gold chain sunglasses



When Gavin first met Michael, he was intrigued.  Of course he was.  Who wouldn’t be?  That reputation, and all– Mogar, the famous embodiment of rage himself, somehow coaxed into loyalty to Ramsey and the Fakes.  The tirades, the hair-trigger bomb-dropping reflexes (both literal and figurative)– there they all were, capped in auburn curls and slouching against the wall on the day Gavin finally showed up in Geoff’s living room.

Who wouldn’t be interested in that?  

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anonymous asked:

AU where Azura doesn't/can't sing and instead raps. Instead of her water powers she just spits fire and during her performance to Garon she drops such sicc beats the theater sets on fire and instead of her dress she wears a hoodie, a snapback, gold chains, and sunglasses. Instead of getting another turn through singing, she raps lost in thoughts all alone and the enemies set on fire. This skill may or may not be passed on to Shigure.

you’re hired holy shit