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Random Trinket Table

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I want something useless but mildly interesting that isn’t from the trinket table in the player’s handbook!” Well, you’re in luck. Because I love random, useless trinkets and I’ve created a list for all to use. Even though there are plenty of other random trinket tables out there, you can never really have too many. Am I right or…? Anyways. Table below the cut!

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Secret Garden - Solange Azagury-Partridge

“A collection of five precious objects designed as jewellery boxes. The box becomes the jewels.

A greenhouse of enamel plique-à-jour with gold structures forming geometric motifs [first two photos]. A small bird on the roof is ready to fly away. The walls taken apart form two identical cuffs for the wrist and the roof becomes a bowl for marshmallows [third photo]. The floor is paved with diamond, opal and obsidian and, when pulled out, its centre becomes a pendant [fifth photo]. This miniature Orangerie has trees, statuary and a bench to sit on and contemplate life. Some shoes have been left behind after a party. An umbrella is left in an elephant foot stand in case it is raining when you leave [fourth photo].This hothouse sits on a lotus leaf made of rose quartz and aventurine.”

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etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: jewelry | 12.10.15

featured: metallic & engraved jewelry by littionary

  • arc minimalist earrings - gold, rose gold, or silver
  • secret message tiny engraved charm/pendant
  • gold engraved disc necklaces

littionary is a great place to start your hunt for the perfect jewelry gift — their wares are unique, affordable, and can even be personalized with names or initials to make ‘em extra special.

applewjacks  asked:

Hi Kristin, I've actually made some Etsy purchases based on your curations. Always give you credit for the find when communicating with the seller :) Love following your blog. For some reason I can't get the SAPPHIRE-LUCKY-NUMBER-3-NECKLACE by Aili featured on Of a Kind off my mind. I'm hoping you can help me find something similar involving sapphires (my birthstone). Key elements would be small, unusual, gold, and with sapphire(s). Andrea

hi andrea! that is so AWESOME! what did you end up getting? let me know, i’d love to hear.

i had to look up the specific sapphire necklace from ‘of a kind’ – for the followers that aren’t familiar, here it is. love it.

ok, so i found a few small, interesting gold-and-blue necklaces for you to check out … what do you think of these?

and here are all of my previous 'sapphire’ posts from EFOTD in case it gives you any inspiration!! let me know if you need more help :)


ps: here’s that sweet edor locket with the blue gem:

This Unbelievable Designer Sale Will Make Your Day!

What’s happening this Tuesday is the best (or worst) thing that can happen to your designer addiction. Net-a-porter is having a crazy designer sale right now, giving you up to 50% off gorgeous fashion treasures. Don’t let your stylish self miss out; a lot of the pieces are getting sold out!

To help you get started, we selected some of the best designer accessory bang for your buck. Check out our Top 5 Designer Picks Under $100 from the sale: 

1) Moschino Gennarino Bear Ear Buds - Cuteness overload while you listen to your tunes! Pair it with the Gennarino Bear iPhone 5 Cover!

2) Eugenia Kim Josie Patent-leather Cat Ear Headband - For the ones who have sassy designer style, this headband is the perfect steal! Goes perfect with a skater dress and flats for summer.

3) Marc by Marc Jacobs Olive Painted Gold-tone Cameo Necklace - Vintage-inspired with a twist! Pair this eye-catching necklace with its matching Olive Resin, Gold-tone and Czech Stone Cameo Ring.

4) Kenzo New Era Printed Baseball Cap - You’ve seen this collab cap on celebs and street style bloggers. With its $49 price tag right now, perhaps it’s time you finally got yours too! Easily wear it to complete a casual outfit, or give a dressy OOTD a bit of an edgy touch. 

5) Isabel Marant Gold-tone Cotton Necklace - Charming, elegant, Isabel Marant. Need we say more?

Click, click; don’t wait! Let us know your cool hunts from the sale. We’d love to see you rock ‘em!

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