds: It is you guy’s two week anniversary so he bought you a set of tan, blue, black, and red snapbacks, because you always wore his.


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